Game Chat : Melbourne v North Melbourne

Written by JimmyDee on June 22 2024

MCG @ 7:30 AEST

A Petracca less Dees v the Roos with their skipper back – may be tougher to pick than we think. Have to go back to May to find a Dees win and that was against a struggling Saints. Roos have surprised recently and were robbed last week so should be up for the fight.

You would think the Dees come in refreshed off the bye and have some sort of reset plan, but I won’t be surprised if an upset is on the cards.

Will say more about the Dees than the Roos I feel.


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11 thoughts on “Game Chat : Melbourne v North Melbourne”

  1. One thing I hate in supercoach is when 2 of my key players are playing against each other.
    Tonight it is Gawn (with the C) vs Xerri


  2. Okay, so trading Butters didn’t work but holy hell thank the lord I fobbed off Satan.

    -8, tagged, life over.


    1. Glad I didn’t fall for that trap.
      20% of coaches jumped on him after he scored 141 against Geelong. A 124 against WC is all he has done since


  3. “And then depression set in” – I have Pink and Salem – both subbed. WTFFFFFFF! Why would you sub Salem when Fritz and others have done FA?



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