38 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Round 16”

  1. 2752/ Neale/ 6350

    Not a bad week nearly everything went right but could have captained Oliver and had Daicos on my bench though. Should move up a couple spots overall I hope


  2. 2505/Oliver/ was 422

    Expect to drop some ranking, only won 2/10 leagues 🙁

    Poor games from Witts, Doch, Mills, Lipinksi and Anderson hurt.

    2 trades left – this is the first round of the season I didn’t use a trade 🙂


  3. 2453 /Clarry

    What’s the point of having a ‘complete’ team when your premo’s rip out 70’s & 80’s. Bloody rubbish.
    Have to start looking at some sideways….


  4. 2,415/Darcy/was 12,878

    Not a good round for me and going to slip in the rankings. The round started off badly with Rich getting injured and then Mills followed up with a subpar score.

    No Satan stung this round.


  5. 2627/Oliver/ was 12k

    My best score ever, with so many players doing very well, new d6 Daicos with a huge opener in the spot and 6/6 wins.
    Given I carried under scores from Hewett, Short, Crisp, Witts and Goldy quite happy, but what could have been.

    As usual the tech update, they also had to carry Witts and Goldy along with Lipinski and Gresham, ended on 2580


  6. 2254/Mills/16k and dropping.
    No league wins.
    Just kept getting screwed over this round.
    First Oliver making a decent attempt to reach his projected as I don’t own him.
    Second Hall for doing what he did.
    Thirdly Chris Scott for ‘resting’ SDK and giving me a donut.
    Fourthly Mills stinking it up. I had 8 premo midfielders from which to chose my C and I chose he who scored the lowest.
    Now I have to replace Hall.
    I sure hope Pruess plays next week but I am not so sure he will even allowing for his very good game in the VFL.


  7. 2711/Oliver/was 13k
    great scores from premos across the board and wehr stood up at D6
    Houston Witts and short the only negatives


  8. 2619/Clarry/was 114
    Hopefully sneak into the top 100… my luck has finally changed getting a captain right but copped a donut up fwd with Clarke/English out… got lucky I think trading Houston as he looked sore at the end of the game


  9. 2612/Cogs/was 4K

    Reckon I could drop some rank due to not captioning Oliver or any number of people who scored better than Cogs. Got cold feet with captain on Darcy which hurt so put it on Cogs. Had plenty of it but DE was rubbish. Oh well. On to next round !


  10. 2728 / Oliver / was 9K.

    Only 3 scores under 90 with Paddy Mac covering English for 72 and 80’s from Short and Hewett. 9x 120 plus. 🙂

    Oliver C , Touk and Trac in beast mode.
    Special mention to Dawson , Laird , Neale and Sic dog.
    Duncan my cheap forward Pod paying off in his 200th, was the icing on the cake.

    9 from 10 league wins

    Congrats to “Miller is a Steele ” who beat me with a massive 2772 in Tragic#2.

    Hopefully we get English back this week, onwards and upwards !

    Oh and I love Sean Darcy !


    1. Saw that loss mate, hard to accept when you smash it and end up top 300 scores and still lose one. At least your boys held on.


      1. Thanks TC

        Very happy with the Freo win. Port threw everything at us with their season on the line. It was a nervous last 10 minutes..

        SuperCoach wise, this was my biggest score ever.

        302 for the round and up 3837 spots.

        Now 5858 over all.

        I have moved up every round since ranking 22,341 in round 9.

        Up to 12th ( from last ) in the all important contributors league after 5 wins on the trot.

        Watch out guys I’m coming in hot !


  11. 2600 neat from 21 (Jackson the late out) and Neale as skipper.

    5 trades remaining with Jackson, English and Gawn on the pine. Rosas having to make an appearance and Docherty an untimely addition for Stewart; given that D’Ambrosio and Wehr watched on helplessly whilst both outscored him…

    Got the wins in the mini leagues which is what matters…


  12. 2543 / Oliver / was 3189

    Not a bad score considering I copped a ruck donut, and took Daicos off the field to take the 83 from D’Ambrosio who was my emergency. Only won 4/10 leagues. Have held Stewart, not sure if that’s the right call or not yet. But with Daicos as cover, just maybe…..

    Huge scores from Sicily, Dawson, Oliver, Laird, Miller, Neale, Merrett & Petracca, made up for disappointing efforts from Witts, Hewett, Crisp & Short.

