Game Chat – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs

Written by Father Dougal on September 13 2020

Where and when: Sunday  13th September 3:35pm at  the Adelaide Oval

What it means for the Hawks: Nothing., other than their draft position

What it means for the Bulldogs: Their season. Must win to get into the 8. That simple.

Supercoach Watch:

Hawks: Mitchell of course. Wingard. Bleeping Chad Wingard

Bulldogs: Macrea, Bont, English, and Daniel

Father Dougal’s Watch: Dunley! Many people in need of a midfielder will have brought him in, And why not? He is a mighty fallen premium.!

Father Dougal’s Tip:  The Dogs by 30. If they can’t pummel the Hawks, they don’t deserve to be in the 8, and I think they do and can.


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17 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs”

  1. Being a hawks fan also,after today’s Docherty fiasco,and the whole SC and afl season as a whole I couldn’t give a flying f@#k.The sooner it’s over the better.Good luck to all who make it through to next week and once again thanks to this great site,even though I took the wrong advice in benching Day instead of Doch.


    1. yes, it appears Acres was the go this week … Wingard back back good scores … and his game role must have changed yet again … or he’s just reverted to his usual rubbish self.

      Annoyed at myself not seeing or picking up on Acres for the tech side though … well done James in getting him … will give you the win not to mention 100’s looking at me from the bench with Rivers and Sholl … Rivers on the mid bench and on Chillo’s recommendation I put the E on young Brayshaw!! (my bad though!!)

      are we sure its not best 18 still??? would be good!


      1. Wait you’re not wining the tech playoff? I’d have sworn you would cruise through!

        The nuns are making a desperate push, aided by Doch being unique to my opponent. Way up in the air.


        1. nah FD … James will beat me. He has better players and made a great trade in of Acres … I wasn’t watching and had already pre-determined to bring wingard back in to match him … not having even noticed Acres to be honest!!

          Went to lunch today and if I’d thought about it, I could have risked it with leaving Doc out and playing Sholl as a POD … but didn’t enter my mind!

          Lunch was nice though!! Good luck in the granny!


  2. Started the round with 180 from telly…been downhill from there, now Wingard to single handedly lose me my $100 per head PF !!
    Thats unless Lloyd and Parker score 300 between them.


    1. Would have to think he might be the most overpaid player vs output in the league.
      The only other that readily becomes to mind is McGovern of Carlton.
      I suppose you could claim Buddy Franklin is because he hasnt even played but I dont count him because of injury


  3. Not sure anyone wants them … but here’s the HT scores

    Western Bulldogs : 7.6.48
    M. Bontempelli 84
    Jason Johannisen 69
    Tom Liberatore 68
    Josh Dunkley 62
    Bailey Smith 61
    Aaron Naughton 59
    Tim English 57
    Lachie Hunter 56
    Caleb Daniel 55
    Taylor Duryea 55
    Jack Macrae 54
    Mitch Wallis 51
    Josh Bruce 39
    Hayden Crozier 38
    Alex Keath 38
    Ed Richards 37
    Roarke Smith 34
    Bailey Williams 34
    Zaine Cordy 30
    Ryan Gardner 29
    Toby McLean* 18
    Matt Suckling 15

    Hawthorn Hawks: 1.2.8
    Liam Shiels 46
    Tom Mitchell 46
    Shaun Burgoyne 45
    Ben McEvoy 41
    Harry Morrison 40
    Paul Puopolo 39
    Jack Gunston 38
    Luke Breust 37
    Blake Hardwick 37
    Will Day 32
    Jaeger O’Meara 31
    Dylan Moore 28
    James Cousins 24
    Tim O’Brien 24
    Daniel Howe 23
    Jack Scrimshaw 22
    Sam Frost 22
    Finn Maginness 19
    Damon Greaves 17
    Jonathon Ceglar 14
    Mitch Lewis 12
    Chad Wingard 12


  4. Scaled up scores at FT …

    Western Bulldogs : 11.10.76
    M. Bontempelli 161
    Tom Liberatore 132
    Caleb Daniel 120
    Josh Dunkley 116
    Bailey Smith 108
    Aaron Naughton 105
    Tim English 103
    Jack Macrae 102
    Taylor Duryea 102
    Jason Johannisen 102
    Lachie Hunter 94
    Roarke Smith 75
    Mitch Wallis 73
    Josh Bruce 71
    Alex Keath 70
    Ryan Gardner 69
    Ed Richards 60
    Bailey Williams 59
    Hayden Crozier 58
    Zaine Cordy 52
    Matt Suckling 32
    Toby McLean* 21

    Hawthorn Hawks: 6.4.40
    Jack Gunston 91
    Shaun Burgoyne 88
    Luke Breust 87
    Harry Morrison 85
    Liam Shiels 81
    Tim O’Brien 76
    Damon Greaves 75
    Tom Mitchell 71
    Chad Wingard 70
    Jaeger O’Meara 69
    Blake Hardwick 68
    Ben McEvoy 68
    Will Day 67
    James Cousins 66
    Finn Maginness 52
    Daniel Howe 51
    Paul Puopolo 48
    Jonathon Ceglar 47
    Jack Scrimshaw 46
    Mitch Lewis 44
    Dylan Moore 38
    Sam Frost 29


  5. Bontempelli was outstanding again and probably sunk any aspirations I had of winning a way into a GF.
    I had Mitchell and everyone else had the Bont…and Rivers, Watson and Schoenberg. I have Schoenberg on the bench(e) but only mids left were Neale,Lyons and Mitchell…who would have thought that Mitchell couldn’t top 97?
    Dont even mention Doc!!


    1. yep – Bont is one who got away from me this year – wasn’t looking good early on, but getting more on ball has changed it significantly for him … and I never had the chance to get him in …



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