Game Chat – Sydney v St Kilda

Written by Motts on June 5 2021

Where and when: Not Marvel Stadium, the SCG at 1:45pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Round 9, 2020:  St Kilda 15.11 (101) DEF Sydney 6.12 (48) at the Gabba

Last five: St Kilda 3-2, Sydney 3-2

Match Preview: Would it surprise you to know that Sydney are 6th on the ladder right now? Because it surprised the hell out of me. They’re sitting pretty on 7 wins while the Saints languish in 12th on 5. The Swannies have had the wood over the Sainters in recent meetings (a drubbing last year notwithstanding). I think Horse’s boys will get another one here today.

Mottsy Watch: 

St Kilda
Steele, Marshall, and with Grundy out I’m praying that Hunter gets a call up.
Lloyd, Mills, and I don’t have him, but it’s always good to watch Big Bud in full flight.
Mottsy’s Tip: Swans by 30 points (tipping record 24/33).

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43 thoughts on “Game Chat – Sydney v St Kilda”

  1. I’m not sure who’s doing your homework Motts ?

    Marshall has been out for weeks, and how does Grundy have anything to do with this game ?

    For me in this one.


    I’ve got a feeling lloyd may go large today.

    Best of luck to everyone on Super Saturday.


    1. Afternoon, FT.

      Just Heeney, Warner and Lloyd for me here.

      Yeah, think Lloyd does pop off. Saints useless I50.

      With B18, there’d be no harm in med sub Highmore coming on for a run lol.


    2. I’m guessing Motts has Hunter at R3, and was hoping for some cover for Grundy.

      Not sure about the Marshall shout though – wishful thinking?


      1. SCTTL sides took some big hits with the outs / injuries this week … all my careful planning thrown out the door for sure! Went from easy numbers on field to struggling for numbers and loss of Grundy … sucks big time!


    1. Highmore sub is not going to make any money. Not even worth wasting a trade. I made a really bad call on that one


      1. Possibility of more points, who needs money…….Wahhahhahahah……etc, etc, etc…….


  2. Was planning on trading Highmore to Bianco this week to allow me 3 trades next week and the extra player next week. Now looks like Highmore might be worth keeping if he plays well (assuming he gets on) and gets a spot next week. However may still get dropped next week + lose cash.
    Have 17 trades still and currently $120k bank

    TU – Trade Highmore to Bianco still.
    TD – Keep Highmore.


    1. Roll with Bianco.

      They haven’t given Highmore a proper run all year; persisted with their under-performing backline and debuted/held Clavarino, an intercepting defender, and ahead of him.


  3. Hope not see Highmore coming in the last min of the fourth quarter and lose cash. using him for a premo player next week.


  4. 1/4 Time and its Sydney 4.6.30 leading St Kilda 3.4.22 by 8 points with a Max King goal after the siren

    Tom Hickey 36
    George Hewett 32
    Isaac Heeney 30
    Lance Franklin 29
    Jake Lloyd 29
    Tom McCartin 25
    Dane Rampe 25
    Will Hayward 24
    James Rowbottom 23
    Harry Cunningham 21
    Justin McInerney 21
    Tom Papley 20
    Luke Parker 19
    Joel Amartey 17
    Callum Mills 16
    Robbie Fox 16
    Logan McDonald 15
    Jordan Dawson 13
    Chad Warner 13
    Josh P. Kennedy 11
    Oliver Florent 9
    Sam Wicks 5
    James Bell 1

    Jack Higgins 44
    Bradley Hill 38
    Jimmy Webster 34
    Brad Crouch 29
    Jack Steele 26
    Luke Dunstan 23
    Tim Membrey 23
    Jack Sinclair 20
    Daniel Butler 20
    Mason Wood* 19
    Dougal Howard 19
    Patrick Ryder 18
    Callum Wilkie 18
    Jarryn Geary 16
    Max King 16
    Jack Billings 12
    Oscar Clavarino 12
    Seb Ross 9
    Nicholas Coffield 8
    Josh Battle 5
    Hunter Clark 3
    Tom Highmore 1
    Ryan Byrnes


  5. Me, above, at 12:58 pm:

    “With B18, there’d be no harm in med sub Highmore coming on for a run lol.”

    It’s happening!


    1. On field as my 20th now.

      Gets a kick straight away!

      I wonder if he can put up a 50+ and get past $200K


  6. Whoo Hoo!!!…..Wahhahahahaha…..(ok, deep breath, regain composure, do the shopping….)


      1. Yeah, they had him up FWD in Wood’s role instead of re-jigging then he came off under the blood rule.

        Needs an epic second half lol.


        1. How many people are happy that Highmore is actually playing.
          Those who have him.
          Those who don’t own him.


