26 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Round 11”

  1. Big week. 2585. Super happy with that

    Was nervous watching all these big scores pass me by while waiting for Capt Dunkley. But all good in the end. Rookie Ashcroft, D Cameron and Cogs a fraction below par, but some screamers in Sicily and DeGoey more than compensated.

    I even brought in Ford early on the bench this week (couldn’t afford Wardlaw). Just one of those weeks everything went right.

    Sorry if that is crowing a bit, but these weeks happen so rarely.


  2. 2468 / VC Sicily / 990 before the round

    Heroes: Sicily bont JDG Stewart Taranto dunks dawson

    Potatoes: Atkins ziebell Day

    Looks a decent enough score in bit of an up and down week with rookies and premiums.. I think it may be good enough to keep me relatively steady in OA rank. Hope everyone else went well


    1. 2473*
      Kindly been given a little bump late… ive won 9 leagues and drawn 1 thanks to the 5 point gift


  3. Mav, Phil! WOW!

    Great job, fellas!

    Shout out to Lisa and Emile as well, who’ve both gone 2500~.


  4. 2174
    Stewart VC
    0/8 league wins (including a loss by 1 point)
    Was ranked 5.9k
    Just a really crap round for me.
    Darcy – hamstring
    Ratagulea – hamstring
    Sicily – suspension (I only traded him in this week)
    Who to decide on field – Atkins or Wilmot – didn’t matter. Both were crap
    I was set for first week of byes but due to this carnage will have to go to plan B – except that I didn’t have a plane B
    Hopefully Cincotta can get a game at Carlton which would really help.
    Oh, and Stuart Dew if you are listening – PLAY CONSTABLE!!


  5. 2245, I was forced into 3 sideways trades;
    Oliver to Laird, Simpson to Humphrey and a Sydney boy not getting a game to Ford (a week early). All worked out ok and hopefully sets up my back half of the season.


    1. Oh, yeah. Big wins with those trades, Brad. W for you this week irrespective of score.


  6. 2464/Merret/was 11,000
    Wished I’d vc Sicily tossed it up all week, traded in Neal and Macrae this week which worked out well. Steel the only real let down.

    Goodluck with the byes everyone.


  7. 2433/Laird/was ~18k

    What a week, finally my teams anti-pods struggled (except Sicily) and my pods kicked off (Rowell, Lloyd, Brayshaw, Neale, new recruit Stewart).


  8. 2281/ Bont

    Still struggling, bye can’t come soon enough. Haven’t cracked the 2300 barrier this season and still just outside top 50k. Hopefully fortunes will turn over the next couple of weeks with some solid bye planning. Well done on some cracking scores this week from others in the group!!


  9. 2478/ Stewart VC/ was 797

    Traded in Stewart & threw the VC on him happy with that, was a toss up on him or Butters for my trade in.

    Some very underwhelming scores from Steele, Sinclair, Ziebell & Coniglio which held back a monster score again.

    Shout out to De Goey, Macrae & Dunkley for picking up the slack.

    Hope to hold rank or maybe slide up a little would be nice


    1. Updated rank 384th, moved up 413 spots didn’t expect that much change if I’m honest but happily take it.

      Crazy to think I’m still 1200 points off the leader they are almost 100 clear of second also.


      1. Your only about 750 pts off the leader hynsi.
        I’m 500th and about 800pts from top spot.
        Alot of points won and lost over these next 4 weeks.

        Well done on your rank so far mate, keep going and goodluck


  10. 2477 / Laird / was 3326

    9 scores over 120+ so big thanks to Stewart, Daicos, Sicily (although the suspension is going to hurt next week for 1st bye round), Lloyd, Taranto, Neale, Bont, JDG & Dunks. Bit disappointed in how Laird ended up after such a promising score at half time.

    First time this season of winning 10/10 leagues so stoked with that. Should have fielded Constable (will he ever get another game?) to take Weddle’s 62 emergency score instead of keeping Wilmot on the field.

    Traded in Laird for Oliver. Would love to see a follow up poll if possible this week to see with the 517 who voted that they were Oliver owners, what they did with him (as I check the results of JimmyDees’ poll last week – there was 206 trading him, 175 not trading him and 178 unsure, which doesn’t quite add up to 517 so guessing a few coaches may have voted twice – an initial vote then another if they changed from their 1st vote).

    Not looking forward to the byes….


  11. Great work Lisa – big fan of the Lloyd and JDG picks!

    I might’ve been one of the double voter culprits, such a big decision


  12. 2430/Zerret/14,096th (up 5,947)

    Back to back 2400+ scores sees me break into the top 20k for the first time.
    Rowell, Lloyd and Dyl Moore were there PODs who excelled. CAPT Zerret was underwhelming but can’t whinge too much. Left 44 points on the bench by fielding Atkins over Johnson.
    Onward to the byes!


  13. 2284/Marshall/27k

    Moved up just under 1000 spots and won 8/10 leagues.

    The good – 10 players over a 100 including Sicily.

    The bad – 3 players on field who scored less than 40 – Darcy, Hawkins and Ratugolea.

    The ugly – third week in a row where my captain has scored around 100 and the VC has failed every time.

    Made the decision to bring in Weddle and Humphrey for Cincotta and Simpson to give me better buy coverage and some cash generation. I think this will end up being a very good decision.


  14. 2463/Sic/49
    Very happy with the week overall wish I went Warner over steele but can’t rly complain a last minute sic vc providing the goods and booting me into the top 50. Only upwards from here I hope


    1. Bloody hell Great stuff, Finn!
      Hope your setup well and in a strong position for the bye rounds


  15. 2465/Laird/11k (1488 round)
    Up 14k in rankings from the last 2 rounds.
    Won all 10 matches this week!
    Studs: Sicily, De Goey, Taranto, Dunkley, Macrae, Stewart, Brayshaw, Daicos, Doch all 120+

    Spuds: Ashcroft, Steele, Ziebell and Day and Wilmot (benched) all below 75


  16. 2223/Laird/12k (down from 10k)

    Holding Oliver and so had to have 1 week rookie McAndrew on field so hoping that is the main cause of the rough score. Watched what tape was available on the North 1 weekers and have ended up very pleased with the early Ford selection. Kid looks the goods, North got a bright future.

    None of the big boys like Macrae or DeGoey but Witts finally came through after holding him all season so that was lovely. Although copped another single digit league loss! 3 in a row!


  17. 2473/Bont/98

    Big week for me, first time top 100 for the year 😀



    Will be a challenge for 18 this week pending teams :s



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