Game Chat – West Coast v Carlton

Written by Motts on August 9 2020

Where and when: Optus Stadium, 3:35pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R20 2019, Carlton 11.9 (75) DEF BY West Coast 15.9 (99)

What it means for The Eagles: After dropping the first 3 games of the restarted season, the Eagles haven’t been beaten since. A win here could see them jump into the Top 4.

What it means for The Blues: The up and down Blues need a win to keep their flag hopes alive.

Motts Watch: Carlton. I’m looking for some sort of response from a team that went to sleep at quarter time against Hawthorn.

Mottsy’s Tip: I’m not going to tip against The Blues so you’re not going to believe me anyway.


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54 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Carlton”

  1. Late change: Chaos Theory (CT) IN for the SCT team!

    Been doing the heavy lifting of an admin for a while now, great to finally have him on board!


    1. Thank you GD. Motts
      It is great to be part of the wonderful team here at SCT.
      Amazing performance from all the contributors to promptly upload all the information needed during this very difficult season.
      Thank you.


      1. Legend.

        Thanks Mott’s

        Well deserved Chaos.

        Keep it up. We are only just over half way.

        Eagle’s by a fair margin I fear. ( Sorry Motts )

        My new Ruck recruit Nic Nat to star.

        Best of luck everyone.*

        * unless I’ve got you in a league match up 😉


  2. Who does the community think will get the curnow tag (if he does do a tagging role)?

    TU Gaff
    TD Shuey
    Comment Kelly/no tag


      1. Sorry Motts just checked

        SC New Rule’s states..

        4 trades have been added to a Max 34..

        “Rounds 9-12 Trades: maximum of “3 ” trades per round”.

        Looks like we CAN use 3 trades next week ( R12 )


        1. Fantastic…I have been going hard thinking they have to do this. Back to 1450…..32k after my rd 3 debacle.


      1. … but in all seriousness, with Gawn missing this week Gawn/Goldy play the same amount of games over the rest of the season (North’s still got a bye remember and Melb doesn’t). Goldy’s doing great guns but i’d back Gawn to score more in the run home than Goldy. The only angle you could try and play which a few people mentioned above is the money side of it. Goldy could net you some cash against lesser rucks in the next few rounds and if Gawn comes back a little ginger or misses an extra week it could work out well over the few before switching back. That seems VERY much a crazy scheme and you’d only do it if you don’t need to trade elsewhere.


      2. BTW, the earlier comment was in jest TrooRoo but the 3TD makes me think a few people didn’t get the gist of my comment. All good TrooRoo. Looking forward to watching OUR boys play tonight.


    1. Hi TrooRoo,
      What rumours about Grundy? Apart from someone posting it in the teams thread I haven’t heard anything. What is the source?


        1. Buckley said Magpies ruckman Brodie Grundy was prepared for any extra physical treatment from Adelaide after the Crows targeted Melbourne’s Max Gawn in round 10.

          “Brodes cops it every week, so it’s not something we are concerned about,” Buckley said.

          “The physical game and the challenge is something Brodie has always risen to, so we have got no fears in that regard.”


  3. Cottrell is looking to be played as a winger. Hopefully will get some decent time around the ball
    He is defender in Supercoach.


    1. Only 58% TOG to start the game, is getting his hands to the ball, but hasn’t really had the chance to dispose of it.


  4. gotta hope Gawn is only out for 1 week
    if he’s out for more , with his bye , hat’ll be an issue
    i remember finishing inside the top 500 a few years ago
    i had Sandilands
    Freo said he would be out for 1 week
    every week after that , Freo said 1 week , 1 week
    7 weeks later i gave up on him & traded him out for finals
    still filthy on that one & have been dubious on ruck injuries & time lines since then


  5. Brain fade right now So do i Emergency Rivers and i put Haynes (not playing) on the field and if he scores good i keep the non playing player on the field if not i put in the player i want on the field?


  6. Nic Nat going great.

    Hurn maybe warming up.

    Cripps and Doc still on their Bye by the looks

    lift boys LIFT !


    1. Martin back to the bench but with ice
      Cripps sitting forward a decent amount and commentators suggesting he not looking 100%


  7. gotta love Cripps
    he was just born to play footy
    no matter how much attention he gets from his opponents
    he just keeps on hunting the footy & encouraging his team mates
    damn inspirational guy


  8. Half Time and its the Blues by 13 points. Jack Martin done for the day for Carlton, calf injury and on ice.

    EAGLES 3.3.21
    Nic Naitanui 77
    Jack Darling 63
    Elliot Yeo 60
    Jackson Nelson 50
    Tom Barrass 48
    Dom Sheed 45
    Brad Sheppard 43
    Luke Shuey 42
    Shannon Hurn 41
    Liam Duggan 39
    Tim Kelly 38
    Andrew Gaff* 38
    Josh Rotham 33
    Jack Redden 29
    Jamie Cripps 27
    Oscar Allen 26
    Tom Cole 23
    Josh J. Kennedy 18
    Brendon Ah Chee 16
    Jake Waterman 16
    Liam Ryan 13
    Jarrod Cameron 8

    CARLTON 5.4.34
    Matthew Kennedy 82
    Zac Fisher 60
    Tom Williamson 56
    S. Petrevski-Seton 56
    Jack Newnes 54
    Marc Murphy 50
    Sam Walsh 47
    Eddie Betts 47
    Tom De Koning 46
    Patrick Cripps 45
    Will Setterfield 43
    Liam Jones 42
    Ed Curnow 40
    Sam Docherty 37
    Kade Simpson 33
    Marc Pittonet 31
    Michael Gibbons 29
    Lachlan Plowman 20
    Jack Martin 20
    Jacob Weitering 20
    Matthew Cottrell 19
    Levi Casboult 16


    1. Cottee’s done more that Starcevich so I’m happy there. Trade paid off so far. Let’s hope he picks it up this 2nd half with Martin out for the day


  9. Full Time – WCE 11.6.72 defeat Carlton 7.8.50

    Dom Sheed 132
    Nic Naitanui 124
    Elliot Yeo 111
    Jack Darling 110
    Liam Duggan 102
    Jackson Nelson 97
    Andrew Gaff* 94
    Tom Barrass 90
    Josh Rotham 89
    Luke Shuey 75
    Jamie Cripps 74
    Josh J. Kennedy 71
    Tim Kelly 70
    Brad Sheppard 69
    Oscar Allen 69
    Shannon Hurn 68
    Jack Redden 68
    Tom Cole 66
    Jake Waterman 61
    Brendon Ah Chee 41
    Jarrod Cameron 30
    Liam Ryan 17

    Sam Walsh 115
    Marc Murphy 102
    Will Setterfield 101
    Zac Fisher 96
    Matthew Kennedy 96
    Patrick Cripps 93
    Ed Curnow 89
    Tom Williamson 87
    Liam Jones 80
    Marc Pittonet 74
    S. Petrevski-Seton 73
    Jack Newnes 72
    Sam Docherty 70
    Eddie Betts 66
    Lachlan Plowman 60
    Kade Simpson 50
    Levi Casboult 43
    Michael Gibbons 40
    Jacob Weitering 39
    Tom De Koning 37
    Matthew Cottrell 33
    Jack Martin 18


  10. Cottrell wasn’t the most effective with his disposals and didn’t get many chances. Was around the contest a lot of the time but the ball never really came to him on the outside of the pack.
    Only 1 tackle and 1 mark for the game, but was up against a good opposition midfield.
    Hope he holds his spot and can show more in their game against Freo next week



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