    Hoping Darcy Moore’s knee injury isn’t too bad……


  13. 2575/Oliver/4218 (up 630)

    Won 10/10 leagues and moved up 17 spots in SCT group.
    Ate a donut in the rucks for the second week in a row so pretty happy with that score.


  14. 2676/Satan/17k

    Nice to finally have a big one and jump up 6k places. Sinclair, Dale and Saad starred down back, C Satan did what needed to be done, Hawkins made timely compensation for last week and Darcy and Brayshaw a nice 250 in icing.

    Mills subton a little frustrating and Big O has failed as my Preuss replacement. Heeney, Ridley and Cripps uninspiring as well.

    Otherwise, wrapped! Also, shout out to PBuzz. He scored a massive 2750 even while covering Tingles and Jackson on the bench! Huge!


    1. Nice GD, congratulations on your win against my team.

      Onwards and upwards for you.



      1. Thanks, CT. Well played. A mighty 2611 from your team nothing to scoff at either. Gw.


  15. 2437/Walsh/4595

    Dropped 977 spots.

    Decided to play 2 rookies rather than trade, that cost me 100 points.

    Then I had Cripps, Ryan, Angus Brayshaw, Crisp, Short, Witts, Nankervis, Brodie & Parker who were all sub 100.

    At least I avoided all the injuries.

    I think I should be happy with 2437!!


  16. 2656/ Clarry/ 1612

    Tried to be smart and bring in Hall over Dawson.. what could have been! But stoked nonetheless!
    5 trades left with Hall the only issue so far


  17. 2426/macrae/32K odd ranking

    4 names on the bench – stewart, english, butters and preuss although i’d argue butters and preuss are not “names” maybe. only in 5 leagues, won 2

    limping to the end with 4 trades


  18. 2649 / Clarry / 27 (was 49)

    So my team is flying so what do I decide to do…how about we trade Stewart for Hall….. noooooo. Big decision this week with hall and hoping I can launch into the top 10 in the next fortnight. This game is brutal!!


  19. 2478/Oliver/3775 (down 521)

    Didn’t think my week was too bad, but I can say my backline is absolutely killing me! My backline had a best of 93 from Ryan this week, whilst Hewett, Short, Crisp, Blakey and Houston did worse.

    Witts had a shocker, but my new recruit of ROB has done well and Taranto as my F7 did well covering English this week.

    Really considering to upgrade a defender, but will require 2 from the 5 I have left. They have truly hurt me without a player like Sicily, Sinclair or Dawson


  20. 2550/Clarry/464 (down 27 spots)

    Mostly a great round. Butters to Darcy which pushed Heeney to F7 so I didn’t have to take his score was great but Stewart to Hall was worse than just holding him with both Wehr and D’Ambrossio outscoring Hall by 70 on the bench


  21. 2750/ Oliver / 5284
    Stoked to move up 3940 places
    Nice score by inclusions Dawson and ROB.
    Hopefully English and Jackson back next week as they were on bench for Rosas and Macartin this week who were only players to score less then 98 besides , Ridley , Ryan , Hewett .


  22. 2612 / Oliver / 1518

    Pretty happy, had English and Preuss on the pine which meant had to have Stephens and Rioli on field. Short and Witts a bit disappointing but otherwise all good !

    Assuming no injury / selection carnage this week will probably look to hold the 7 trades I still have. Good luck everyone !


  23. Here is why I love this game.

    Traded Hall in last week to get a 150 and his bottom price. With 9 trades left, I decide to do a 2 for 3 booster trade where I bring in 2 premos for 3 trades bringing in Rich for Stewart and Libba. Decided not to trade Preuss and use Jackson as cover.

    At quarter time on Thursday Libba and Rich are both 50+ and leading their teams scoring..I Sit back feeling smug…What could possibly go wrong from here….

    As soon as Rich grabbed his hammy it all went pear shaped. I went online to get an update and see how bad the hammy is only to see rumours that turned true that Jackson would be ruled out. Throw in Hall and his mighty 14 and subsequent injury and all of a sudden I need to trade for 2 defenders and have a giant-sized ruck problem to solve with only 6 trades left… Happy days..


  24. 2582/Oliver/ up 2000 spots to 10k
    Tracca, Clarry, Touk & Sinclair helped make up for Doc, Witts, Hewett, Crisp, Short & Rioli. Time for a luxury trade methinks.


  25. 2655/Oliver/395

    Pretty rapt with my scores seeing I had 8 players sub tonne



    4 trades for me remaining will hold on to them 🙂



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