17 thoughts on “How Did You Go? Rd9”

  1. 2352 / Neale. Rank pending.

    So happy with that Freo win 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Congrats to any Serong owners out there.Looks like we might have two good kids, in him and Brayshaw.

    No time to dwell, SC demands planning.


  2. 2357/ Macrae was ranked 3822
    7/10 wins so quite happy
    Well done GB beating me by 2 points in Guns regulars
    and LeGoat and shaqatak in Beat the salamander and SuperCoach talk 2 leagues .


    1. Ahaha! It was close at the end there, P! I thought CD would scale you to victory!

      Great battle. Catch you in the finals, big dog.


  3. 2432/mcrae/was about 2.5k
    Thought it was a big score but lost a head to head by 51 points..
    Hope I hold my rank


  4. 2396/Neale/ was 2304
    Another to the streak of big score small score. Real happy with my choice to bring in Stewart a week earlier and hold Cripps after his poor form.

    Best: Neale, Stewart, Duncan, Coniglio, Cripps, Lyons, Dusty, Grundy and Pickett.
    Sadly I didn’t loophole Pickett as I forgot, but Simpson still performed well.

    Worst:Greenwood, Langdon, Weller, Rankine along with Devon and Brodie Smith.
    Weller, Devon and Langdon are on the verge of rage trading as only 1 trade was made this week.

    Can also say I was able to beat The Phat Side, ranked 10 or 11, in a league match up!


    1. Brodie Smith hahaha. I meant Bailey as I’d never put Brodie in my team.
      Now ranked 1833 and just inside the top 10k for the round


  5. 2329/Neale

    Noble steps up the week I trade him, that hurts. Simpkin is a bit of a problem, Townsend is proving to be an even worse pick up.

    Lot of headaches going into tomorrow.


  6. 2359/Neale/1500

    Gained a mighty 37 places, ascending to the nice round number of 1500 lol. Also managed to put PBuzz away by 2 points in Gun’s Regulars – what a battle!

    Recruits Ryder and Hurn were underwhelming, although Ryder outscored my other option in B. Smith and the Cats didn’t let our defense set up – so I guess they both get a pass this week.

    Macrae, Neale, Titch, Lloyd and Whitfield all excellent. Wrapped I hung onto Pickett as well, been putting up great rookie scores and can probably get to 375k.

    Now, I’ve got to write this round’s captaincy article on a 12 hour turn around!



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