Game Chat – Melbourne v Adelaide

Written by Father Dougal on August 15 2021

Where and When:  8:10pm  at Optus Stadium


What it means for the Demons:  A lot!

What it means for the Crows:Nothing



Supercoach Watch: 

Crows: Laird….

Demons: Oliver and Petracca, Jordon. May, Lever. Gawn.


Father Dougal’s Watch:  Oliver! My last chance for a decent score.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Demons by 15


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13 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Adelaide”

    Melbourne: Steven May (general soreness) replaced in selected side by Joel Smith
    Adelaide: Nil

    Melbourne: Aaron vandenBerg
    Adelaide: Lachie Sholl


    1. has become a real joke now with the number of outs … surely there cannot be many teams out there now with 22 on the park this week … purely in defences alone?

      They needed to provide extra trades again this year and may need to seriously consider it in future …. injuries every year seem to be getting worse …

      Either that and / or change the scoring systems to reflect differemnt values of players (ie getting harder to generate cash values, especially with so many trades for injuries)

      As it is, I’m pretty much at the end of my tether with the blatant BS scoring by CD throughout the year on various players, both positive and negative, that I am considering not playing any more.

      Just my little rant today folks … might be worth a discussion thread during the week maybe??


      1. Hey Macca, the extra trades added this year and last year were because of Covid disruptions to the schedule resulting in bye matches. The way I see it, that has nothing to do with injuries or players getting rested late in the season due to ‘general soreness’. That has and always will be part of the game. I totally agree that we haven’t seen so many injuries outs like this before but To me it is part of the random chaos that is SC. Hope to see you again next year mate.


        1. Nah – for me, the bias in the scoring has been getting worse each year and the injuries / outs seem to be getting worse as well.

          I’ve been playing for a long time now, and think both are the worst I’ve seen in a long time. CD treat us with disdain / contempt to the extent that they don’t even bother to reply when you contact them / the SC … and we are the thing that allows them to actually have a platform … what does that say for customer service??

          The injuries and the way it runs etc have been making it pretty hard, year on year with only the 30 trades … and I usually try to have coverage etc … but if you chase OA, you use trades more than H2H … and this year, it’s become really difficult … and as Tom says below, so many big outs in one line is rough … to say the least ..

          Anyways, each to their own opinions …


          1. It has definitely been a tough and frustrating year. Someone will still win the 50k, and there are still the same number of league premierships to be won. Just more Luck and Swings and roundabouts than usual. The SC scoring is another topic altogether. Not too many arguments that it can be hard to figure.


            1. If we have more trades everyone ends up with basically the same side. Part of the fun is managing trades so you have some left to cover injuries at this time of year. Ps I am guilty of not managing my trades very well this year which cost me in most of my prelims. Back to the drawing board for me and learning from this years mistakes. Look forward to seeing everyone again next year. Been awesome fun especially in lockdown.


  2. May out now along with Brayshaw, Mills & Greene, puts my finals campaign in big trouble.

    My only hope is a massive score from Captain Touk Miller.


  3. I’ve held onto trades for these scenarios late in the year but there’s even too much carnage for me. 4 of my defenders out in one round and 4 of those selected in top 20 most selected defenders. I hurt a little bit earlier this year to keep cover for injuries but I gotta feel for people playing in cash leagues. I’ll still have a donut after using 2 trades only on my defence this week and having bench cover. Will be curious to see top score of the round this week!



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