Game Chat – North Melbourne v Port Adelaide

Written by Father Dougal on March 21 2021

Where and when: 1:10 pm at Marvel Stadium. Today

What it means for the Roos: A chance to join the Swans and Crows in defeating a team nobody expects them to beat. 

What it means for the Power: A win means a start on their way to finals. A loss mean an embarrassment on their way to finals, assuming they don’t miss out by one match. 

Supercoach Watch: 

Roos:  Jack Zeibel, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Tom Powell

Power: Aliir Aliir,  Orazio Fantasia. Zak Butters, Miles Bergman

Father Dougal’s Watch:  I expect Jy Simpkin, if he is not hurt again, to be the 105+ player he looked like last season, when not hurt. Couldn;t fit him in but curious how he’ll do all rested and fit

Father Dougal’s Tip:   Despite yesterday’s matches, I am still going with the Power by 20.


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38 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne v Port Adelaide”

      1. For the record, I was one of the two T.U’s in favour of LDU but you shouldn’t ultimately be basing your team on the casual T.U/T.Ds of nine people on a Sunday afternoon – let alone leaving it this late.

        Gotta cop it, Harry.


  1. Late out – Luke McDonald (quad) is OUT. Connor Menadue is IN.

    Subs: Lazzaro (NM) & Rockliff (PA)


  2. Does L Young (Roos) score more than Sharp (50) from the Lions last night?

    Anyone with thoughts? What role is Young playing?


    1. With Mcdonald a late out, I feel that might get him more involvement in the play. Plus with them playing Port I assume a lot of the ball will be in the North defensive half


        1. That game is going to be soaking wet, so I assume he won’t be able to get many marks and will have to make up for it with tackles, which is something you don’t expect from real tall players


  3. Can’t believe McDonald. Was looking like a nice POD, now I’ve got Houston who I specifically didn’t want and now will be stuck with all year.


      1. Its tempting and probably logical, but feels too risky to persist with a guy no one else has under an injury cloud.


    1. North have Anderson, Cunnington and Polec all out on ‘test’ so how do you think that will effect him when they return? If you are confident enough it won’t be negative, then follow your gut


  4. Wrong thread but I have a question.

    I have Gulden (139) with the E on Mid bench.

    I already changed my Loophole and have Saunders at F6 to get Rowes 104.

    My plan is to trade Highmore and Rowell for Hunter Clark and A Fyfe. This means I get Gulden score,yet miss Highmore for now.

    Defence: Laird . Mills 🙂 Stewart . Short . H Clark . H Young.
    Kosi / Sharp.

    This may cost me a corrective trade to either..Trade my 2nd loop to Highmore moving Sharp mid or maybe even go Cripps to Rowell if he looks like a must have early.

    The other option is to keep Rowell and Highmore and miss Guldens score.

    So, What would you do?

    T/U Go for it H Clark is worth a shot to get that score.

    T/D Keep Rowell and Highmore.


  5. Must say it seems concerning how Houston has only spent 50% TOG and we are currently 8 minutes into the 2nd quarter


    1. Great signs when he’s back on the park! They seem to look for him to dish too off the half back line, just needs the game time!


  6. Half time (~>3% ownership)
    Boak 96
    Fantasia 49
    Aliir 47
    Butters 45
    Houston 36
    Bergman 10

    Ziebell 57
    Stephenson 52
    Young 46
    Goldy 46
    Powell 24
    Tyson 15

    LDU 72 1.9% ownership


  7. What is going on with the Ruck scoring this season? Have they reduced the scoring for taps or anything?


    1. Really don’t know, Taz.

      Once the round ends I’ll take a look at all the data, crunch some numbers, re-watch some games and we’ll have an article out around the middle of the week.


      1. From what I’ve been able to assess, it appears IMO, a stricter value of hitouts.
        ie the hitouts may go down the throats of receivers but it’s what happens after that they have tightened up on…..or maybe the “six footers” have gone soft on the contests.


  8. Lazzaro is looking to make his debut in the 4th quarter as the vest has come off and is on the boundary warming up


  9. Full time (~>3% ownership)
    Boak 96 -> 162
    Fantasia 49 -> 92 Kicked 4.4 goals
    Aliir 47 -> 74
    Butters 45 -> 97
    Houston 36 -> 82
    Bergman 10 -> 31 (53 AF)

    Ziebell 57 -> 113
    Stephenson 52 -> 111
    Young 46 -> 83
    Goldy 46 -> 108
    Powell 24 -> 53 (19 disposals at 52% efficiency)
    Tyson 15 -> 30 (60 AF)

    LDU 72 -> 114 (1.9% ownership)



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