Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v West Coast Eagles

Written by Father Dougal on March 28 2021

Where and when: 3:10 pm Today at Marvel Stadium 

What it means for the Bulldogs:  A 2-0 start would be a great sign for a team that wants to move into the top 4 from the top 8. Beating the Eagles would also be a very positive sign. Having an embarrassment of riches in the midfield a new and so far so good ruck setup, they would sure like to prove something. If they lose, especially if they are unable to handle the West Coast tall forwards, that sort of implies they are still a near top team rather than a top team. , 

What it means for the Eagles: Losing to the Dogs at Marvel is not the end of the world, but they would really like to start off hot rather than in the middle of the pack. Being in the top 4 means beating  teams like the Dogs. 

Supercoach Watch:

Bulldogs:  Macrae, Bont, Dunkly, Daniel, Bazza, Vandermeer, Anthony Scott and Lachie McNeil. Stefan Martin for some brave souls.  

Eagles: Nic Nat is the top owned Eagle at 8.1%.  So, him I guess.  Liam Duggan is at 5.8%., I’ll mention him too. Not a very SC relevant side it seems. 

Father Dougal’s Watch:  I feel like every player I listed for the Dogs is of interest, because they have so many good players that who gets the points is still a question.  McNeil owners are probably the ones with the highest stakes since another poor game could see him turn into a loophole. 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  I’m thinking an evenish matchup, with “Playing at Marvel” pushing the Bulldogs just a bit in front.  Doggies by 6


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12 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v West Coast Eagles”


    Western Bulldogs: Jason Johannisen
    West Coast: Brendon Ah Chee


  2. Gaff just doesn’t seem to be a Supercoach choice this year. 57 points round 1 and then only on 29 at 3 qtr time this round off 10 disposals.
    570k price and looking to be on the wing and not onball anymore. Will be interesting to see if he will be a fallen premo that comes back into play


  3. Bont has gone 14-7-4 disposals this match. Has gone slowly gotten quieter as the game went on



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