Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Geelong

Written by Chaos Theory on April 6 2024


Saturday April 6, 8:10pm at Adelaide Oval


B: B.Dale, L.Jones, B.Williams

HB: L.Bramble, B.Khamis, J.Johannisen

C: H.Gallagher, A.Treloar, O.Baker

HF: R.Sanders, A.Naughton, C.Weightman

F: R.West, J.Ugle-Hagan, L.Vandermeer

FOLL: T.English, M.Bontempelli – C, T.Liberatore

I/C: S.Darcy, C.Daniel, T.Duryea, J.Macrae, E.Richards

EMG: C.Poulter, J.O’Donnell, R.Lobb

IN: E.Richards

OUT: C.Poulter (omitted)


B: T.Stewart – C, S.De Koning, J.Kolodjashnij

HB: Z.Guthrie, J.Henry, M.Holmes

C: Z.Tuohy, T.Bruhn, M.Duncan

HF: B.Close, T.Stengle, T.Hawkins

F: J.Cameron, G.Miers, O.Henry

FOLL: R.Stanley, T.Atkins, M.Blicavs

I/C: O.Dempsey, B.Parfitt, J.Clark, M.O’Connor, J.Bowes

EMG: O.Mullin, T.Conway, S.Mannagh

IN: Z.Tuohy, R.Stanley

OUT: T.Conway (Managed), O.Mullin (Omitted)


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27 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Geelong”

  1. I have 100k in my bank. Should I be spending 40k of it to upgrade Sexton to dempsey tonight? Or is that a waste of money.
    Feel that 100k might be handy for upgrades But not sure.

    TU: grab dempsey
    TD: wait it out.


    1. For above my forward line is

      Heeney Flanders Fisher Powell Reid Darcy (sexton cadman)

      Should I be spending the 40k to get dempsey. Half hour to decide lol


  2. Hi – posted this in the Carl-Freo thread – interested in seeing some vote on it before kickoff tonight

    J Sharp was my mid emergency – scored 126. Tell me I’m not totally insane as I’m considering trading out D Wilson for S Mannagh (as long as Mannagh isn’t a late in tonight) so I can take Sanders off the field, and put Mannagh on the field, to get Sharp’s score….
    D Wilson is probably my next rookie to traded out anyway….and I still get to keep the Mid/Fwd DPP with Mannagh in my team, and gain $48K in the bank. Mannagh due to increase in price when he gets his next game…..Crazy idea??

    TU : Do the trade to get that 120+ score from Sharp (as long as Mannagh remains out of the Geelong side tonight)
    TD: Calm down – just appreciate the increase in Sharp’s price even if I don’t get to use it in my score this week


    1. I’m waiting for Mannagh to not be a late inclusion to capitalise on Sharp. I think you are wasting a trade given that Mannagh is no certainty to come back with Danger and Guthrie still to come back. Sanders may well score 70 plus


    2. I replied on Carl – Freo thread but repeated here.

      It is a long season. That trade may become important towards the end of the season.

      I have Harley Reid on the bench with no way to get him on the field unless an late out. I know Sharp scored more which makes it a harder decision.

      No guarantee that S Mannagh gets another game.
      Can you trust his coach?

      Whatever you decide, Good luck Lisa.


      1. Thanks CT – decided to cool my jets. Knowing my luck, Sanders or Wilson would ton up if I did the trade.


    3. I’m in the same boat and may lose my H2H match up because of it. But think you have to play the long game. Consider next week’s trades with potentially having Sharp in your best 22


    1. IMO if the game is close, 3/4 time rookie off

      If game is “over” by 3/4 time, Bont off…..


  3. Had to chose from Darcy, Campbell and Wilson for F6.
    Darcy, can you match my choice on picking Sharp? Fingers crossed!


  4. Macrae sub. Wow. What a fall from grace.

    Looks like I’ve butchered my F6 fielding dilemma out of Darcy, Berry and Cadders.

    Darcy solid.


    1. I can relate to your F6 dilemma as I also have Darcy on the bench and Reid (E) and no viable path for subbing Reid on.

      At least we can enjoy the price rises.

      Have a good round GD.


    2. Too many other problems meant I didn’t even gran Darcy! Now will have to assess if still worth picking up this week hahah, my season is a shocker already. Enjoying some great games of footy though



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