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Written by Chaos Theory on September 16 2021

Your thoughts and comments about all things Football.

Upcoming GF, Brownlow, trade news and everything about Supercoach. Etc.

Any Questions, ideas or just a chat with the community this is the place.


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109 thoughts on “General Discussion”

      1. Couple of updates.

        Narkle has signed on for another year at the Cats (with the promise of more playing time you’d think) and Clark has reportedly met with Freo.


        1. Essendon to beat Collingwood in GF after one of them beats GWS in prelim,
          Blues wooden spoon……I’d like to see that Wighty………probably as much chance as the umpires getting their decisions right…..LOL


          1. Chameleon, the only thing better than your scenario would be topping our 23 point 3/4 time deficit in 1984 in the process.


        1. Haha. Seriously, the best advice is to load up on teams that have two games in a round, avoiding teams that have a bye. R1 go big on Sixers and Heat, and make sure a captain is from those teams.


    1. Good all rounders are gold due to two methods of scoring but those nothing allrounders that bat at 5/6/7 and only occasionally bowl one or two overs are useless as they often do neither.
      Dont pick any pure batsmen that doesnt bat in the top 3.
      Be careful not to overdo double game players as you may leave yourself short due to byes eg Heat double game rd 1 bye rd 2.
      Use max trades every week. You are given 3 every week for the duration of the season and can not save trades for later.
      There are opportunities to ‘loop’ in bench scores if you have a non player on the bench.
      Check the Aus and Aus A teams for players who will be missing games before selecting your starting team.
      Google SC Playbook, their website isnt great for non subscribers but still better than anything else going around.


    1. It’s allright wighty, bbl about to start then it will be afl pre season in no time. That should keep you out of the cellar.


      1. I have lost the keys !!! I think my son stole them. Very worried about my Penfolds Grange Hermitage collection…all 1452 bottles !!


  1. How long before yorkers get no balled for being dangerous deliveries????
    ……or if over stepping no balls to be penalised with a no run up ball, so your feet are punished, or under arm if it was a wide……..???

    …….will basketball 3 pointers be banished for fancy 3 point dunks???

    Ahh, sensationalism……..

    …….I’m bored…..LOL


  2. Ok, I’m in bbl for the first time and Wighty’s theory makes sense (gulp).
    Is there any other WOW I need to aim at addressing before rd1?


      1. Agree totally…or those two teams just play each other each week !!
        He’s lost two tests, including an Ashes test…imagine if he loses some AFL games too.



    George Hewett (Carl) DEF/MID

    Jack Crisp (Coll) DEF/MID

    Jake Stringer (Ess) MID/FWD

    Peter Wright (Ess) RUCK/FWD

    Will Brodie (Frem) MID/FWD

    Zach Tuohy (Geel) DEF/MID

    Mitch Duncan (Geel) FWD/MID

    Jack Lukosius (GC) DEF/MID

    Elijah Hollands (GC) MID/FWD

    Lachie Whitfield (GWS) DEF/MID

    Stephen Coniglio (GWS) MID/FWD

    Tim Taranto (GWS) MID/FWD

    Chad Wingard (Haw) FWD/MID

    Luke Jackson (Melb) RUC/FWD

    Tarryn Thomas (NM) FWD/MID

    Daniel Rioli (Rich) DEF/FWD

    Jack Graham (Rich) MID/FWD

    Hunter Clark (StK) DEF/MID

    Jade Gresham (StK) FWD/MID

    Liam Duggan (WC) DEF/MID

    Adam Treloar (WB) FWD/MID

    Tim English (WB) RUC/FWD

    Jack Crisp can score well in the midfield and defence. Picture: Michael Klein
    Jack Crisp can score well in the midfield and defence. Picture: Michael Klein

    Rory Laird (Adel) MID

    Dayne Zorko (Bris) MID

    James Madden (Bris) DEF

    Nakia Cockatoo (Bris) FWD

    Matt Kennedy (Carl) MID

    Paddy Dow (Carl) MID

    Caleb Poulter (Coll) MID

    Finlay Macrae (Coll) MID

    Jye Caldwell (Ess) MID

    Josh Treacy (Frem) FWD

    Patrick Dangerfield (Geel) MID

    Tom Phillips (Haw) MID

    Rowan Marshall (StK) RUCK

    Rowan Marshall is a pure ruckman in KFC SuperCoach in 2022. Picture: Michael Klein
    Rowan Marshall is a pure ruckman in KFC SuperCoach in 2022. Picture: Michael Klein

