9 thoughts on “Game Chat – North v Gold Coast”

    1. Also thinking of VC Sheezel as a crazy idea as worried about relying on a Capt tomorrow if I VC English or Bont tonight and they fail. Like the option of having either of them as a Captain choice. Am I crazy in VC Sheezel??

      TU – VC – Sheezel with more Captain options
      TD – VC – rely on Bont or English with probably captain Butters if they fail


      1. If I was having a shot at winning a GF I’d go with Butters as a fall back C instead of Sheezel VC
        He only gets it because of him being my season MVP, plus there wasn’t too much else to choose from


  1. Sheezel with 61 at half. Keep it up to achieve the captain’s armband for a badge of honour for the season!


      1. Fingers crossed.
        I just can not write it. My thoughts are so wrong.

        Will be watching WCE V Adelaide game intently.


  2. 151 coaches traded in Nick Larkey this week!!! 9 goals 173 points.

    Where can I get a crystal ball just like theirs?



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