Game Chat – Collingwood v Sydney

Written by JimmyDee on March 15 2024

The Pies head back to the G after a disastrous trip north for round zero. Can they fightback, or is the hangover real ? Sydney was dominant against their top four opponent last week so it’s a hard one to pick. I think Pies to bounce back.

SuperCoach watch is huge with a couple of handfuls of heavily owned players fronting for their first “real” match. Will the anti-POD theory work for those 23% of coaches not owning Naicos, or the 30% not owning Grundy.? Will it stay real for the 27,000 who have leapt aboard the 144 point Heaney, or is the burn on yet again?  Can Jordan repay the faith of 84,000 coaches?

Let’s see the answers at the end of the game.


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16 thoughts on “Game Chat – Collingwood v Sydney”

    1. Tsk, tsk Chillo. Grundy will destroy his original apprentice.
      Naicos will be tagged, their backline will be confused and the others will get the s…s. (Sulks)?


          1. Re the tech team. Know this is not the forum but I got no reply so could you please check it before the round finishes. Cheers.


  1. Was at this one tonight. Quick takeaways:

    – Heeney sleek, really looked for by team
    – Grundy effort great but just not his night, Swans lacked midfield synergy and copped it at clearance
    – Gulden mostly on the outside and was puffed
    – Jordon I honestly didn’t notice but scored well, props to him I guess
    – Roberts a good soldier, will gain thr confidence to mark over spoil or kick over HB eventually


    1. Jeez…Heeney…how many times over how many seasons has he burnt us?
      I started him in my early line-up versions but ultimately just thought I was kidding myself.
      2 supreme games in a row. Looks fierce at contests, not floating around the outside waiting for the easy take-aways. Clearances, CP’s and goals = Supercoach gold.
      Another performance like this next game and I’ll be jumping back on his burn wagon again


  2. I’ll be taking Naicos v/c score thank you very much
    Happy enough with Jordon and Roberts – I think Roberts in particular looks the goods, should hopefully hold his spot with ease.
    Grundy’s score doesn’t reflect his efforts. He gave 100% all night, just didn’t get the better of the Pies duo



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