50 thoughts on “How Did You Go? Rd6”

      1. I traded in Neale this round.
        I have had Rowell, Danger, Butters, Young, now Dunkley and Neale.
        Dont know how I got to 1700 ranking.
        Think everyone has been affected with injuries.


  1. 2265/Gawn
    For what I feel was a decent week I can say trading Neale in has really hurt as he only played 1 game for me then copped a 2 month sideline stint.
    4 sub 50 fielded scores in Rowe, Chapman, Gulden and McCreery. Most hurt for money making.
    Couple of low premos with some 75-90 scores which wasn’t the best but then many other scoring high tonnes happen to compensate it.

    Interesting to see what this week will lead me to, as I know Neale is gone but which rookie will get the downgrade looks the trade.


  2. 2357/Gawn
    Was 186th, not sure if I’ll go up or down. Missed a few points when Jordan Clark was subbed in, had to cop his 13 so a 2400+ score went begging. Not a bad round though.


  3. 2230/Dunks
    Reasonably happy, was contemplating Captaining Ziebell the week I bring him in so missed out on 80 odd points. I think I only need to get rid of Dunkley but couple rookies might make way for upgrades…


  4. 2216/Campbell (lol)
    What could have been! VCd Macrae and thought Campbell wasn’t playing so captained him. Didn’t have my phone on me for most of Saturday so got home in the afternoon to see my worst nightmare become reality


  5. 2130 / Ziebell / 45,408 (Round 5)
    Captained Ziebell. 🙂 Whahaha!!!
    Pretty good week. Martin injury is the only injury for the round.


  6. 2272, another strong week despite the carnage and Daniel/Short having quiet games. Having to trade out Neale and Dunkley is a bummer though. Ggs to those who I faced as always.


  7. 2288/Macrae/ranked 6158 prior to this round.

    Had Ridley on the bench.
    Double downgraded this week, managed to field 22. Happy with the score, not happy with the Injuries.


  8. 2352/Gawn/8k

    VCd Gawn into Brodie. First score of any note this year and should move up a few spots.

    Only one trade, couldn’t risk Clark coming on (as he did) so ditched him for Stewart pre game. Apart from the rooks, Short was only real downside other than losing Neale and Dunks.

    Won 8/10 and those two losses were me second highest score in league. Thats Supercoach as I know it !!


  9. 2227/Macrae VC

    I’m actually done though

    No Dunkley, Martin, Ziebell next week at least, plus Phillips, Rowe doing s***, no Brockman. Still needing to get rid of Hickey and Flynn will be most likely out next week. If I’ll be collecting donuts for the next weeks in my forwards and rucks, then there’s no point continuing honestly.


    1. And I’m sorry if people don’t appreciate my honesty and bluntness to this situation.

      But to put up with this for years, when all I want is bloody break from getting injuries all the times and having to waste my trades away trying to save my team EVERY SINGLE WEEK and having no trades before finals come around. I want to actually have a fair crack for once and not feel like the pits of the earth playing this every week.

      I know you’ll all be saying “Ooooh don’t do it because it’s unfair on everyone else playing, it’ll make everyone else have a huge advantage!” Well when all of my players are getting injured and omitted, it’s pretty much gonna end up being that either way, so what’s the point of that???

      And if you have a problem with me or want to change my mind, tell me straight up instead of giving a thumbs down


      1. OK Corey. I know it can seem all-consuming at times, but this is just a game. A game that we play for free. If you’re not having fun of course you’re welcome to quit at any time – but just think about how that is going to affect the leagues that you’re in, for a start.
        This is going to sound impersonal, but stats are all I know, so consider this:
        Dusty 70% ownership
        Ziebell 56% ownership
        Dunkley 53% ownership
        The players you’re worried about are three of the four most popular forwards in the game. EVERYONE is trying to figure out this problem right now. So try to do what most people are doing – take a breath and solve the biggest problem first….
        Trade Dunks
        Bench Dusty
        Cross your fingers for Ziebell (who is not even listed on the match report as injured)


        1. You don’t get it.

          It’s not about stats, it’s not about what everyone’s going through this week.
          This has happened to me non stop for YEARS. Not saying no one else has had bad years, but they come up well at some point after a few years of trying.
          I’ve been persisting for years, where’s mine?!?!


