Game Chat – North Melbourne v Melbourne

Written by Father Dougal on May 2 2021

Where and when: 1:10pm Sunday at Blundstone Arena

What it means for the Roos:  Norf is already at the point where what they need from this season is good draft picks and experience into their kids. 

What it means for the Demons:  Win and they are 7-0, and at the top of the ladder. Doesn;t get a lot better than that. Lose and they are second on the ladder still. Not bad, aside from there is no way they should lose to Norf right now. 

Supercoach Watch:

Roos: Powell, Lachie Young, and Stephenson. Will Phillips.

Demons: Gawn for sure, captain of many. Oliver and Petracca, May, Jordon, Lever

Father Dougal’s Watch:  Ziebell! I mean if he wasn;t in the same game as Gawn He’d be a VC option.  

Father Dougal’s Tip:  Demons by 40. Just not seeing an upset here  (Currently 15-3, somehow) 


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36 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne v Melbourne”

  1. Gawn, Petracca, Satan, Jordon, Ziebell and Powell for me here. 130s from the premos and 70s from the rookies would be sweet.


    1. Hi GD, all the best with your tribe of players today.
      I have 4, Gawn, Oliver, Jordan and Ziebell like most people.
      I was really tempted by Petracca but was a bit shy of cash.

      I am keeping an eye on McGowan press conference regarding Eagles game but my guess is they will play.


      1. Good stuff.

        Cheers, CT.

        Part of me was hoping the game would be delayed. Would give Hurn and a couple others time to get back in lol.


        1. Yes, we needed more time for our injuries but when could they have played the game?
          Best 18 would have suited me!


        2. Ok GB and CT

          You guys have had the wood over us for 5 long years. With all your injuries and now Hurn missing too.

          I think its our time.

          I feel the Eagles will start very strong after last week, I’m hoping a lack of home crowd can help us weather the storm early.

          If we’re close at HT I think ” Fast Freo” can run away with it.

          Freo by 14

          Mundy BOG


          1. Hey, FT.

            Yeah, I’ve tipped you guys. No Hurn, Gov, Barrass, Shuey, Yeo or Ryan and all round ass form of late. Gg.


          2. In this one I’ve got..


            A little worried Clarry and Tracc may blow up.

            Go North !


  2. LATE CHANGE | Jack Viney (toe) a late out for the Dees, replaced by Oskar Baker.

    Connor Menadue (NTH) and Nathan Jones (MEL) the medical subs.


  3. Tomlinson out for the game with a suspected ACL and then Fristch walked off with the trainers with appears to be a head knock, so could potentially be a player down on the bench halfway thru the 1st quarter


    1. Fritsch did return so Dees still with a full bench, but Jordon still not getting plenty of TOG, only just over 55%


  4. ‘Was going to take Campbell to replace Hunter but took Thilthorpe coz north team was not announced yet…….watch Campbell get a ton…..


  5. Bonar subbed out with a knock to the left knee.
    Both subs have now been activated


  6. Gawns projection this week seemed like a pipe dream against goldy and put me off. Went with the C on Ziebell instead. Hoping it pays off had a pretty poor round so far!


    1. Nice, Jesse!

      I named Ziebell as the smoky pick in this week’s captaincy article. Had I not drilled the C on Grundy’s 144, I would have gone Ziebell as well.

      Good stuff!


    2. I’m glad I managed to go with my VC Grundy as I was struggling to find a loophole. Gawn would have been captain otherwise and he isn’t scoring great, but good choice so far with Ziebell


    1. Confirmation that Powell is NOT concussed! Being assessed, likely for the knee he clutched when he went down.


  7. My round is going from bad to worse – Gawn terrible but I think about to the first couple of rounds and he scored 80-90 odd in the second half so there’s still hope!

    Too bad I had the VC on Bont instead of Grundy too.

    Bring in round 8 – this one has gone to sh*t


  8. Half Time – and a HUGE upset is brewing at the MCG as it’s the bottom of the ladder Roos by 19 points over ladder leaders the Demons. Those coaches who had Grundy’s 144 as VC and rolled the dice on Captain Gawn would be sweating at the moment with his 24 points

    Clayton Oliver 59
    Christian Petracca 52
    Ed Langdon 51
    Kysaiah Pickett 51
    Steven May 50
    Trent Rivers 49
    Michael Hibberd 38
    Angus Brayshaw 37
    Luke Jackson 36
    Christian Salem 35
    Ben Brown 35
    Charlie Spargo 32
    James Jordon 31
    Jake Lever 30
    Jake Melksham 27
    Oskar Baker 27
    Bayley Fritsch 25
    Max Gawn 24
    Nathan Jones 22
    Jayden Hunt 17
    Alex Neal-Bullen 8
    Tom McDonald 7
    Adam Tomlinson 1

    Ben Cunnington 87
    Aaron Hall 74
    Jy Simpkin 73
    Jack Ziebell 67
    Kayne Turner 63
    Tom Campbell* 56
    Tom Powell 53
    Jaidyn Stephenson 51
    Nick Larkey 46
    Josh Walker 45
    Shaun Atley 42
    Tarryn Thomas 40
    Todd Goldstein 39
    Will Phillips 32
    Cameron Zurhaar 32
    Atu Bosenvulagi 25
    Jack Mahony 21
    Aiden Bonar 20
    Ben McKay 17
    Charlie Lazzaro 16
    Connor Menadue 12
    Curtis Taylor 11
    Lachie Young 8


    1. Luke Jackson is the leading possession winner for the Dees with 18 which could be having a big effect to Gawn’s scoring


  9. I may have gone a week early in bringing in May but am quite happy he has performed well and cracked the tonne.


      1. For sure, he just won’t drop as much in price this week. I offloaded Gulden for him, so if I did that same trade next week, the cash in bank wouldn’t really change.
        I’m just concerned with so many coaches bringing him in and the luck many of them have had with players this season, will it now happen to another one


  10. Gawn with 55 to finish after projected a 178 against Goldstein.
    Having a friend captain Gawn after they couldn’t get a loophole for their VC Grundy



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