Game Chat – Melbourne v Port

Written by Motts on July 30 2020

Where and when: Gabba, Thursday 30th July at 7:50pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 1, 2019: Melbourne 9.7 (61) DEF BY Port 12.15 (87) at The ‘G.

What it means for Melbourne: The Dees blew a golden opportunity against Brisbane last week. They need this one to stay in the race for the 8.

What it means for Port: Sorry to say it Dees fans, this is all about percentage-building for the Power.

Motts Watch: Gawny will be VC’ing a ton of teams tonight including mine.

Mottsy’s Tip: Port by 40. The Dees on a FOUR day back-up will find the ladder leaders way too much.


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71 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Port”

  1. Watching the channel 7 coverage and Hinkley mentioned a little bit about Houston having to help down back a bit tonight due to players in/out


  2. With Minchington out, I’ve taken Aarts score as an emergency. Georgiades with the first goal of the game, don’t say I’ve made the wrong decision….


  3. During the next 4 weeks of games, teams are dropped at about 6.25pm the night before the game. So only teams announced Thurs night are for Friday nights games. You’ll need to wait until tomorrow night for Sat games etc. Going to make things very tricky. We will need to trade in players, especially rookies, not knowing if they are in or not. Will certainly help if you can keep a trade or not up your sleeve for “rested” premiums.


  4. 1/4 Time – Port leads 3.2.20 to Melb 0.1.1

    Clayton Oliver 31
    Christian Petracca 30
    Jay Lockhart 28
    Christian Salem 28
    Jack Viney 26
    Jake Lever 26
    Max Gawn 24
    Ed Langdon 24
    Steven May 24
    James Harmes 20
    Angus Brayshaw 18
    Tom McDonald 17
    Oscar McDonald 14
    Tom Sparrow 13
    Michael Hibberd 10
    Sam Weideman 10
    Nathan Jones 8
    Bayley Fritsch 8
    Jake Melksham 7
    Kysaiah Pickett 7
    Luke Jackson 5
    Mitch Hannan -2

    Ollie Wines 62
    Karl Amon 51
    Justin Westhoff 43
    Sam Mayes 35
    Connor Rozee 29
    Xavier Duursma 26
    Hamish Hartlett 26
    Sam Powell-Pepper 25
    Jarrod Lienert 21
    Kane Farrell 20
    Tom Jonas 19
    Dan Houston 18
    Zak Butters 15
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 15
    Mitch Georgiades* 13
    Tom Clurey 13
    Tom Rockliff 11
    Charlie Dixon 11
    Travis Boak 10
    Brad Ebert 7
    Robbie Gray 7
    Peter Ladhams -1


  5. Dee’s never have a game-plan, and are constantly worked over by coaches who have a strategy. They just turn out a bunch of talented players and hope for the best. When it goes wrong, Goodwin just sits there looking confused.

    Port look like the Harlem Globetrotters compared to the Dees.


    1. Really hope Georgiades would touch the ball more, started him tonight based on his 2 80s and the ball is spending a lot of time there but just not getting it


      1. He didn’t deserve last weeks score only had 7 touches, 1 goal & a couple of good marks.

        He does have good JS but he will score a lot of 40-60s


  6. Georgiades went backwards that quarter and is only sitting on 6 after kicking the first goal of the game. Rarely got his hands on the ball since


  7. Half Time – Port in control 6.6.42 lead the disappointing Demons 1.3.9 and Oliver reported for striking (but nothing in it, according to commentators)

    Jake Lever 63
    Christian Petracca 58
    Clayton Oliver 56
    Christian Salem 55
    Max Gawn 53
    Ed Langdon 48
    Steven May 48
    Tom Sparrow 39
    Jack Viney 38
    Jay Lockhart 35
    Tom McDonald 33
    James Harmes 32
    Angus Brayshaw 30
    Oscar McDonald 29
    Bayley Fritsch 27
    Nathan Jones 25
    Michael Hibberd 23
    Kysaiah Pickett 20
    Luke Jackson 16
    Sam Weideman 12
    Jake Melksham 11
    Mitch Hannan -1

    Karl Amon 82
    Justin Westhoff 81
    Sam Mayes 74
    Ollie Wines 74
    Charlie Dixon 57
    Tom Jonas 50
    Hamish Hartlett 48
    Travis Boak 44
    Xavier Duursma 44
    Sam Powell-Pepper 38
    Connor Rozee 38
    Tom Rockliff 37
    Robbie Gray 36
    Dan Houston 36
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 36
    Kane Farrell 36
    Zak Butters 33
    Jarrod Lienert 30
    Peter Ladhams 27
    Brad Ebert 18
    Tom Clurey 17
    Mitch Georgiades* 7


    1. Looked like Oliver got him with his elbow. It was in slow mo, so that always looks worse.


  8. It doesn’t seem to matter the calibre of players Melbourne recruit. You could put the Geelong, Brisbane, or Hawthorn premiership teams in red and blue and they would still find a way to lose.


