Game Chat – West Coast vs Essendon

Written by Thommo on June 21 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Optus Stadium, Thursday, June 21, 8.10pm AEST

The Eagles (10-2) slipped from the top of the ladder after a second loss to Sydney for the season but they have a game in hand and can reclaim the lead from Richmond with victory over long-time rival Essendon on Thursday night. The 13th-placed Bombers are coming off the bye and, at 5-7, can kiss their finals chances goodbye if they can’t conjure a massive upset on their second visit to Optus Stadium this year. Although star forward Jack Darling’s absence was telling against the Swans, the Eagles’ firepower at home looms as a major problem for the Dons, with West Coast averaging 106 points at its new fortress, where it has won six on the trot. Essendon breathed some life into its flagging campaign with three wins from four games before the bye, including two road triumphs, but has a shocking record in Perth, losing seven-in-a-row.

R9, 2017, Essendon 19.11 (125) d West Coast 8.16 (64) at Etihad Stadium
R15, 2016, West Coast 20.10 (130) d Essendon 7.10 (52) at Subiaco Oval
R11, 2015, West Coast 14.12 (96) d Essendon 6.10 (46) at Subiaco Oval
R21, 2014, Essendon 11.11 (77) d West Coast 11.8 (74) at Etihad Stadium
R20, 2013, West Coast 18.12 (120) d Essendon 9.13 (67) at Etihad Stadium

Thommo’s Tip: West Coast by 36 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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52 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast vs Essendon”

    1. I had been thinking about the same trade all week but finally went with Hurley because with the extra savings I can next week trade Fritsch to Fyfe. Good luck with which ever you decide.


      1. Cheers. The $ is the main reason I’m torn, will probably go Hurley in the hope TMac drops later. But I’m at least 2 beers from ball up so things could change! ;^D


  1. There’s no last minute queries so I’ll just post here. I have 18 players on the field this week but would like to get T Mac in, do I trade out:

    Fritch Tup
    Petracca Tdown

    or hold and get him later?



    West Coast: Liam Ryan, Tom Cole, Mark Hutchings, Fraser McInnes
    Essendon: Josh Green, David Myers, Mason Redman, Matt Guelfi


    1. Keeping an eye on this, debating the same thing. Not that that helps you, leaning towards Gawn but as a Port man I’m hoping I’m wrong!


  3. Seeing as everyone else is using this as a makeshift Last Minute Queries/Table For Two thread, I’m going to do the same thing.

    Final midfield upgrade?

    TU: Treloar
    TD: Bontempelli


  4. Help needed, tell me im crazy but tmac who i really want to bring in has been fantastic but has had his kicking boot on which has escalated his scores ? , he is now pricey for good reason but if he loses a little accuracy and someone like dsmith who is looking primed and i dont have him may be the difference between my upgrade of nanko to grundy !, so i think smith can now step up to 110 and the difference between nank and grundy could possibly be 30 , thoughts ?
    Thanks in advance


    1. Even with his tougher post-bye draw, Grundy should still outscore Nankervis by more than however much (if at all) Macdonald outscores Smith.


      1. It was my tip to catch the leader in our tipping comp this week.
        If they can hold on I’ll be wrapped.


  5. Trading out Doedee, and with some dpp magic am going to either a mid or a fwd. Will keep both links no matter what (def/fwd and mid/fwd)

    TU – A fwd this week (Gray/Westhoff)
    TD – A mid this week (Curnow/Kelly/Treloar)

    Doing either would complete that line. Thanks community!


  6. Sorry community, my fault that the Dons are up 20 zip. included West Coast to win in an AFL/World Cup multi. Should’ve let you all know.


  7. QT WC 1 v Ess 38

    Jack Redden 32
    Shannon Hurn 29
    Elliot Yeo 27
    Brad Sheppard 26
    Andrew Gaff 25
    Scott Lycett 22
    Mark LeCras 16
    Chris Masten 14
    Will Schofield 13
    Jackson Nelson 13
    Jamie Cripps 13
    Liam Duggan 12
    Lewis Jetta 12
    Jeremy McGovern 11
    Nic Naitanui 10
    Jake Waterman 10
    Fraser McInnes 9
    Willie Rioli 7
    Mark Hutchings 7
    Luke Shuey 7
    Liam Ryan 6
    Tom Cole 1

    Tom Bellchambers 53
    Jake Stringer 42
    Mitch W. Brown* 42
    Adam Saad 36
    Dyson Heppell 34
    Matt Dea 28
    Zach Merrett 26
    Mason Redman 26
    Kyle Langford 26
    Orazio Fantasia 26
    Devon Smith 25
    Brendon Goddard 25
    Mark Baguley 23
    Josh Green 21
    Michael Hurley 19
    Conor McKenna 19
    David Myers 13
    Andrew McGrath 12
    Cale Hooker 12
    A. M-Tipungwuti 12
    Matt Guelfi 6
    Shaun McKernan -2


  8. Major alarm bells for Adam Simpson here.

    Essendon is marking the ball 47 % of the time they go inside 50. That’s probably not sustainable, but it doesn’t have to be – even 30 % is very high.

    They’re also able to run the ball out of D50 through the corridor, and either kick it long to an open forward line, or pick out a short target if it’s a bit more crowded. The fact that they have been able to isolate McGovern and stop him from being third-man-up has helped with this. If it was one player who was setting up these runs you might be able to put a defensive forward on him, but in addition to Saad it’s also McKenna, Green, AMT, and others. Even so, a team on top of the ladder should be able to defend the corridor better than this.

