Game Chat – Richmond v St Kilda

Written by Motts on June 25 2021

Where and when: The ‘G at 7:50pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Round 5, 2021:  St Kilda 7.6 (48) DEF BY Richmond 20.14 (134) at The Docklands.

Last five: Richmond 3-2, St Kilda 1-4

Match Preview: Just one coach is under more pressure than David Teague right now and that’s Bretty Ratten. He’s coming into tonight’s game desperate for a win and has to line up against the reigning premiers. Bugger. Damo Hardwick also wouldn’t mind a W having dropped games recently to West Coast and Brisbane. Going by the 14 goal drubbing The Tigers handed The Saints just two short months ago, you’d have to say the yellow and black boys are pretty much a moral.

Mottsy Watch: 

Martin, Short, Houli

St Kilda
Marshall, Steele, Ross

Mottsy’s Tip: Richmond by 70 points (tipping record 29/39).

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52 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v St Kilda”

  1. Hi all
    I read in a thread a few rounds ago that you can reverse a trade after lock down but can’t find the thread….
    I know it’s not the famous Mott’s Manoeuvre but Can anyone help?!?!
    Many thanks in advance…


    1. You need to have a trade handy (so cant have used both)

      And all you do is trade the player you traded in; for the player you traded out.
      DPP has worked for me but I have used the same players involved with swapping.


      1. Thanks Abs and Chillo. 2 trades done. So no go.

        Appreciate the quick response… was hoping to change up (reverse out Marshall playing tonight for Bolton after reading the Impy replacement thread).


    1. ** update

      Billings injured in warm up replaced by Nick Coffield.
      Leo Connolly is now the medical sub.


      1. Looks like it. He has been taking Lukosius spot for weeks but I haven’t been able to do it !!


  2. Evening, all.

    Short, Martin and CCJ for me tonight.

    Thinking Short 120 with how poor the Saints are entering F50. Martin cops Dunstan, sub ton. CCJ 70~, could go large if the Tigers put the Saints to the sword and Howard gives up.

    How’s everyone else looking?


    1. Hey GD

      Big game for my side.

      VC Steele
      POD Crouch ( 3 round ave of 130.3 )
      CCJ ( loop @f6 )

      Last night wasn’t great so I need a lift boys.

      Head over the ball and ease up on the clangers!


      1. Ooof. Big one indeed, FT.

        Yeah, I don’t see how Steele doesn’t go 150+ tonight. Wet weather, important game, Tigers don’t pay opp. MIDs any mind. Resigned myself to him punishing me as a non-owner yet again.

        Crouch a juicy POD, nice one.


        1. Yeah Crouch came in at $450K ( Round 4-5 I think ) and was a chance to get flipped at his Bye, but his form has been so good I couldn’t do it. He may still be a sub premium but he has made cash ( he should be $550K next week ) and if he can stay upright he will stay in my side. Over the last month,he is actually out scoring more well owned players in Brayshaw and Walsh.

          I hope he can do well tonight.


    2. Hi GD and all.

      Just Martin and CCJ in this one with Highmore with the “E”.

      All the best everyone.

      *Remember the revised game times.


  3. Update: Nick Coffield has come into the side for Jack Billings who is a late out. Leo Connolly is now the medical sub.


  4. Supercoach top 5k.
    About 22% have Steele VC
    Steele in only 68% of teams.
    Bolton ownership has doubled.


  5. Big oversight from me. Was going to loophole Highmore with May but just realised Sharp at D8 has already played. Watch Highmore tonne up now.


  6. Can anyone explain why you can run 30 metres when bringing the ball back in but not any other time ??


  7. Going to be some big impacts on the SC side of things – either good or bad depending if you want players prices to drop or were wanting big scores!

    Great win by the Saints – and there is still 169 points to be allocated.
    Ollie (AllSaints) would be doing cartwheels and be proud of his boys …

    St Kilda Saints: 9.8.62
    Jack Steele 126
    Luke Dunstan 112
    Dougal Howard 112
    Mason Wood 103
    Patrick Ryder 100
    Tom Highmore 86
    Josh Battle 77
    Jimmy Webster 75
    Jack Sinclair 72
    Jack Higgins 72
    Brad Crouch 69
    Rowan Marshall 68
    Callum Wilkie 67
    Ryan Byrnes 64
    Max King 63
    Bradley Hill 61
    Daniel McKenzie* 59
    Seb Ross 56
    Nicholas Coffield 50
    Daniel Butler 44
    Ben Long 40
    Tim Membrey 35
    Leo Connolly 18

    Richmond Tigers: 2.10.22
    Nick Vlastuin 112
    Jayden Short 97
    Marlion Pickett 97
    Dustin Martin 89
    Liam Baker 88
    Dylan Grimes 84
    Jack Graham 82
    Nathan Broad 82
    Shane Edwards 80
    Dion Prestia 79
    Kane Lambert 77
    Bachar Houli 72
    C. Coleman-Jones 64
    Trent Cotchin 59
    Jason Castagna 59
    Mabior Chol 54
    Jack Riewoldt 52
    Noah Balta 51
    Shai Bolton 43
    Jake Aarts 42
    Kamdyn McIntosh 38
    Rhyan Mansell 2
    Samson Ryan -1


    1. Updates through – changes to SC key players are:

      Short – up to 101
      Martin – up to 94
      CCJ – up to 67
      Bolton – up by 1 to 44

      Steele – up by 6 to 132 – probably worthy of taking the VC score now
      Howard – jump of 14 to 126
      Highmore – up by 5 to 91
      Crouch – up 13 to 82 – Freo will be happy
      Marshall – stayed on 68


      1. That’s not scaling is it? Scaling would be a percentage increase across the board – they must analyse a few passages of play after the siren and add points to specific players.


        1. yeah mate they do … they may miss a bit here and there during the game and correct them, but they apply some sort of system to top players up, supposedly based on their impacts in the game … for me, I tend to think they like to “massage” the scores depending on players and also what it may do to making us punters look at prices / changes in players BE’s etc …

          Crouch for instance, 10 clangers and a DE of 68% but goy a decent scale – usually with that many clangers you would not score so well …


          1. Spot on. I’ve always liked SC scoring but I’m understanding that attraction of fantasy scoring this season. At least you know where the points are coming from.


  8. Anyone know what Shai Bolton’s projected score and BE will be over the next few weeks? Could be a good Impey replacement in a couple weeks. Cheers!


  9. Shai Bolton price will fall to 500k with a BE of 160 and tonight’s 44 still to roll thru his price cycle for another 2 Rounds.



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