16 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Round 15”

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  1. 2034/Dunks VC (was C Dawson sigh)/ was 254th

    Unsure if par or above, seen a 2250 in one league, only had the 18 players available. Maric & Humphrey disappointing but other than that Fyfe lowest at 75

    Hopefully enough to maintain again


  2. 2094
    Brayshaw VC
    Ranked 11518
    8 out of 8 league wins.
    My recruits of Petracca Yeo Keays and Mitchell all performed well enough.
    Big shout out to Seamus Mitchell for season best score just when I need him.
    Second shout out to POD Luke Jackson for another season best score.
    I think that if you cracked 2 thousand you will move substantially move up the rankings in this the most difficult bye round.
    Saw many teams tank this round.


  3. 2100/Dunks/was 15k
    9/10 wins with a 2 point loss to GD……
    19 played with Chesser being dropped.

    Almost every player made the tonne this week with S.Mitchell and Johnson with massive scores as rookies! 98/99

    Ashcroft and Lloyd the only 2 poor performances for the team


    1. Gg, Nato. Also saw off the Tolstoy of Trades, Amir, by 1 point!

      2102/Gulden/4411 (+3k)

      Somehow pulled that off with a -3 lol!


  4. 2154 / Gulden VC / 3547 (ranked 1141 for the week)

    Pretty happy with that. First VC I’ve hit for a few weeks helps kick the score. Fyfe and Humphrey lowest with Dawson, Day, Daicos, Laird , Sinclair and Dunks all over 120.

    In response to Shaggi (above), this score moved up 3,000 places.


  5. 1972/Dunkley/10932.

    Moved up another 3425 spots.

    Great run during the byes, moved from 27243 to 10932.


  6. 2102/Laird/ 14460
    Tv 14.030m.
    Ranked 2699 for the round. Left a bit on the table with gulden and Dawson under consideration for C.
    Moved up 22k places in the byes.
    Only 2 trades left 🙁 which are now break glass in case of emergency.
    King, Gawn, Ashcroft and Yeo the bottom on field of each line. All capable of tons so not the worst result.Plenty of bench cover with only Sharp and Reidy non playing and Williams ,Fyfe, and S Mitchell the leaders of the backup platoon.


  7. 2115 / VC Dunks / 1,219
    Up about 500 places over the byes.
    Had 20 players this week so Maric & Humphreys scores dropped out.
    8/10 wins – lost two to the same coach in 2 different leagues.
    Happy with new recruits Ridley & Sheldrick, and would have been happier if 3rd recruit Titch could have tonned up.
    8 over 120 was most welcome and especially happy with 99 from Johnson & 93 from Sheldrick.
    One upgrade to go.


  8. You can work out my score from GD’s post above…2101/18/Dunks – had Maric and Humphrey in there so pretty happy – moved up 300 spots to 560 odd overall

    Here’s the team for next week with 3 trades in hand and 22k bank:

    Daicos, Stewart, Dawson, Sinclair, Day, Sheezel (Yeo, Constable)

    Dunks, Bont, Laird, Zerrett, Brayshaw, Serong, Green, Keays (Humphrey, Fyfe, Uwland)

    Marshall, Briggs (Madden)

    Taranto, Macrae, Rozee, Gulden, Cogs, DCam (Maric, Buller)

    Will probably do Humphrey to 102k for cash (have enough bench cover) then last two trades will be for one of Sicily or Oliver

    Good luck for the run to finals everyone!


  9. 2065/ VC dunks / 422

    Not very often you get burnt by taking a VC of 122 but that’s exactly what happened this week with daicos, Dawson, day, sinclair, laird, merrett, brayshaw and gulden all going larger, some cases alot larger. . Windhager was an ugly inclusion this week made the wrong call on he or sheldrick. But happy to have Laird along for the ride now.

    Thank God the byes are done I hope everyone survived


  10. 1721/Dunks

    Considering I only had 15 playing including Maric on field I’ll take it! My opponent only scored 720, good round to get the bottom placed side.
    We’ll not talk about rank…



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