17 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v Essendon”

  1. Quick thumbs poll everyone … just for some fun!:

    Does Rioli have a massive turnaround from last week due to Dreamtime game and score well enough to be played … or play Dixon

    T/U – yes Rioli goes well
    T/D – no way!


    1. I am hoping Dixon has a day out as he is my ruck sub with Preuss out.

      I am not giving any thoughts on the viability of Rioli after suggesting he was a solid trade in.
      At least he can not go worse. The coach still has faith in him and gave him a rap for doing team things and is an important part of the team.

      Good luck with whatever you decide.

      Don’t listen to us!!!


  2. Parish a f*cking clanger machine. Jeez.

    Literally going 1 to 1 for touches and SC points.


  3. If Caaaaaaaaaa…….oh I can’t say it. Win flag 17 this year, I am in my cellar till I am carried out.


    1. Rutten needs to go Wighgty … and Shiels with him.

      Looks like Hobbs has taken the role that Martin had?? Whatever has happened, he’s been pushed forward, to a role he sees little ball and is not comfortable playing … just plain dumb coaching the last three weeks …


      1. Dons fan here imo i think they are not going to keep Rutten for long he keeps changing up players roles up what do you think they are going to do?



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