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Written by Motts on March 21 2015

PORT ADELAIDE has named its strongest available side for its NAB Challenge finale against the Adelaide Crows at AAMI Stadium today.

Captain Travis Boak, deputies Matthew Lobbe and Brad Ebert, and fellow leadership players Ollie Wines and Tom Jonas return to the side, along with key position players Alipate Carlile, Justin Westhoff and Jay Schulz.

Livewire midfielder Robbie Gray and veteran Kane Cornes also rejoin the team, along with Jarman Impey who has been cleared to return from minor hamstring soreness.

A range of inexperienced players will come out of the side and are likely to play in the early-Saturday SANFL trial game against the Crows at Alberton Oval, including Mitch Harvey, Dougal Howard, Darcy Byrne-Jones, Jesse Palmer, Johann Wagner and Sam Russell. 

Experienced rookies Tom Logan and Nathan Krakouer also come out of the AFL side, as does Andrew Moore who will be held over after suffering a corked hamstring against Richmond last week. 

Would love to tell you more about The Cows but there’s bugger all on their website. 

Port Adelaide 

1. Travis Boak
2. Kane Mitchell
3. Jake Neade
5. Matthew Broadbent
7. Brad Ebert
9. Robbie Gray
11. John Butcher
13. Cameron O’Shea
14. Paul Stewart
15. Karl Amon
16. Oliver Wines
17. Tom Clurey
18. Kane Cornes
19. Matt White
21. Jared Polec
23. Matthew Lobbe
24. Jarman Impey
27. Alipate Carlile
28. Jay Schulz
29. Jasper Pittard
34. Jarrad Redden
36. Jack Hombsch
39. Justin Westhoff
40. Aaron Young
41. Brendon Ah Chee
42. Tom Jonas
46. Sam Gray

In: Boak, Ebert, Gray, Wines, Cornes, Lobbe, Impey, Carlile, Schulz, Westhoff, Jonas
Out:  Moore, Harvey, Howard, Byrne-Jones, Palmer, Wagner, Logan, Russell, Krakouer


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24 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port v Adelaide”

  1. Here’s the Crows team:

    IN: Ricky Henderson, Keenan Ramsey
    OUT: Matthew Jaensch (managed), James Podsiadly, Brodie Martin, Charlie Cameron, Reilly O’Brien (all omitted)

    Team of 24
    2. Brad Crouch
    3. Josh Jenkins
    7. Nathan van Berlo
    8. Mitch Grigg
    9. Rory Sloane
    11. Matthew Wright
    12. Daniel Talia
    13. Taylor Walker
    14. David Mackay
    15. Kyle Hartigan
    16. Luke Brown
    18. Eddie Betts
    24. Sam Jacobs
    25. Kyle Cheney
    26. Richard Douglas
    27. Tom Lynch
    28. Cam Ellis-Yolmen
    29. Rory Laird
    31. Jarryd Lyons
    32. Patrick Dangerfield
    33. Brodie Smith
    45. Ricky Henderson
    46. Keenan Ramsey
    47. Jake Kelly


  2. Propped myself on the balcony to watch this game. Even a pracky match between these two will be a tough hit out. Got my eye on crouch and dangermouse. Good start by the latter!!


  3. Cey and Graymy biggest watches of the game. At present gray’s one huge preseason has him in front of gaz to stay in the team.

    polec wines and kane mitchell worth a watch too.

    Jacobs vs Lobbe should be a good test of new ruck scoring


  4. 140 Travis Boak

    140 Richard Douglas

    134 Eddie Betts

    132 Ollie Wines

    120 Patrick Dangerfield

    117 Cam Ellis-Yolmen

    112 Brad Ebert

    112 Robbie Gray

    104 Rory Sloane

    95 Jared Polec

    91 Aaron Young

    89 Ricky Henderson

    88 Tom Lynch

    85 Matthew Broadbent

    84 Kane Mitchell

    82 Sam Jacobs

    78 Matthew Lobbe

    77 Matthew Wright

    74 Taylor Walker

    74 Josh Jenkins

    74 Kane Cornes

    72 Luke Brown

    69 John Butcher

    66 Jarryd Lyons

    65 Rory Laird

    65 David Mackay

    65 Justin Westhoff

    58 Daniel Talia

    57 Jack Hombsch

    56 Jake Neade

    56 Matt White

    54 Kyle Cheney

    53 Cameron O’Shea

    53 Brodie Smith

    51 Mitch Grigg

    49 Alipate Carlile

    49 Nathan van Berlo

    48 Jasper Pittard

    46 Sam Gray

    38 Tom Jonas

    36 Jay Schulz

    26 Jarman Impey

    15 Jake Kelly

    13 Paul Stewart

    13 Brad Crouch

    13 Tom Clurey

    11 Kyle Hartigan


  5. Thought on ricky henderson as a viable mid price selection? 89 points in a solid hit out today; could he return to 2013 form..??


  6. Fingers crossed for brad crouch. Having scans on a foot injury that had him off the ground in the first quarter. I had him locked after his best preseason.


  7. Any thoughts on Tex Walker this year at 430k?

    I’m a crows man but personally I think he will monster opposition this year and get up to the 65-70+ goal season again.



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