Game Chat – West Coast Eagles v Western Bulldogs

Written by Father Dougal on June 27 2021

Where and When: 3:20pm at Optus Stadium
What it means for the Eagles: A win has them solid at 6th. A loss probably means 7th by percentage
What it means for the Bulldogs: A win means second, a loss looks like 2-3 depending on percentage

Supercoach Watch:
Eagles: Yeo! (Kidding) Nic Nat…Gaff?
Bulldogs: Macrae, The Bont, The Helmet, Bailey Smith, Dale and Weightman.

Father Dougal’s Watch: Weightman! So much fun to watch
Father Dougal’s Tip: I may be crazy but I think the Dogs will win. Barely. By 1.


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15 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast Eagles v Western Bulldogs”

  1. FINAL TEAMS: No late changes

    West Coast Eagles
    sub: Jackson Nelson
    Western Bulldogs
    sub: Mitch Wallis


    1. Lol. The internal conflict when you go for the Eagles but have Bont C.

      Out atm, so can’t catch much of it. Hoping I come home to either an Eagles win or Bont double ton – will take either.

      Catch you all later.


      1. Bont on fire GD and you can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in our match up.
        Cripps doing his best to assist you too .


    1. Just watched 10 minutes and all he’s done is slowly jog around aimlessly. It’s like he’s doing an extended warm down lap


  2. I think Ive just gotta get Bont in, I know he costs a fortune but I can’t afford to lose points every week.



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