Game Chat – Richmond v Western Bulldogs

Written by Motts on April 30 2021

Where and when: MCG, 7:50pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R9 2020: Western Bulldogs 7.7 (49) DEF BY Richmond 13.12 (90) at Metricon Stadium.

The game was set up in the first half, as Richmond jumped to a 20-point lead at the opening change and extended it to 40 points by half-time. The Bulldogs were more competitive after the main break but the damage had been done. Dustin Martin (three goals) was best afield in a commanding display, key forwards Tom Lynch and Jack Riewoldt combined for three goals to find some of their form, while captain Trent Cotchin returned from his hamstring injury to gather 17 disposals. Jack Macrae, in his 150th game, was one of few Bulldogs to step up to the Tigers, gathering 37 disposals, while Caleb Daniel (22 disposals) and Mitch Wallis (three goals) were also solid.

Match Preview: The Tiges are looking a little fallible this year after getting knocked off by the Swans, Power and Dees. They’ll argue that the real footy doesn’t start until August but the loss of Dusty to concussion places them under even more pressure. Meanwhile, the Dogs look absolutely magnificent but have their own injury concerns with Dunkley’s shoulder.

Motts Watch: 

Western Bulldogs
Daniel (lift!), Macrae, and Scott.

No Dusty means No Maulers in this game.

Mottsy’s Tip: Dogs by 10 (tipping record 14/18).

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55 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v Western Bulldogs”

  1. FINAL TEAMS – No late changes.

    sub: Patrick Naish
    Western Bulldogs
    sub: Lachie McNeil


  2. Thoughts:
    I’m thinking of running a mummy /Flynn r2/r3 set up for cash generation, each will cover the other when out?

    Tu- great idea
    Td- nope bad idea get off the mushies


    1. Everyone keeps saying no to this but it feels like the only thing that makes sense (that doesn’t cost $700k+)


      1. I might be crazy but I rolled with it.
        I have only used 4 trades and the rookies are not making a lot of cash, so need solid cover and possible $$$.
        Have gone brockman ( MIA) to Robertson
        Meek (MIA)to Mummy
        I am watching who fills the gap for Dunkley tonight and decide next week.
        Let’s see !


  3. Any tech leaguers out there??

    What’s everyones thoughts again with Flynn again omitted?

    Carrying a donut again or getting rid of Flynn / Hunter for a ruck??


    1. Macca,

      That’s a too hard question.
      Ask an easier one, like – “Will Highmore play again this year?”


      Hunter has 3 “rucks” chosen ahead of him, so that will put him with Highmore – oblivion….
      Probably get his replacement this time.

      As for Flynn, @#$&*……


  4. Robertson was a supercoach pig at the junior level and gone 85 35 and 90 so far. Worth a gamble? Has rock solid JS with Neale out now. It’d probably be Campbell to Robertson no cash made but rock solid JS in fwd and mid til the byes.

    Thoughts? Be handy to know before this games bounce to
    Swing scott into the mids


    1. TU: Campbell to D.Robertson

      TD : Campbell too zorko

      Current forward line
      Ziebell Impey Atkins Warner Rowe Scott (Campbell Waterman)
      380k bank

      Next week I am eyeing off Ridley/Mitchell if I can still afford it after zorko


  5. With Dunkley out of the Doggies team, is there a worry that Bont will play more forward thus lowering his midfield time & scores? Weighing up bringing him in as Neale’s replacement, or Walsh.


  6. 1/4 Time – and its the Dogs 3.6.24 leading the Tigers 1.4.10

    David Astbury 34
    Tom J. Lynch 31
    Marlion Pickett 29
    R. Collier-Dawkins 26
    Jayden Short 26
    Nathan Broad 26
    Bachar Houli 25
    Liam Baker 25
    Noah Balta 24
    Toby Nankervis 23
    Kamdyn McIntosh 21
    Trent Cotchin 18
    Jack Graham 17
    Dylan Grimes 16
    Jason Castagna 15
    Shai Bolton 15
    Jack Ross 12
    Shane Edwards 9
    Rhyan Mansell 9
    Jack Riewoldt 8
    Daniel Rioli 8
    Jake Aarts 6
    Patrick Naish 1

    Anthony Scott* 40
    Josh Bruce 39
    Caleb Daniel 37
    Jack Macrae 35
    Bailey Dale 32
    Tom Liberatore 30
    Aaron Naughton 26
    Easton Wood 25
    Mitch Hannan 25
    Stefan Martin 22
    M. Bontempelli 20
    Alex Keath 20
    Lachie Hunter 16
    Adam Treloar 16
    Zaine Cordy 16
    Patrick Lipinski 12
    Rhylee West 10
    Bailey Smith 8
    Jason Johannisen 8
    Josh Schache 5
    Hayden Crozier 3
    Taylor Duryea 2
    Lachlan McNeil 1


  7. Forced to hold Daniel cause of carnage elsewhere. And switched Scott for Dusty.
    The gods are smiling.


  8. HALF TIME – Bulldogs 5.9.39 to Tigers 2.8.20

    Nathan Broad 60
    Jayden Short 57
    Trent Cotchin 50
    Bachar Houli 49
    Toby Nankervis 49
    David Astbury 48
    Noah Balta 48
    Tom J. Lynch 47
    Marlion Pickett 42
    Liam Baker 42
    Shai Bolton 42
    Jack Graham 39
    R. Collier-Dawkins 37
    Kamdyn McIntosh 31
    Jake Aarts 31
    Rhyan Mansell 30
    Shane Edwards 28
    Dylan Grimes 23
    Daniel Rioli 22
    Jack Riewoldt 19
    Jason Castagna 16
    Jack Ross 12
    Patrick Naish 1

