12 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle”

  1. At this one. Expecting a GREAT game. Got a boat load of players here and binoculars on hand.


  2. Yeah can’t blame you, Lisa.
    Rumours of not training all week and being ill is a fair enough reason to not trust him with the VC. I was always locked into serong turns out it was the wrong call also..

    But did hold off getting Ryan & Clark.. think I’ll get Sinclair off his bye or ridley next week to save $$.


    1. They were not rumours Mav.
      Bont was ill all week. He trained alone. Confirmed by the club.

      He is such a superstar that he can overcome such a setback.

      FWIW. I also changed Bont to Ryan due to his illness.


      1. Should have known he’d of gone massive today.. everyone remember a few years ago when someone played with the flu?

        Yep that’s right he won the Chicago game 5 v Utah in the ’97 finals series. I won’t sleep on anyone coming into a game ill anymore! MJ and Bont are GOATed.


  3. Ryan on 65 at 3QT
    I still expect him to junk it up in this final quarter and still finish on 110+ though.



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