    To make matters worse, Essendon is well up in contested possessions, and 50 % up in clearances. And when the Eagles do get a chance to use it, the Bombers are able to force them wide every time.

    And to cap it off, although the AFL doesn’t make the ‘pressure factor’ stat public, it’s clear from just watching the game that Essendon is well up in that area as well.


    1. Well, the Eagles are now defending the corridor a lot better, with the Bombers no longer able to waltz the ball out of D50.

      Essendon’s mark-inside-50 percentage was also just 15 % in that quarter.

      I have a feeling that the Eagles will go on to win the second half. Whether or not they can win it by 41+ and win the game is another matter.


  9. HT WC 12 v Ess 52

    Andrew Gaff 68
    Jack Redden 67
    Elliot Yeo 57
    Brad Sheppard 56
    Jeremy McGovern 50
    Shannon Hurn 44
    Nic Naitanui 39
    Scott Lycett 37
    Mark LeCras 30
    Chris Masten 30
    Will Schofield 24
    Jamie Cripps 23
    Liam Duggan 23
    Fraser McInnes 22
    Luke Shuey 19
    Lewis Jetta 19
    Jackson Nelson 18
    Mark Hutchings 15
    Tom Cole 13
    Liam Ryan 13
    Willie Rioli 11
    Jake Waterman 11

    Tom Bellchambers 88
    Devon Smith 63
    Zach Merrett 62
    Adam Saad 61
    Kyle Langford 59
    Cale Hooker 55
    Jake Stringer 54
    Conor McKenna 52
    Mitch W. Brown* 52
    Mason Redman 51
    Dyson Heppell 51
    Matt Dea 50
    Orazio Fantasia 45
    Brendon Goddard 43
    A. M-Tipungwuti 42
    Mark Baguley 34
    Andrew McGrath 34
    Michael Hurley 31
    David Myers 29
    Matt Guelfi 21
    Josh Green 19
    Shaun McKernan 11


  10. Is the a.gaff on 68 points andrew gaff because i have hardly seen andrew gaff .pay him 900k a season? !!!


    1. I’m pretty much sitting where the coaches boxes are but other side and he’s everywhere. Running machine.


  11. On another point, this is why we all tipped West Coast and North to finish bottom three pre-season!
    Two/three big outs and they will struggle. As a few of us have said these last few weeks, the short-termist media is a disgrace. They’ll be writing West Coast off tonight and saying the bombers can play finals (yet the bombers season ‘was all but over’ this morning)
    Thanks overpaid blogger, who happens to be head football writer at the Hun!
    GWS top four from here. I said it two weeks ago and I’m saying it again now. Go Joshua Kelly GO!!


  12. 3QT WC 24 v Ess 61

    Andrew Gaff 98
    Jack Redden 85
    Elliot Yeo 80
    Shannon Hurn 76
    Nic Naitanui 69
    Brad Sheppard 67
    Jeremy McGovern 66
    Chris Masten 55
    Liam Duggan 53
    Scott Lycett 51
    Jamie Cripps 50
    Lewis Jetta 45
    Tom Cole 43
    Mark LeCras 35
    Luke Shuey 35
    Fraser McInnes 33
    Jackson Nelson 30
    Will Schofield 24
    Jake Waterman 24
    Mark Hutchings 24
    Willie Rioli 22
    Liam Ryan 18

    Tom Bellchambers 105
    Adam Saad 88
    Zach Merrett 85
    Devon Smith 81
    Brendon Goddard 75
    Matt Dea 74
    Dyson Heppell 73
    Cale Hooker 73
    A. M-Tipungwuti 70
    Conor McKenna 69
    Jake Stringer 68
    Kyle Langford 67
    Mitch W. Brown* 64
    Orazio Fantasia 64
    Mason Redman 62
    Michael Hurley 59
    Andrew McGrath 57
    David Myers 54
    Mark Baguley 48
    Matt Guelfi 41
    Josh Green 28
    Shaun McKernan 21


    1. Ryan still hasn’t made his be of 19. Just watched him run circles around the bloke with the ball. Didn’t want to tackle. Wish I could reverse that trade.


    1. Ridiculously biased.

      It always is in Perth but even more so than normal.

      We need a Royal Commission into AFL umpiring.


  13. Geez regretting going Mihocek over Redman. Neither should appear again on field for the rest of the year, so I took the cheapest.

    But if you are looking next week, look no further.


  14. FT Ess 80 d WC 52

    Andrew Gaff 123
    Elliot Yeo 111
    Jack Redden 110
    Nic Naitanui 99
    Shannon Hurn 99
    Brad Sheppard 92
    Jamie Cripps 83
    Jeremy McGovern 82
    Lewis Jetta 74
    Chris Masten 73
    Liam Duggan 71
    Scott Lycett 65
    Luke Shuey 57
    Mark LeCras 51
    Tom Cole 48
    Willie Rioli 40
    Fraser McInnes 40
    Jackson Nelson 35
    Liam Ryan 31
    Jake Waterman 31
    Will Schofield 30
    Mark Hutchings 28

    Tom Bellchambers 121
    Devon Smith 113
    Zach Merrett 113
    Brendon Goddard 107
    Adam Saad 106
    Cale Hooker 100
    Dyson Heppell 99
    Kyle Langford 97
    Michael Hurley 85
    Jake Stringer 85
    Conor McKenna 84
    Matt Dea 82
    A. M-Tipungwuti 82
    Mason Redman 74
    Orazio Fantasia 74
    Andrew McGrath 70
    Mitch W. Brown* 70
    Mark Baguley 64
    David Myers 63
    Matt Guelfi 61
    Shaun McKernan 43
    Josh Green 29



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