Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v GWS

Written by Motts on June 19 2020

Where and when: Telstra Dome, Friday 19 June 2020 • 7:50 PM (AEST)

Last time they met:

September 7, 2019

GWS 16.17 (113) def The Doggies 8.7 (55) in Blacktown.

What it means for The Dogs: The Dogs were highly fancied to make another run in 2020 but after dropping their first 2 their backs are against the wall. It’s do-or-die time for Bevo’s men.

What it means for GWS: After a great win against the Cats in R1, the Giants looked sluggish against the Roos last week. With a tough game against the Pies looming in R4, they’ll be looking to send the Dogs to the pound without too much fuss.

Mottsy Watch: With Bailey Smith in my forward line, I’ve been content to watch the Dogs in disarray because he seems to be the main beneficiary. I’ll be looking for the changes they make to get Bont, Dunkley and Macrae more involved which could negatively impact my man Smith’s scores.

Mottsy’s Tip: GWS by 35 points.


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71 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v GWS”

  1. First Dusty and now Jelly…leaves the choice of VC Macrae or Whitfield.

    T/U Macrae
    T/D Whitfield


  2. Welcome to never again list Josh Kelly. I was optimistic that you might finally put it all together and have a cracking season. No hard feelings, good luck with your legs and please don’t pull out a 200 later on this season.


  3. Decided not to trade out Martin, had to hold Naismith due to other reasons… Now Kelly’s late out means I have Martin, Kelly and Naismith on the pine.

    Feeling very thin on ground at the moment 🙁


  4. So with Kelly out I have to make a decision as to who to field as I can’t loophole.
    Who’s on field. …..Budarik, Mcinerney, McHenry or thru some DPP wizardry King.
    Thinking safe choice is Budarik but also McHenry if he gets more midfield time.


  5. No doubt Kelly being out is a blow, but I wouldn’t reverse trades even if I could. Getting Pittonet more important imo.

    Just Dunkley VC, Whitfield and Macrae for me tonight then.


  6. Playing for overall. with my second trade do I do?

    TU: J Kelly to Danger/Lloyd
    TD: Cavarra to Sturt


    1. Cash generation more important at this stage, Jack. Kelly will be back next week, just field a rookie.


  7. The problem with Kelly is he doesn’t really do 1 week injuries, they tend to persist. Going Clarry. Bombers don’t tag and he’s durable, might pop off now too.


      1. Well could be 100+ since Pickett is my emergency. But not to fussed, probably won’t reach full premium without the 3 bye trades in time so i’m just going to make sure my ubers all play unless my emergency’s have them covered with an 80 already.


  8. Still tossing up between up Sturt & Bennell. This is where I’m at –

    TU – OUT: B Williams (WCE) move Brander to DEF, IN : Sturt
    TD – OUT: T Green IN: Bennell


  9. My rucks are GRUNDY NAISMITH & CAMERON (R3)
    What do we think guys should I trade Naismith too pittonet? Not sure when or if Naismith is best 22 material?!

    TU: Yes trade

    TD: No hold play Cameron R2 for now


  10. SC relevant scores @ QT:

    Dunkley -43
    Macrae – 36
    Smith – 31
    Bont -31
    Daniel – 19

    Ward – 29
    Ash – 18
    Jacobs – 18
    Williams – 17
    Haynes – 16
    Coniglio – 10
    Whitfield – 7


    1. so that’s where whitfield has gone – i assumed something had happened as he wasn’t out there – bloody hell


  11. I was looking good after teams dropped but I am suffering from delayed carnage now.
    First Kelly now Whitfield and Coniglio cant seem to get near it.
    So much for my great start


  12. It is my mission to remove and desist from ever having GWS players in all fantasy formats.Kelly,Whitfield,Coniglio (c) in DT and Fantasy.F#$k em all!!!


    1. I told myself that all off season but Whitfield was too tempting.

      Is he an instant trade out if he misses next week?


  13. It’s hard to get too excited about this game unfortunately. It’s a team that probably won’t play finals against a team missing three of its best players.

    On the upside, it looks like Macrae is back and should be available with a nice discount in a couple of weeks. And does anyone else remember when Toby McLean was Supercoach relevant? 74 at halftime!


    1. I had Toby 2 years ago. Fond memories. Was quite disappointed in him last year even though I didn’t have him. Has a lot of talent.


  14. HT SCORES….Dogs 4.6.30 lead Giants 1.4.10

    J Dunkley 77
     T McLean 73
     J Macrae 71
     A Keath 69
     C Daniel 64
     T English 54
     J Johannisen 47
     B Smith 47
     H Crozier 44
     L Jong 43
     M Bontempelli 43
     M Wallis 43
     T Liberatore 39
     A Naughton 37
     B Williams 34
     Z Cordy 30
     E Richards 30
     M Suckling 27
     B Dale 24
     L Vandermeer 21
     S Lloyd 16
     J Bruce 7

     N Haynes 71
     A Corr 68
     H Perryman 62
     J Hately 51
     S Taylor 48
     S Coniglio 45
     C Ward 44
     S Jacobs 42
     Z Williams 29
     J Caldwell 28
     B Daniels 27
     M De Boer 27
     D Lloyd 25
     J Hopper 24
     H Shaw 24
     J Cameron 23
     L Ash 20
     P Davis 15
     Z Langdon 13
     J Finlayson 10
     L Whitfield 7
     H Himmelberg 2


  15. SC relevant scores @ HT:

    Dunkley – 78
    Macrae – 72
    Daniel – 65
    Smith – 48
    Bont – 44

    Haynes – 72
    Coniglio – 46
    Ward -45
    Jacobs – 43
    Williams – 30
    Ash – 21
    Whitfield – don’t ask


  16. Hately was prefered to T.Green with Kelly out. What do I do with Green

    TU: get rid of him expensive loophole
    TD: Hold on, he may get another chance

    other, comment pls


  17. cogs highest disposals 22 for 75 pts
    compared to parish last week kicking the last goal worth 41 pts


  18. Loved the hard earnt ball from both sides in the first half , pleasure to watch , unlucky for the giants but dont think would have made the difference , is there any other pupils of Alistair Clarkson coaching this week? , if so might be a good wager .


    1. Same, i had him last year and my heart was in my mouth every game cause he goes in hard.

      The one thing I did learn, was take every advantage of a loophole, I had a non playing rookie I could have fielded and could of had whitfield on the bench as an emergency. (he was the only one that played before the rookie)

      Missed that twice this year. I really got to learn to take advantage of every little thing in super coach



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