    Bailey Dale 74
    Jack Macrae 66
    Caleb Daniel 66
    M. Bontempelli 55
    Tom Liberatore 53
    Patrick Lipinski 53
    Josh Bruce 52
    Adam Treloar 50
    Anthony Scott* 47
    Lachie Hunter 45
    Bailey Smith 45
    Aaron Naughton 40
    Alex Keath 39
    Easton Wood 38
    Stefan Martin 33
    Zaine Cordy 31
    Mitch Hannan 30
    Hayden Crozier 23
    Josh Schache 11
    Jason Johannisen 11
    Rhylee West 7
    Taylor Duryea 3
    Lachlan McNeil 1


  9. Trivia,
    33 Supercoach teams traded Josh Dunkley to Bailey Dale this week.

    Banked 220k and Dale is 73 at halftime.

    They must be feeling pleased at the moment.


    1. someone on one of the threads posted that he would be a good target with Dunks out … it was a nice call!!


    1. Damn – Macrae going to be cheaper now in a few weeks at this rate … could have held off on trading him in …


      1. My thoughts is bombers should rush the kick and Carlton has been lacklustre , Ridley could be licking his chops all game?


  10. 3/4 Time and it was all the Tigers in that quarter, barely made it into the Doggies forward line – Tigers up 7.10.52 to the Dogs 6.10.46 and with some work to do in the final term

    Nathan Broad 105
    Tom J. Lynch 100
    Jayden Short 92
    Bachar Houli 91
    Trent Cotchin 89
    Liam Baker 74
    Shai Bolton 73
    Toby Nankervis 72
    David Astbury 70
    Noah Balta 70
    R. Collier-Dawkins 59
    Jack Graham 56
    Marlion Pickett 53
    Jake Aarts 48
    Daniel Rioli 45
    Shane Edwards 44
    Kamdyn McIntosh 44
    Dylan Grimes 42
    Rhyan Mansell 33
    Jason Castagna 32
    Jack Riewoldt 29
    Jack Ross 29
    Patrick Naish 1

    Bailey Dale 85
    Alex Keath 84
    Adam Treloar 76
    Tom Liberatore 74
    Caleb Daniel 73
    M. Bontempelli 70
    Patrick Lipinski 70
    Bailey Smith 68
    Aaron Naughton 68
    Anthony Scott* 67
    Jack Macrae 61
    Easton Wood 55
    Lachie Hunter 45
    Josh Bruce 44
    Hayden Crozier 42
    Zaine Cordy 42
    Mitch Hannan 39
    Taylor Duryea 28
    Stefan Martin 27
    Josh Schache 24
    Jason Johannisen 22
    Rhylee West 2
    Lachlan McNeil 1


  11. Bont and Macrae tonned but underwhelming, Daniel looks good, Short solid DE this week tick, Mansell and Scott serviceable and RCD looking like a juicy downgrade.

    180~ in scaling to come.


  12. Full Time and the Tigers are back – 22 point winners tonight to end the Doggies unbeaten run

    Bachar Houli 133
    Nathan Broad 118
    Jayden Short 113
    Shai Bolton 109
    Tom J. Lynch 101
    Liam Baker 94
    Trent Cotchin 93
    Marlion Pickett 85
    David Astbury 82
    Noah Balta 77
    R. Collier-Dawkins 74
    Toby Nankervis 69
    Jack Graham 66
    Jake Aarts 61
    Kamdyn McIntosh 60
    Shane Edwards 51
    Dylan Grimes 50
    Jack Ross 48
    Daniel Rioli 47
    Rhyan Mansell 42
    Jason Castagna 40
    Jack Riewoldt 36
    Patrick Naish 0

    Alex Keath 118
    Caleb Daniel 110
    Bailey Dale 110
    Jack Macrae 103
    M. Bontempelli 101
    Bailey Smith 93
    Adam Treloar 88
    Patrick Lipinski 82
    Tom Liberatore 77
    Lachie Hunter 76
    Aaron Naughton 65
    Easton Wood 64
    Hayden Crozier 64
    Anthony Scott* 62
    Stefan Martin 51
    Zaine Cordy 47
    Mitch Hannan 43
    Josh Schache 43
    Josh Bruce 33
    Taylor Duryea 25
    Jason Johannisen 19
    Rhylee West 1
    Lachlan McNeil 0


      1. The only hard done by one was the “kick” to the face he got pinged for…. how that was a free is beyond me


  13. Another observance that no one asked for -it might be umpire awareness round but some of those calls were awful during the game.


      1. He came off assisted by trainers with a few minutes to go. Honestly didn’t catch what it was.

        If it’s major, we’ll hear about it.


  14. Good effort by the Tigers and a fair result but the AFL will need to sort out one of tonight’s umpires, and soon. I have heard this umpire clearly explain some of the decisions made and each time the call is completely outside the rules of AFL. It’s really embarrassing they haven’t removed the umpire from active duty.


    1. I know I’m late with my comment Thommo, but I agree, she was terrible. A lot of non calls. She was a late in too, and it showed unfortunately.


  15. This is the third week in a row that I didn’t bring in the player I wanted, because I was worried about team announcements and had to save a trade.

    Well done to anyone who brought in Bolton this week, he was terrific



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