          1. Ive been buying a lottery ticket once or twice a week since 1994, and a Euro lottery ticket once or twice a week since 2004.

            Im still going to work tomorrow, i know exactly how you feel!


          2. It’s been happening to me non stop for years too.

            I’m 1 short of max trades used.

            I’ll be looking at 2 more trades this week due to injuries too.

            That’s part of the game.

            Most people have the players you list.

            I’ve lost Daniel, Ridley, Heeney, Butters, Dunkley, Hickey. Plus rookie donut trades like Clark

            There’s reasons I went with 30 starting players in round 1 rather than starting with 1 or 2 donuts for loopholing. After a shortened season and shorter quarters I EXPECTED carnage and tried to ignore where possible players with injury history.

            Hence no Zac Williams, or Danger, or Jeremy Howe etc etc.

            I’ve even traded out premos (Oliver and Daniel) for cash to cover gaps and buy performing midpricers when rookies weren’t forthcoming.

            Don’t think you’re doing it tougher than most of us. Most players end up with the same premiums.

            Players like Neale, Dusty and Dunks are very widely owned. Ziebell isn’t even named on injury list yet.

            Vent all you like. Leave if you will.

            No one forces you to play.


      2. Unfortunately, it seems the game of footy has changed and SC hasn’t adapted. They were flexible with quick fixes last year (extra trades, 5 corrective trades before Rd 2 etc etc) but have gone missing in Season 2021.

        Teams being named a day before games have thrown an absolute spanner in the works for players, again. There’s no way of correcting a sinking ship if you don’t get off to a fault-less start and we’ll see a lot of people give up on their seasons at this stage.


        1. Big difference between a few injuries which happen every year and the whole season being on the verge of being canned and the competition on the verge of recievership.

          In some ways, AFL fantasy has it better with the 2 trades a week.

          But what we really need is them not to cull down our dpp lists each year. It kind of makes sense fir fantaay, given the extra dpp allocations in rounds 6, 12, 18 but it’s a real burden in supercoach.


  10. 2328, Macrae,

    3 votes for: Gawn, Brayshaw, Zorko, Impey, Crisp, Steele, Orazio, Macrae, Dunkley (RIP), Jordon, Ziebell, Powell, Laird, Kozi, Grundy, Merrett

    – 3 votes for: Chapman, Gulden, McGrath, Rowe


  11. 2170/ Gawn/ TBA

    Pretty disappointing round. Had a donut with no highmore and Ridley. Rookies let me down with Rowe, Gulden and Chapman.

    +3s Kozzie!, Taranto, Powell
    -3s for all the above 3 rookies as well as Dusty

    Thinking there will be a slight downturn in the rankings for me this week but with a donut not overly upset. With ridley back next week will field 22. Shame about Neale and Dunkley having to go but most people have so it is what it is. Just can’t wait to upgrade my rookies! these 20-30s are not ideal.

    Well done to all the amazing scores above, great round for a lot of you scers


  12. Causing me some mischief
    Martin, McGovern, Dunkley & now Ziebel, 2184 Grundy, how l got that, miracle lol but all in all it gives supercoach alot of coaches to talk about, which is good fun, whoever is leading this carnage, u r a genius, tip my hat to you, have a great week, lets go again next week, cheers


  13. 2337/Gawn/TBA

    Pretty happy this week. Got some injuries to deal with, but escaped the worst of the carnage. What is most galling is while I’m dealing with all the weekly drama of keeping 22 on the field, Cripps & J Kelly stay in my team, stinking it up, reminding me every week that I forked out $1.1 M on two absolute duds. Already moved on Neale & Daniel earlier this year. Those four between them have cost me dearly this season.


