Game Chat – WBD v Port

Written by Motts on August 20 2021

Where and when: The Docklands at 7:50pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Round 9, 2021: Port 12.5 (77) DEF BY WBD 15.6 (96) at Adelaide Oval

Last five: WBD 3-2, Port 5-0

Match Preview: Great game to kick off the last H&A round! The Dogs will be trying to start building momentum heading into the finals but after losses to Essendon and Hawthorn are no sure things against an up-and-about Power unit.

Mottsy Watch: 

I’m looking for signs of life . After dominating for much of the season their confidence has gone missing lately. They need to show something to give their supporters hope.

The Power have been winning but they haven’t played a top 4 team since Round 17 when they were well beaten by the Dees. Can they match it with the Doggies’ rolled gold engine room?

Mottsy’s Tip: Port by 10 (tipping record 42/61).

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18 thoughts on “Game Chat – WBD v Port”

  1. The Grand Finals are here.

    After a very frustrating and injury prone year I have, to my surprize, limped into two Finals. I am plummeting to my lowest finish but this is a game of luck. Nearly as much as skill so I find myself still in the race.
    I will need tons of luck again but where there is hope, you never know.

    All the best of luck to everyone still fighting for glory and may the chaos be minimal.


    1. Absolutely CT, I was absolutely gone in my main prelim last week and then on Sunday, my opponent had May a late out with no cover and took Oliver as captain instead of keeping MacRae as VC.

      I ended up winning by around 40 points in our matchup so if either of those things happen differently then I am out, but now in GF hoping for some luck again!!!

      What a tough, tough, but awesome season. I actually enjoyed the hell out of it despite many errors and a rank not where I wanted it to be.

      Thanks for all your contributions over the year!

      Good luck to all Grand Finalists this week!


  2. Evening, all.

    Bittersweet end to the season for me. Going to miss the football, SC and you guys but my team is copping 3 donuts this week – need to be put out of my misery lol.

    Boak, Macrae and Bont here. Toying with a late VC on Bont, idk.


    1. I was trying to do a home haircut on my 9 year old with some beard clippers(lockdown style) so missed out on moving the VC off MacRae so hope he keeps going!

      Going to really miss SC when it ends and have enjoyed the challenges this year.

      Thanks for everything you contribute to the community GD! Have a great off season!


      1. Lol, looking like a close shave for both!

        Macrae fine for 130~.

        Right back at you, Jam. Remind me to get you in Gun’s Regulars next year!

        Enjoy your summer.


    1. Port very hard to score against.

      Think if anyone gets off the chain, it’ll be Bont.

      Macrae solid for 120, Bont either low ton or large.


      1. Hot call early here GD I went safe with macrae but enjoy watching bont so hope the doggies smash them tonight



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