      1. Well after last weeks FEE KICK VICTORIA EFFORT. I’m guessing sometimes the bookies get a look in as well. Consistent support for one team over another is criminal


    1. Not his fault, Tully. Had 24 hitouts, but the circle of morons around him can’t get onto it.


  9. A prime-time flogging on free-to-air like this could spell trouble for the Dees. Normally They’re tucked away on Sunday arvo’s where no one sees how rubbish they are.

    8 wins / 23 losses since the 2018 prelim.


  10. Jeez, Gawn with 33 hitouts. More than TRIPLE that of Ladhams and Westhoff. Dees just so f*cking lazy, in turn depriving Gawn of HOs to advantage. Not much more he can do.


  11. Watch Goodwin in his press conference talk about the positives for the night.


  12. Now Gawn most likely won’t be good enough for vc loophole it’s gonna be a big point of difference with captain choices this week, could be crucial for your score


  13. 3/4 time – PORT 10.9.69 lead Melb 3.5.23

    Jake Lever 86
    Clayton Oliver 82
    Christian Petracca 79
    Christian Salem 73
    Max Gawn 72
    Ed Langdon 63
    Steven May 62
    Tom Sparrow 59
    Jack Viney 56
    Michael Hibberd 50
    Nathan Jones 47
    James Harmes 47
    Tom McDonald 47
    Angus Brayshaw 45
    Jay Lockhart 43
    Oscar McDonald 39
    Jake Melksham 35
    Bayley Fritsch 30
    Sam Weideman 26
    Kysaiah Pickett 22
    Luke Jackson 22
    Mitch Hannan 6

    Ollie Wines 122
    Karl Amon 110
    Sam Mayes 103
    Justin Westhoff 95
    Tom Jonas 75
    Travis Boak 72
    Zak Butters 69
    Charlie Dixon 67
    Tom Rockliff 66
    Hamish Hartlett 66
    Dan Houston 62
    Xavier Duursma 61
    Connor Rozee 58
    Sam Powell-Pepper 56
    Robbie Gray 54
    Jarrod Lienert 53
    Kane Farrell 53
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 51
    Brad Ebert 40
    Tom Clurey 37
    Peter Ladhams 36
    Mitch Georgiades* 24


  14. Geez not a fan of either club but feel like Melbourne have been absolutely stitched up tonight. Not sure what the count is but geez dees can’t win one


  15. sad night for me – gawn as captain, viney and petracca plus georgiades. I’m taking my bat and ball and going home to chuck my toys out of the cot and spit my dummy


    1. If you had MacRae as VC the night before you should have taken it… but if you had the C on Gawn BEFORE your VC has even played, lesson learnt


  16. Demons 5 free kicks in last 5 minutes so stats don’t make umpiring look wrong. 16 – 23


  17. That’s a score I don’t mind seeing from Petracca, another sub 100 to bring your price down so I can bring you in cheap!


  18. Last night it was thank you Mr Pickett for ‘raising the bat’. Tonight I am thanking Mr Mayes for also ‘raising the bat’.
    Love it when cheapies go big.


  19. Full Time sees the Power run out easy winners by 41 points 12.11.83 to 4.8.32

    Jake Lever 106
    Clayton Oliver 100
    Christian Salem 96
    Christian Petracca 92
    Steven May 84
    Max Gawn 81
    Jack Viney 78
    Ed Langdon 70
    Michael Hibberd 67
    Tom Sparrow 60
    Nathan Jones 57
    James Harmes 57
    Jay Lockhart 52
    Angus Brayshaw 49
    Tom McDonald 47
    Bayley Fritsch 45
    Oscar McDonald 45
    Kysaiah Pickett 42
    Jake Melksham 38
    Sam Weideman 37
    Luke Jackson 24
    Mitch Hannan 13

    Ollie Wines 134
    Karl Amon 131
    Sam Mayes 118
    Justin Westhoff 107
    Travis Boak 97
    Tom Rockliff 94
    Dan Houston 85
    Zak Butters 81
    Xavier Duursma 79
    Tom Jonas 79
    Sam Powell-Pepper 76
    Hamish Hartlett 76
    Charlie Dixon 71
    Kane Farrell 69
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 66
    Jarrod Lienert 62
    Connor Rozee 59
    Robbie Gray 59
    Tom Clurey 52
    Mitch Georgiades* 51
    Brad Ebert 45
    Peter Ladhams 42


    1. I understand Georgiades had two 50s against him. But they barely did any damage. He kicked 3 goals with 11 disposals and only got 55?!? What a joke


  20. First Pickett (@M9) now Mayes (@M10) with tons while sitting on my bench!!!! From a $$$ perspective it’s fantastic but i just know one of my mids will probably score sub 100 and i’ll miss out on some quality points.


  21. Gone from projected 2400 and some,
    To 2280 in the blink of an eye argghhh,
    VC on Gawn hope Neale doesn’t let me down.
    Brought in Oliver this week and Geoiardos forgive the spelling,

    Oliver, not that unhappy about his score,
    Played arguably the best side in the comp,
    And as they got pantsed, could have been worse, and Georgiades showed he’s got talent and will make some dough which is why a lot of coaches got him in.

    I’ve saved a trade for the rest of the weekend, hopefully won’t need to use it,
    (Break in case of emergency) theory.



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