Game Chat – Richmond vs GWS

Written by Thommo on May 15 2021

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Saturday 15 May at 7:25pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R17 2020: GWS 9.8 (62) def Richmond 6.14 (50)  at Giants Stadium.

Last five H2H record: GWS 3 – Richmond 2

Match Preview: How many injuries are too many? The Tigers are missing Cotchin, Prestia, Lambert, Bolton and Edwards from their midfield rotation, a position where the Giants excel. Richmond has famously stingy defence, bolstered by the return of Grimes but they will have their work cut out for them with the multiple tall forwards of the Giants.

If Richmond can find enough of the ball through the midfield, they can kick a winning score against the Giants on the road, but if the GWS midfield dominates…

Thommo Watch: 


You have to feel for the Shai Bolton owners in SC. One week he is robbed of mark of the year, the next he has a broken wrist from a nightclub fight. Dustin Martin owners should be licking their lips – surely he has to do something today!

For anyone living through the nightmare of Matthew Flynn ownership, this week is a good week!
Thommo’s Tip: Undecided on this one. GWS by 12 points?? (Tipping record 13/24).

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15 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond vs GWS”

  1. Move berry on to Collier Dawkins before tonight? Worried berry hasn’t made enough money but my only option


  2. Short and RCD in this one for me.

    Even as a non Dusty owner, I’m hoping he does well, ( not too well) I need a non R14 bye forward next week, and I really don’t want to go Hall!


      1. Zorko came in for me this week. Might offset the costs from the tight timing stuck me for loopholing.

        Not knowing if Grundy scored well enough, and my loopholes being brisbane, not knowing if Waterman was playing yet.

        Bring back Thursday night teams, already.


    1. As we all know the forward line is problematic.

      Watch out for Bailey Dale tonight.
      If Dusty shows improvement he would be the obvious selection. I am waiting for him to bottom out and show some form.


      1. Dusty now at his lowest price after scoring 121 points tonight.
        Rd 9 Score 121 BE 159
        Rd 9 : $443k->$426k ($-17k)
        Rd 10 BE 68


      1. He was 4d 1m 1t and 1 goal at the time that I made the comment.

        But even so, 6/2/2 still doesnt go even remotely close to 52 points though, does it?

        4/1/1 was on target for a 300 point game for 20 hitouts and 20 possessions.

        Yet, 2 and a half quarters, realism has reared it’s head and he’s still on under 100 in the 4th.

        What’s going on here, Champion Data? Because those mid game scores are making zero sense.


  3. Dusty was on 99 before that fourth goal and he has actually dropped back to 97 … you have to be kidding me …

    edit – and now 2 minutes later he has jumped to 116 … which is more like it …

    and Collier Dawkins just jumped from 76 to 98 …


    1. They had 30 odd points to distribute, then they removed 50 odd points and have 80 to distribute.



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