18 thoughts on “Game Chat – North v Sydney”

  1. With Cincotta opening up a loophole for me, took the VC off Rozee. Put it on new recruit Warner today. Gulden is the obvious choice in this game, or Bont in the next game, but I just have a gut feeling on Warner.
    Does have the feel of thumbing my nose at the SC gods, but have to try.
    Full kudos to those that VC’d Butters last night. Watched most of that game and was one of the more awesome individual performances I have seen for a while. If anything, his SC score might have been a bit under!
    Good luck to everyone this week!


  2. Usual suspects for me in this one. Ziebell, Sheezle and Gulden with Drury on bench. Thinking Gulden will post another 130+ score here to keep his purple streak going!


  3. How bad does missing Dylan Williams feel? Last month he’s done 80+ . Sure could’ve used that money (I’m looking at you Constable)


    1. Having the same thing with Bailey Humphrey, choice was Cincotta and Chandler to Dawson and Sharp, but was very nearly the Humphrey (no Dawson ) instead… Got Williams after the 3rd game and he looks great!


    2. His bubble week was the week I bought in Roberts. Roberts was coming off a 93 and Williams was named as the sub. Seemed like a pretty clear choice at the time. Roberts got injured first game in my side and has performed loophole duties ever since. Every week watching Williams score since then has been painful



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