Game Chat – Richmond v West Coast

Written by Motts on August 27 2020

Where and when: Metricon, 7:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R22 2019, Richmond 13.10 (88) DEF West Coast 13.4 (82)

What it means for Richmond: Win and they’ll take West Coast’s place in the Top 4.

What it means for West Coast: A chance to prove to the footy world that they can beat a good team outside of the comforts of home.

Motts Watch: Couple of things: Tom Lynch – is he going to tone the aggression down this week or risk the wrath of the tribunal again? Dylan Grimes – is he going to tone the staging down this week or risk the wrath of the social media world again?
Mottsy’s Tip: West Coast coming off a 4 day break and travelling from one side of the country to the other will be the difference here. Richmond by 20.

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24 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v West Coast”

  1. Moving Pickett on so 30 mins to decide!

    Last midfield spot chasing value

    TU: Gaff

    TD: Dunkley
    comment : anderson


  2. Which trade to do before game starts

    TU: OUT – Aarts, IN- Ricciardi (Ricciardi or Mosquito will be onfield at F6 instead of Aarts)

    TD: OUT – McPherson, IN – Bailey Williams (will be bench spot)

    Bringing in B Williams means I will have an DEF emergency, bringing in Ricciardi means no DEF emergency


  3. Fk
    My hawks got smashed &
    I put the C on Mitchell & the VC on macrae
    Bad start to what looks like a sht round


    1. well it doesn’t look too bad for Titch as he still got a 122.
      Many who have gone for Nic Nat might be a bit concerned after seeing this 1st quarter. No score with 5 minutes left in the 1st quarter


      1. Almost traded in Nic Nat but reversed trades just before the hawks game
        Didn’t trust him away from Perth
        Took mcinerney’s ruck donut instead to save a trade as it’s best 18


    2. I feel your pain – in the rush to get trades and captain choices done in time, I threw VC on Titch then somehow panicked and thought I need a non-playing player as Captain, in case Titch goes big, so put it on Draper….. realized my mistake (forgot it was Bombers that were playing Hawks) and tried to change it but too late, locked in.

      So now have Titch’s 122 as captain score. Could have been worse, but not ideal in week 1 of finals FFS. Bloody 4.40pm games on a work day suck!


    1. yeah, and halfway through second quarter he’s up to 44 … honestly such favouritism in scoring from CD … being paid stats he hasn’t got …


      1. was on 44 then gives away a free kick which means a shot at goal for Richmond and they score a goal. No change in score from it


  4. They are saying Kennedy and Grimes both done for the night- Kennedy head knock and Grimes hammy they think …


  5. Half Time – Rich 5.2.32 lead WCE 4.2.26

    Bachar Houli 82
    Jack Graham 70
    Trent Cotchin 66
    Jayden Short 58
    Nick Vlastuin 57
    Noah Balta 53
    Toby Nankervis 45
    Jake Aarts 39
    Dustin Martin 38
    Jason Castagna 37
    Liam Baker 36
    Oleg Markov 29
    Tom J. Lynch* 29
    Thomson Dow 25
    Ivan Soldo 23
    Kamdyn McIntosh 22
    Marlion Pickett 21
    Kane Lambert 20
    Shai Bolton 19
    Daniel Rioli 14
    Jack Riewoldt 14
    Dylan Grimes 13

    Tim Kelly 73
    Tom Barrass 66
    Liam Duggan 63
    Tom Cole 56
    Brad Sheppard 56
    Luke Shuey 52
    Andrew Gaff 52
    Dom Sheed 51
    Jeremy McGovern 50
    Liam Ryan 48
    Nic Naitanui 42
    Jamie Cripps 40
    Shannon Hurn 37
    Brendon Ah Chee 32
    B. J. Williams 30
    Josh Rotham 26
    Jack Darling 26
    Xavier O’Neill 23
    Jarrod Brander 20
    Mark Hutchings 18
    Nic Reid 15
    Josh J. Kennedy 11


    1. I had thoughts on backing Houli, but wasn’t confident after last weeks score. Then realising he still had his bye, really drove me away


      1. yeah that’s why I held for this week, but was hoping for a big price drop and prepared to wear his bye if he came back … just didn’t expect him back that big!!


  6. Very confused re scoring for ruckmen from this game.
    Soldo: 5 K, 4 HB, 3 MK, 1 TCK, 1 GL, 22 HO, 1/0 FREES, 2 CLANGERS = 72 points
    NicNat: 6 K, 5 HB, 0 MK, 2 TCK, 1 GL, 22 HO, 2/3 FREES, 5 CLANGERS = 98 points

    So Naitanui has 1 extra kick, handball, tackle, free kicks for but has less marks, 3 more free kicks against, 3 extra clangers/turnovers, yet gets 26 more points overall.

    I understand there is scaling, however NicNat was shut out of the game so I doubt he benefits off this, and hit outs to advantage aren’t shown, but it seems like this score discrepancy is way too big considering the evenness of their games.


    1. He had a massive jump in score when he took the ball out of the ruck and then scored a goal from it. It was towards the start of the game when more in balance.
      Looking at AFL app, NicNat had 8 HO to Adv where Soldo had 7.
      NicNat had a lot more clearances and 11 CP to Soldos 5.
      I still feel it was over scored as he didn’t seem to have that great of a game



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