Game Chat – Port Adelaide v Saint Kilda

Written by Father Dougal on April 25 2021

Where and when: 4:40 pm Sunday at the Adelaide Oval

What it means for the Power:  Win and they are 5-1, which is certainly in the hunt for top 4. Lose and they are 4-2, which puts them in the middle of a pile of 4-2 teams. And there is also the old, if they are really a top team they will beat the Saints, line, which is true. 

What it means for the Saints:  Win and they are 3-3. From 3-3 they still look ok for finals. Plus, beating the Power in Adelaide? Great sign,.  Lose they are down to 2-4, which is not promising.  

Supercoach Watch:

Power:  NOT Lachie Jones. Boak, Fantasia, Bergman, Aliir Aliir, Houston. 

Saints: Steele, Hunter Clark, and, um, that’s it. 

Father Dougal’s Watch:  Highmore. Staying out ok, Coming in early good. Coming in late, yeah, that would suck. Hoping he does not come in late. 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  Port, duh another obvious one.  Power by 20


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17 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port Adelaide v Saint Kilda”

  1. Thanks Father D.

    I’ve got B Crouch.
    I’m hoping being back in Adelaide fires him up.

    If he and Steele combine for 230+ I will have had an excellent weekend.

    My D6 Kosi is my hero this week. Crouch would have to do something special to take that away.

    Saints should come out firing, but I feel Port may out run them in the second half. Should be a great game.

    I hope everyone had a great ANZAC day.


      1. Me too! thats him and Dunks i need to deal with, will never get upgrades done if i have to trade sideways every week.


      2. Tech side is taking a smashing … Neale, Danger, Dunks (for many) … will easily run out of trades … would love to see some stats for the amount of injuries this far into a season in comparison … it just seems every year there are more and more significant injuries.


        1. May, Howe, and in my case Ridley too, taking a donut in tech league this week, and who knows, maybe more next week lol


      3. Absolutely brutal this season, especially in the FWD line.
        Before the season started my top 4 fwd must haves were Danger, Dunks, Marshall and Martin, then daylight after that.
        Marshall has missed most of the season so far (finally doing ok tonight) but all the others will be out next week.

        Carnage on every line this year though!


      4. Nato,

        Your polite etiquette is absolutely amazing.
        Did you have both little fingers pointed when you typed that? LOL


  2. My trades will be all done by the byes at this rate – next week i have Neale, Dunkley, Dusty, L Jones, Highmore, S Berry, H Sharp, McNeil & Waterman probably all not playing, plus whatever other rookies get rested – just about ready to throw in the towel this season, it’s killing me!



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