    1. And this is where CD scoring shows its BS Bias.

      Highmore takes that mark low down outside the 50M. Goes back, kicks it inside the 50M, misses the guy I think he was kicking to, but on the bounce it taken by another Saints player … he still ‘hits’ a player, but the scorers have marked it ineffective and thus he has no DE and gets scored as a negative.

      Seen it so many times with other ‘name’ players that it gets paid as effective kick …


      1. I thought any kick that went 35m+ was considered an effective disposal? Maybe there’s a caveat in there like ‘cannot be touched by opposition’ or something?


        1. yes, it’s 40M – he should also be considered for points taking it inside 50M. It wasn’t touched by the first players and went to the Saints player behind and near the sideline who took possession of it and then was bundled over the sideline … as I said, if it were Fyfe, Neale, Bont etc, they’d be paid an effective stat …


  7. Half Time : Swans 6.7.43 lead Saints 5.7.37

    Lance Franklin 60
    Tom Hickey 58
    Jake Lloyd 52
    Tom McCartin 50
    Harry Cunningham 50
    Dane Rampe 50
    George Hewett 48
    James Rowbottom 44
    Jordan Dawson 42
    Oliver Florent 40
    Logan McDonald 38
    Joel Amartey 34
    Callum Mills 33
    Luke Parker 32
    Robbie Fox 32
    Isaac Heeney 31
    Tom Papley 27
    Will Hayward 26
    Josh P. Kennedy 25
    Chad Warner 23
    Justin McInerney 22
    Sam Wicks 12
    James Bell 1

    Jack Steele 80
    Brad Crouch 72
    Bradley Hill 65
    Luke Dunstan 54
    Jack Higgins 53
    Jimmy Webster 47
    Tim Membrey 46
    Oscar Clavarino 43
    Seb Ross 41
    Jarryn Geary 40
    Jack Sinclair 39
    Daniel Butler 35
    Patrick Ryder 35
    Nicholas Coffield 30
    Jack Billings 29
    Callum Wilkie 28
    Dougal Howard 25
    Ryan Byrnes 22
    Hunter Clark 21
    Mason Wood* 19
    Max King 18
    Josh Battle 17
    Tom Highmore 2


  8. Sheesh – Heeney just cant get anywhere near the ball in this game and when he does he’s giving away free kicks or being scored poorly on his disposals … with some bad disposals to boot …


    1. Yeah, bit of a dirty one for him.

      Grabbed him two weeks ago for 86 and 128, so idm if he has a quiet one today.

      60 would be nice. Clutch last quarter goal may be required.


      1. yep – same – traded Warner to him

        Warner also having a mare – especially holding in tech team – will bleed waaaayyyy too much cash with this now …

        Been an ugly game really ….

        Kind of the least worst team wins this one …


      2. Commentators saying Heeney looks ‘proppy’ off the ball.

        He started well ,but he looks like hurting himself, (or somebody else) every time he goes near it.

        You would think he’s carrying something

        I think the Saints sent someone to Lloyd at 3/4 time. He’s hardly touched it this qtr.

        Mills finishing strong after only 35 at the half.


  9. You’ve got to wonder what the hell has happened to Hunter Clarke.

    Looks a shadow of a footballer.

    Maybe he needs a change of scenery at the end of the year.


  10. Full Time and the Swans hold on to a 9 point win

    Tom Hickey 137
    Jake Lloyd 109
    Luke Parker 101
    Callum Mills 99
    Harry Cunningham 97
    Lance Franklin 93
    George Hewett 92
    James Rowbottom 92
    Jordan Dawson 89
    Tom McCartin 80
    Tom Papley 80
    Oliver Florent 74
    Will Hayward 67
    Joel Amartey 66
    Dane Rampe 65
    Josh P. Kennedy 64
    Justin McInerney 59
    Isaac Heeney 55
    Robbie Fox 48
    Logan McDonald 42
    Chad Warner 39
    Sam Wicks 36
    James Bell

    Jack Steele 140
    Brad Crouch 137
    Tim Membrey 126
    Jack Higgins 110
    Patrick Ryder 103
    Callum Wilkie 100
    Seb Ross 98
    Jack Sinclair 95
    Bradley Hill 82
    Luke Dunstan 79
    Jimmy Webster 69
    Dougal Howard 69
    Jarryn Geary 50
    Daniel Butler 48
    Ryan Byrnes 45
    Oscar Clavarino 45
    Jack Billings 42
    Nicholas Coffield 41
    Max King 35
    Josh Battle 35
    Hunter Clark 24
    Tom Highmore 19
    Mason Wood* 16


  11. Hey SCT community.
    So if I captain Stewart (Cats aren’t playing) I’ll get Steele’s VC score doubled?? Is that right?



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