    Kieren Briggs (GWS) RUC – was DEF/MID

    Jarman Impey (Haw) DEF – was FWD

    Jacob Koschitzke (Haw) FWD – was DEF

    Ben McEvoy (Haw) RUC/FWD – was DEF/RUCK

    Majak Daw (Melb) DEF/RUC – was FWD

    Aaron Hall (NM) DEF – was FWD

    Jack Ziebell (NM) DEF – was FWD

    Miles Bergman (Port) MID – was FWD

    Bradley Hill (StK) DEF – was MID

    Braeden Campbell (Syd) DEF – was MID/FWD

    Callum Mills (Syd) MID – was DEF

    Chad Warner (Syd) MID – was FWD

    Bailey Dale (WB) DEF – was FWD


    Jordan Dawson (Adel) DEF

    Steele Sidebottom (Coll) MID/FWD

    Nat Fyfe (Frem) MID

    Callum Coleman-Jones (NM) RUC/FWD

    Jacob Edwards (NM) RUC/FWD

    Dan Houston (Port) DEF

    Shai Bolton (Rich) FWD/MID

    Dustin Martin (Rich) MID/FWD

    Isaac Heeney (Syd) FWD

    Josh Dunkley (WB) FWD/MID

    No.1 draft pick Jason Horne-Francis will be a popular KFC SuperCoach selection. Picture: James Elsby/AFL Photos via Getty Images
    No.1 draft pick Jason Horne-Francis will be a popular KFC SuperCoach selection. Picture: James Elsby/AFL Photos via Getty Images

    Josh Rachele (Adel) MID/FWD

    Darcy Wilmot (Bris) DEF

    Jesse Motlop (Carl) FWD

    Nick Daicos (Coll) MID

    Ben Hobbs (Ess) MID

    Finn Callaghan (GWS) MID

    Josh Ward (Haw) MID

    Sam Butler (Haw) MID/FWD

    Jacob Van Rooyen (Melb) DEF/FWD

    Jason Horne-Francis (NM) MID

    Josh Sinn (Port) DEF/MID

    Josh Gibcus (Rich) DEF

    Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (StK) DEF/MID

    Campbell Chesser (WC) DEF/MID

    Greg Clark (WC) MID

    Sam Darcy (WB) RUC/FWD


  4. SuperCoach is so similar in its sports for torment;

    In footy, your Capt gets injured, in cricket they get ducks……


      1. My excuse…….I’m a first time novice……but I’ve learnt that if a ‘keeper is also an opening bat-or there abouts, especially if he is playing 2 games for the round…..THEN HE IS YOUR BLOODY CAPT!!!…..(sob)…LOL

        Ps….WOW please: If you don’t have access to the game, how soon, and where from,…can you get team layouts?????


        1. You nailed it mate…300+ pts from Philippe, and he still has a game to go !! Your question is a good one..Fox give the teams about 15-20 mins before the game, but thats it. Should do so some 30 mins before.
          Good luck for rest of year.


  5. ROUND ONE, 2022
    Wednesday, March 16
    Melbourne v Western Bulldogs, MCG, 7.10pm AEDT, Seven

    Thursday, March 17
    Carlton v Richmond, MCG, 7.25pm AEDT, Seven

    Friday, March 18
    St Kilda v Collingwood, Marvel Stadium, 7.50pm AEDT, Seven

    Saturday, March 19
    Geelong v Essendon, MCG, 2.10pm AEDT, Fox
    Greater Western Sydney v Sydney, Accor Stadium, 5.10pm AEDT, Fox
    Brisbane v Port Adelaide, Gabba, 7.10pm AEST, Seven

    Sunday, March 20
    Hawthorn v North Melbourne, MCG, 1.10pm AEDT, Fox
    Adelaide v Fremantle, Adelaide Oval, 3.40pm ACDT, Fox
    West Coast v Gold Coast, Optus Stadium, 4.40pm AWST, Fox


  6. Hello all.

    I’m interested in folks ideas on next years top players and potential cheapies.. from each position ?

    Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone, I know I have!

    I’m not sure on price yet but hopefully some players will come discounted or be “Value.” I have tried to find a few on each line.

    Def. My first picked maybe Crisp M/F .. He might be last years Laird with his more than handy DPP and fantastic durability. Others are..
    Ridley, Whitfield M/D , Short, Stewart( If Fit ) ,Hall, Dale, Rich, Salem, May. Lukosius M/D

    Others to consider are Moore and Hunter M/D. I’m not sure there true Premo’s but they will both be cheap after missing lots of last year.

    Mids… Theres Heaps .

    The first 5 or 6 will be $630K + you would think.

    The next tier will be just below.

    Top 6…

    Macrae, Oliver, Steele, Miller, Bont, Parish.


    Titch, Walsh, Petracca, Merrett, Brayshaw, lyons, Guthrie.

    Cheapies to consider*. Brodie ( Freo , I’m not sure Fyfe will be ready ) Rowell could be a real bargain, but can I risk it again !

    Daicos and Horne Francis are both top priced rookies, but should play.

    West Coast Greg Clarke is a mature aged, and must get Rookie priced Mid if he gets a game.

    I’m hoping a few more rookies pop up.

    Rucks.. This should be very interesting this year after a few years of just locking in G&G. They will both still be in the discussion, but this year a few others have potential. S0..
    Darcy.. looks fit but he won’t come cheap.
    Marshall could break into the top2 but is now Ruck only 🙁

    Some other Cheaper R2 options..

    McInerney is hitting the right age.
    English is R/F
    Whitts will be cheap after missing last year.


    Most of last years forwards look to have moved to defence.
    Lucky a heap more have popped up.

    My first picked will be Dunkley M/F He may even come with a slight discount after the shoulder last year. other M/F to look at are.

    Duncan, Treloar, Stringer, D Goey, Taranto, Sidebum.T Thomas.


    Gresham M/F could work if he gets some midfield time.
    Charlie Curnow maybe around $250K.

    Looking forward to other thoughts on potential players..

    Especially rookies.



    1. FT, I have had Deep Blue (thats a computer, not a kind of adult movie) running since the end of the season. It has assumed a blessed number of 5.4 and discounts up to 30% for those with less than 7 games. Some interesting results.

      Comparing averages (which will determine starting prices) with year end prices shows these…

      Grundy likely 622.1, ye 513.9
      Gawn 652.3/566.5
      Witts 341.1/487.3 (discounted starting price)
      McInerney 505.4/566.8
      Preuss 202.0/na (discount on previous price of 303.0

      Suggests the Gawndy days are over. Sam Draper looks the other prospect. I could go on but I’m sure you get the drift. COGS with dpp looks outstanding if he can get a run at it ($265k I think). So does Matt Crouch (416k) and Gresham with DPP (290.9).

      And its only December….be interesting to see how my calcs shape up when real numbers come out !!


      1. Thanks Wighty.

        A few others to consider are Neale, he should be discounted after last year maybe $550K ?
        He might be too good to pass up, if fit.

        Forwards finally look packed with options. Cogs as you mentioned will But will be pretty highly owned you would think.

        Elia Hollands ( suns ) should be $124K rookie. Missed last year but has enormous talent and worth a punt at that price.


        1. I’m passing on Neale. Doesn’t want to be there, getting older, injuries starting to creep in. At about the same price, I reckon Andrew Brayshaw outscores him over the season.


  7. Players I know I forgot… and will probably pick..

    Jake Lloyd and Jordan Dawson.

    Both will be better for not being in the same team..


  8. Wighty (Yoda master-san),

    Do you think it’s worth trading in extra Melbourne Stars players even with the 2 games????…..LOL

    (Maybe Cartwright?)


    1. Mate, given your form, I should be asking you the questions !!
      But yes, if you haven’t got them, Stoinis and Maxwell at least for any Adelade players…both are due to go off and what better time than a double game round. Zampa too.