  14. 2226/Gawn/10,017 (up 679)

    Nice to be moving in the right direction after the last few weeks if downward spiral.
    Had the VC on Macrae and was going to captain Ridley but forgot. Maxy came to the rescue though.
    Kosi playing was a saviour in my backline and stopped me eating a donut.
    Will be eating donuts next week with Dusty and Dunkley both in my forward line.
    10 players @ 100 plus and 7 sub 80.
    Almost brought back Neale this week after trading him out post round 2…bullet dodged.
    6/10 league wins and pretty stable in SCT group. Overall a pass I think this week.
    Some creative trades needed now to keep moving forward.


  15. Macrae (VC) / 2162

    Second consecutive week with a donut in my backline. I now have 4 premos who have suffered LTIs, on top of Daniel/May double-whammy absences.

    It’s tough folks, it’s tough. SC is a cruel mistress, went Kosi > Chapman as it was my only option to save a donut when Kosi was dropped and now it has bitten me back terribly.


  16. 2348/Gawn/2472 (+1912)

    Very, very lucky to avoid most of the injury carnage, just Dunkley, although I was very close to bringing in Dusty for J. Clark this week and luckily went with Walsh instead.

    +’s – Macrae, Walsh, Crisp, Stewart, Laird, Kosi (!!!), Clarry, Taranto, Grawndy, Ziebell, Powell, trading out Neale before round 3, and the two dogs rookies continuing to play and make $$$.

    -‘s – Short, Titch, Dunkley getting injured, that shit call on Himmelberg that probably cost the Crows the win, and my mid-bench starting to look a little light.


  17. 2,079 / Gawn / 36,237 (-4,195)

    Another week, another bad-ish score. New recruit Grundy was excellent on debut, but Chapman, Rowe, and Gulden on field for a combined 101 points really let the team down.


  18. 2240 1 donut and 2 in the 30s one in the 20s and a 13 so looks a lot better than it felt over the weekend.


  19. Worse thing for me is it feels like every 2 trades I’m making are just to react to injuries, not strategically moving my team forward. I guess a lot are in the same boat though.


  20. 2315 / Gawn / 231 (was 300th)

    Studs: Walsh, Doch, Gawndy, JZ, Kosi, Macrae, Dunks
    Duds: Short, Rowe, Titch, Cripps

    Happy to avoid carnage re: Neale and Dusty, but a real shame about Dunkley


  21. 2247/Gawn/25292

    Going along ok after a few average weeks.

    I think I’m going to be in some trade trouble during the back end of the season though.

    So many injuries!!!


  22. 2301 / Macrae / 3,473

    Highest score for the year so pretty happy. Dusty, Ziebell and Ridley now on my bench so probably going to burn a couple trades (again) this week to upgrade & downgrade some of my under-performing rookies.

    Almost traded in Neale this week but went with Duncan instead… pretty happy about that


  23. 2295/Gawn/4415

    Jumped a bit (1649 places) after last weeks injury carnage.

    I’ll be using 2 trades, just like everybody else.

    But I won’t be crying about it or ragequitting the game.


  24. 2276/dunkley
    just traded dunks for tex
    used the spare money to upgrade laird for mcrae
    pretty happy with that


    1. Don’t trade Laird. He’s going to be a top 6 defender.

      Surely you have better options to get rid of.


  25. 2328 / Gawn / up ( 4195 spots ) to 7065 OA

    Well that was eventful.

    The Good.

    Freo are in the Eight 😉

    Kosi . Ziebell* . Mills . Grundy . Gawn . Brayshaw . Stewart . Jiath . Impey . Steele . Powell . Jorden . Warner.

    The Bad.

    This is really sad.For Josh and for SC.
    Ziebell ( *great score again, but will he miss games ? )

    Short . Gulden . Rowe . Meh.

    The Ugly.

    I traded Neale back in this week.

    My POD B Crouch scored 33.
    Produced the dreaded double combo of spudding up and getting injured.

    I smell Krispy Creams and its only Monday !



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