Hopefully Useful Thoughts on Various Forwards

Written by Father Dougal on March 12 2022

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 WTF! That means “Where’s The Forwards?” by the way.  Seriously WTF? Well, apparently there are a lot of good looking forward cows, which is good since there are hardly any safe defender cows. Which means spending in back and not up front.  It will be hard to take many non-cow forwards this season and I’d focus on Dunkley and maybe one or at most two more good looking discounted types. And if you want to go with just Dunkley and a herd of cows, well, that is not mad. Seriously, that is not mad. I think Dunks and one more non-cow is going to be very common. A lot of players I talk about are just going to end up as Just Not This Year. (JNTY)  


The Dodgy  Uber Premium:

Josh Dunkley – Somehow, someone with Midfield Uber-Premium talent has ended up as a forward. I’m totally serious about that too, he shows evidence of being able to average 125 or more and looks like he has a midfield role. He might get hurt, which is a lot of how he is still a forward, but if he plays he should be the top scoring forward by far, and he is priced to average only 102.5.  If he is not in your team, I’d strongly suggest he should be. 


The safe and solid Premiums:


The have some upside Premiums:



The dodgy for some reason Premium:

Mitch Duncan – As I recall he is injured and uncertain for round 1, so no preseason no pick.   He is 30 and coming off a PCL and could be fine, but there are better options.  It is stretching it a bit to call him a premium, but I think he could still be one. Maybe bring in later in the season?  


The Safe and Solid Near-Premium:

Tim Taranto – Every indication he is going to play forward a lot and do around as well this year as last year.  The main reason not to take him is that a defender at the same price is a lot more valuable to our teams this season because of the lack of defender cows.  In a “normal” year he’d be a much better pick. JNTY


The dodgy for some reason Near-Premiums:

Tom Hawkins – Seems to be 33.  Could easily be hit by a beer truck this season. Why risk paying for a 94 when you could so easily get an 84? 

Chad Wingard – Ceiling priced andan  injury history on a team that may choose to play more kids.  Not a good risk at all. 


The Hopefully some upsiders: 

Dustin Martin – He is 30 and dropped off 8 points last season and missed six games. It is possible he is 8 points underpriced, but wow not a good risk. That 119 average was five years ago and is not going to happen again. I think he is priced at average with a chance of upside. Last year he was a dodgy pick because he could easily have  done what he did, but this year he has possible upside so is more thinkable. Still would not risk it

Adam Treloar -He is probably 12-ish points underpriced and maybe a bit more, but he has a really bad recent injury history.  Not horrible or anything but JNTY

Tim English – OMG a playing ruck- forward DPP who is floor priced and likely to get more ruck time? Yes please….if you can fit him in….and he may have to play forward more than Bevo wants because the dogs are missing some tall….Might be better as R2 with plans to move forward once you know which R2 you really want. I do love me some backup ruck. Probably not a lot underpriced though. 

Zac Bailey – Durable and 22 and had never scored over 85. Classic breakout candidate so only take if you feel really really sure he will break out. I am not that sure.  Like him, but JNTY

Tarryn Thomas – A 21 year old breakout candidate. I suspect from nothing but gut feels that he will be a breakout candidate again next year at 22. JNTY

Isaac Heeney – Like we don;t all know all about him already. If you believe in Heeneys clap your hands and pick him. If not, don’t. 

Zac Butters – If you are going to pick a 21 year old to break out, I would suggest Butters. Priced at 81.5 and went for 87.8 the previous year, so almost certainly floor priced. Scored a 163 last season before he got hurt. He could end up at 90 or a lot more. No matter how good he looks he is still a breakout candidate who has never done it before. But he looks good. 

Shai Bolton – Looked awfully good for a while before fading badly last season. He is 23, so a good age to get better. But…I dunno, are we blowing him off too easily? I sure wouldn’t take him over Butters. Or English. So since we shouldn’t have more than 3 forward non-cows he is JNTY I guess. 


The Injured and The Flogs:

Jake Stringer

Toby Greene

Charlie Dixon

Jordan De Goey


The “What are you thinking” list:

Lance Franklin – He is 35 and has been injured a lot recently/ gets managed. He has value to the Swans, but not to us. 


Thanks for Reading!


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6 thoughts on “Hopefully Useful Thoughts on Various Forwards”

    1. I have no idea what he will do. No way to really tell from the numbers, so I’, not going to just guess. Could be great or terrible!


  1. I have this weird obsession with trying to fit rozee in my team, but always back out of it after I make the change… Anyone else have thoughts on him?


    1. I recall bringing Rozee into my team after two monster rounds in 2020 instead of Petracca… didn’t end well. You’ll feel much better Yy if you let that Rozee obsession pass!!



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