  9. Official 2022 SC prices for some relevant players:

    Grundy (627.1k)
    Neale (543.2k)
    Preuss (204.7k)
    Hall (575.9k)
    Berry (268.5k)
    Coniglio (261.3k)
    Curnow (224.3k)


    1. A few more –

      Callum Mills (Syd) $612,100 MID
      Patrick Dangerfield (Geel) $567,800 MID
      Patrick Cripps (Carl) $454,800 MID
      Nat Fyfe (Frem) $456,500 MID
      Jack Ziebell $585,800 DEF


  10. Its way to early but i think I’m going to look at skipping the Set/forget rucks and go for 2-4 midprice R/F’s plus a rookie R/Fs and rotate them through until i can upgrade rookies into premium rucks for the back half of the season.

    other thoughts Defenders on bad teams, Mids on middle of the pack teams and FWDS who play mid on good teams.

    Defenders: Crisp seems a must have, Loyd will be there for a good score, might be better without Dawson (who also seems like a good pick) and Short (plus tigers rookies)

    Midfield. curious to see what a Free Jordan Clark does in Freo.

    Forwards: We’re all probably sleeping on Jake Stringer. He’s going to get a lot of midfield time/centre bounces


    1. Yeah, liking the look of Stringer as well but wonder what his CBA load and OB role will look like with McGrath, Caldwell and Shiel back.

      They were all sidelined while Stringer was popping off. Hmm.


      1. Essendon seems to have too much small midfield depth. (which is why Hobbs is a massive stay away) not sure how it will all fit together. but having much talent (even if you are missing elite talent) is usually a good position to be in.

        Stringer got a good amount of CBA’s due to his having a big body to crash through the contest. then moving forward once the game gets into general play. I think that role is likely to continue to stay as is. Unless Langford/Perkins overtake Stringer as the Crash and Bash on baller


      1. A lot of sport around the world is currently being thrown into chaos, NBA being a great example.

        Might pay to try and covid proof your supercoach team as much as possible.


  11. Sydney Thunder can confirm that four players have today tested positive to COVID-19.

    We are working with Cricket Australia and SA Health ahead of tonight’s game against the Strikers at Adelaide Oval.


    1. 19 people from Stars and Thunder have tested positive…including admin. Stars have Hales, Ross, Sangha, whiteman all positive. Game still going ahead at this stage.


      1. Stars are no playing tonight, but Thunder are,… why aren’t they telling us……..of course it will have nothing to do with bets already placed……or you meant Thunder and not Stars…….


        1. Def Stars and Thunder…Stars coach David Hussey is one of the positives.
          Source is Sydney Morning Herald. Seven Stars players positive which puts their next two games in doubt, including the Derby.
          Google “BBL” and its all there.


          1. The immediate future of the Big Bash League season is in limbo with a combined 19 positive COVID-19 cases present within the Melbourne Stars and Sydney Thunder camps.

            The Stars have had seven players and eight staff impacted, including head coach David Hussey, while the Thunder have had four players affected – Alex Hales, Alex Ross, Tanveer Sangha and Sam Whiteman.

            Cut and pasted from Sydney Morning Herald


  12. 243pts + Renshaw 53 and McDermott maybe to come in tomorrow, Oh praise the mighty Yoda-San………but beware, I’m being possessed by the “Demons” (?)….


    1. Nice start…I did a last minute swap of Sams to Rashid cause of covid 🙁 How many players you used ?? I have v McDermott into Henriques if needed.


      1. It will probably be Jewel,….yep, Jewel,…..don’t ask……out for McDermott, and that will be the 4 trades.
        If it’s who’s in my team, then go to Sledgers league and click my game, and then go to the Demons game and you will understand my ramblings (9-10 the same).


  13. To all those people who had McDermott as Capt………I’m sorry
    To the Demon of Sledge-ville, ……..I hope your caviars and crayfish give you intergestion……


    1. I had v on recruit McDermott….straight swap for the Bison. C went to Henriques…..that really all went well


    2. Thats not nice !!!! I had my worst round ever…BBL or AFL. At least I have a “bye” this round to recover.


      1. If you are reading this Wighty, you missed the start of the 3.30 game……and double points……..but it’s ok, it’s only me……..Wahahaha!


      1. There’s no secret…changes to a team other than your own, can’t be seen till the game starts….for obvious reasons methinks.


  14. After the debacle of BBL, lets hope the SC Gods have clear rules before the season, in case the same thing happens in AFL.

    I’m still smarting from Supercoach R3 2020, and that Irish leprechaun !!!



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