Game Chat – Richmond v Brisbane

Written by Motts on August 4 2020

Where and when: Carrara, 7:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Week 1 of the 2019 Finals, a wayward Brisbane 8.17 (65) DEF BY an accurate Richmond 18.4 (112)

What it means for The Tigers: The Top 4 beckons and after crushing the hopes of another premiership aspirant last week, Richmond will be looking to deal out more of the same to the second placed Lions.

What it means for The Lions: Heaps! They need the win to stay in touch with Port at the top of the ladder and the loss in last year’s finals would still be stinging.

Motts Watch: After snagging Alex Witherden yesterday to plug the hole left by Docherty’s absence in my backline, I’ll be looking for a repeat of last week’s 170 point performance.

Mottsy’s Tip: Tigers by 10 in a high-scoring match


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60 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v Brisbane”

  1. Thanks Mottsy, Witherden and Dusty watch for me. Witherden needs another solid performance for JS in my eyes and Dusty needs CBAs to convince me to waste another trade to bring him back in again.


  2. TU – Taylor, Sturt, Simpkin > Duncan,Dusty & Draper (2k left)
    TD – Taylor & Sturt > Duncan & Draper. Means I keep Simpkin (92k left)


  3. Hi coaches,

    Who should I field:

    TU aarts
    TD skinner

    Will loop the non fielded player with close as I still have 7 in fwd this week



      1. Morning! Much less scared than before now that we aren’t losing ground to Neale every week. And cute as always.


  4. Ha ha..

    love this game so far. SC Dream..

    Dusty and Neale shake hands and then just run off each other.

    Old school.

    Captain Neale seems ok too 😉


  5. Half Time – Brisbane haven’t beaten Richmond for 14 years
    RICH – 8.5.53
    LIONS – 3.8.26 (with Skinner missing a goal from the goal square)

    Tom J. Lynch 77
    Jayden Short 69
    Shai Bolton 68
    Dustin Martin 64
    Noah Balta 53
    Jack Riewoldt 49
    Liam Baker 44
    Kane Lambert 43
    Trent Cotchin 42
    Jake Aarts 42
    Mabior Chol 41
    Dylan Grimes 40
    Marlion Pickett 34
    Sydney Stack 34
    Jack Higgins 32
    Nick Vlastuin 31
    Kamdyn McIntosh 29
    Nathan Broad 29
    Jason Castagna 20
    Jack Ross 17
    Derek Smith 14
    Ivan Soldo 5

    Lachie Neale 86
    Oscar McInerney 62
    Lincoln McCarthy 62
    Hugh McCluggage 56
    Charlie Cameron 55
    Callum Ah Chee 51
    Jarryd Lyons 47
    Alex Witherden 42
    Harris Andrews 40
    Dayne Zorko 37
    Eric Hipwood* 36
    Cameron Rayner 30
    Jarrod Berry 28
    Mitch Robinson 26
    Darcy Gardiner 26
    Noah Answerth 25
    Zac Bailey 23
    Jack Payne 22
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 20
    Brandon Starcevich 17
    Connor Ballenden 14
    Sam Skinner 12


  6. I guess i won’t be getting Neale on my team now , the man going to be expensive.

    And move it Skinner!!


  7. damn , picked the wrong game to bring a rookie fwd into my team
    hope skinner isnt next weeks scape goat


    1. he will be – fagan doesn’t forgive lightly and that play on kick and miss from 11 metres out almost turned match completely and you could see Fagan’s face … its like it deflated the lions …


  8. scoring is just way out tonight – start of third quarter aarts made two tackles back to back – none paid.
    Dusty took a mark in the square, ran the ball forward, kicked inside 50 to Reiwoldt who marks and kicks a goal … all he got was 4 points … that was minutes ago and his score hasn’t changed … sh@its me the inconsistencies


    1. no chance now … my second team after the Bombers and living in Brissy … but they wont make up that difference – Tigers too good and Lions have a mental problem playing them


  9. woah – that’s an ugly result for Lions … smashed again by Tigers … that may destroy their confidence again as it did in last years finals …


  10. Cash league opponent had VC on Neale & aarts. Not a great game for me -_-
    Non Neale owner …
    Need to bring him in next week.


  11. Skinner and Ballenden don’t look much chop … Skinner in particular seems to lack confidence and desire to get the ball at times … so hesitant most of the night … apart from the brain fade taking a mark 11 metres out in front and playing on and missing …


      1. Skinner and Ballenden will both go as soon as reinforcements arrive imo, Lions went in too tall tonight.

        Both useless, no utility as talls or 2nd rucks. Skinner, like Macca said, looked hesitant and Ballenden lazy.


        1. have to treat him as a nuff basically in the Fwds if you brought him in tonight … cheap value to trade in to free up other cash … that’s about as good as he seems to be … it could have been different if he’d kicked that goal … might have lifted him and his team mates … instead you could see the entire team deflate …


          1. Well at least my other rookies scored better and my premos scored double digits which im happy about.


  12. Full Time – Tigers double the Lions score & win by 41 points -12.10.82 to 4.17.41, with disappointing points for those who brought in newcombers Skinner & Ballenden

    Jayden Short 119
    Liam Baker 106
    Dustin Martin 105
    Tom J. Lynch 103
    Shai Bolton 99
    Jack Riewoldt 93
    Noah Balta 91
    Jake Aarts 83
    Kane Lambert 78
    Nick Vlastuin 77
    Kamdyn McIntosh 66
    Marlion Pickett 65
    Trent Cotchin 64
    Mabior Chol 52
    Dylan Grimes 51
    Jack Ross 50
    Sydney Stack 47
    Jason Castagna 45
    Nathan Broad 40
    Jack Higgins 38
    Derek Smith 34
    Ivan Soldo 29

    Lachie Neale 142
    Oscar McInerney 122
    Harris Andrews 121
    Jarryd Lyons 115
    Hugh McCluggage 105
    Lincoln McCarthy 100
    Callum Ah Chee 98
    Alex Witherden 78
    Jarrod Berry 74
    Dayne Zorko 71
    Zac Bailey 69
    Charlie Cameron 68
    Mitch Robinson 66
    Darcy Gardiner 63
    Noah Answerth 52
    Jack Payne 43
    Brandon Starcevich 42
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 38
    Eric Hipwood* 38
    Cameron Rayner 33
    Sam Skinner 25
    Connor Ballenden 19


  13. Brisbane kicking let them down again. You think that’s an area they would like to correct and prove against the Tigers?


  14. Hmmm, Neale……oh wait……phew…..Neale now 149 which is above his average…….didn’t want to give a below average player the responsibility of captaincy…..LOL



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