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  1. 1932/Miller/442*

    Gotta post the good with the bad, can’t just bob up when I’m popping off lol.

    Usually wait for rankings but don’t even want to see this week. Set for a major plummet from 442.

    No Bont, Miller C and then heinous scores from Wilmot and Young. Ooof.

    Has been a sensational start so more than okay to cop a down (albeit disastrously down) round.

    Shout out to Ryan (Lever Wantin Moore), who pumped out 2300+!


    1. Yeah and I had him H2H at Sledgers league this – won’t hear the end of it and I scored a decent 2222 as well!


  2. 2253
    Bont V
    8 league wins out of 8
    Halved my ranking from 40k to 20k last round. Hoping to do the same this round.
    Managed to avoid most of the carnage.
    No Miller for me and Roberts off field.
    Shout out to Jack Bowes, Oscar Allen and big Esava who have been pumping out some decent non premo non mid pricer scores.


  3. 2038/Oliver/was 12k but going dooooowwwwn

    Normally one is happy with 9 tons inc the Bont but when its badly paired with premos Gulden McKenna and Miller, and underwhelming Dawson and Marshall, and your 6 rooks all under 40, it’s not pretty reading.

    As they say, there’s always next week!! Can’t give up yet.


  4. 2,174/Laird/was 34,848

    Very happy with my score considering players like Dawson, Touk, LDU & Sheezel had low scores.

    Some big scores from Darcy, Macrae, Cogs, Taranto & Naicos all going 130+

    Last night, Chandler & JVR kept me alive in a couple of head to heads with above projected scores. Two league games came down to Parish vs De Goey and Parish vs Setterfield. It was not looking good at half time with Parish on 23, but he had a massive second half to finish on 110 and won me those two leagues.


  5. 2174 / English / was 24.5k
    Great score and didn’t have Bont.
    7/10 league wins with one against FBS for his nice play on not having the VC on Bont and then captaining Miller 😉
    Lost to a score of 2330! (The Phat Side @SCT)

    Stars: English, Macrae, Cogs, Laird, Taranto and Daicos

    Spuds: Many rookies and Gulden with 47


  6. 2197 / VC Bont / 1690
    I’m hoping that score will have me knocking on the door of the top 1k?

    Heroes – Bont Jelly Cogs Rozee stewart ziebell daicos taranto

    Villians – Roberts, mckenna, cowan, Dawson, Mackenzie, gulden, Grundy and Marshall.


  7. 2281/ VC Laird/ was 2,471

    Very good score for this round & managed to avoid most of the carnage only copped Roberts in terms of injury.

    Nailed cogs as a fallen premium trade in this week.

    Hopefully enough to jump towards the top 1k


  8. 2013/Bont/8k

    Brutal week similar to others.

    Special reservation for the awful performance by my pod Kozzie pickett with a ripping 16 points!!!

    +3s Bont doing bont things, cogs,daicos and laird

    -3s where to begin… Kozzie as explained above, fielded roberts and young, setters and sadly touk :(.

    Had 6 scorers below 50 this week so will most likely see a tumble but at least I’m not the only one suffering.


  9. 2181 / VC Bont / was 4,515

    Traded in Lloyd in time for his lowest score of the season, but 5 minutes before the round started, had traded in Miller but reversed it due to the money involved and deciding he could wait another week. Won 8/10 leagues but sad to say, one of my losses was again in my cash league (by 5 points) and still without a win – Who would have thought if I’d fielded O Baker instead of Gulden – it would have been a happier result for me. But my PIES had a magnificent come from behind win so I’m still smiling!


    1. 2186 / VC Bont / was 5,315

      Sorry Lisa for continuing your bad luck in cash league. I was gone last night before JVR’s 3 goal last term dragged me in front. Who would have thought.
      Kicking myself for trading in Miller for Green. When will I learn not to trade premo out 1 week! Going to be a long year watching Green reminding me each week of my mistake. Cruel year so far, and more trades to burn this week to fix team. What to do with Grundy?


  10. 1912/Laird. Rank approx 45k. Ouch.

    No Bont, English, Dawson etc. this season.

    On the positive, I’ve held fire on trades this year to maximise cash, but that means still fielding heaps of rookies (although most doing well cash wise) and they all went splat this week.

    Unfortunately I’ve got two stinky picks in Hayden Young and J Horne-Francis as well.

    Time for trade-aggedon starting this week.


  11. 2043/Ryan(VC)/326

    Plummeted down the rankings this week but we knew I was a pretender being where I was. If I can stay in the top 1k until the byes I’ll be still stoked. Have some trades already planned and will prob pull out the boost this week to get some duds off the field.


  12. 2187/Bont VC – now 45k

    Won 9/10 leagues and lost the other one by 8 points.

    Moved up another 18k places this week so going in the right direction but still a long way to go.


  13. 2065/Bont/Down to 16k

    Such a crappy round, glad to only slide about 3k spots and still win 5/8.
    Thankfully Bont, Tarranto, Rozee and Daicos stood up to cover (somewhat) the pain of Brayshaw, Neale, Lloyd, Dawson, Marshall, Sheezel, Touk, and Setterfield.

    Some planning to do to replace the best player for the byes and deal with Grundy.


  14. 2002 / Touk / 27K

    Dropped 8.5k rankings after making up ground last week

    2/10 league wins.

    What could of been ?

    Wilmont and Roberts on field..

    I missed the VC on Bont, then got greedy not taking Lairds 126 🙁

    I was so confident on Touk V North but the SC gods had other ideas.

    With Touk looking like a must trade, I think I will use a boost and do a downgrade and try and get in two “Premos” I’m leaning towards Day and Cogs leaving money for next week. After trades my projected score is 2506, so my team is in ok shape.
    Rookies on field will be D5 Michalanny D6 Ginbey M7 Ashcroft M8 Hollands
    F6 F.Greene or S Ryan.

    It will come down to my boy Wagner or Seamus Mitchell as my downgrade this week. Thoughts ?

    Oliver and Himmleberg in my up coming trade plans.

    Questions over Sheezels role make him a possible trade next week with a 99BE ?


    1. I am also looking at trading Sheezel and not because of his bad score.

      The Suns tagged him hard and he has a tough few weeks coming up.

      I also think he was playing sore, just didn’t seem to be moving that well and making me wonder whether a rest is coming.

      With Hall back in the side I also wonder whether his distributor HB role might disappear.


  15. 2141 / VC Bont/ 1191 (somehow rose 74 places)

    Friday my predicted score was in the 2400s. So a weekend full of gut punches even if the final result wasn’t as brutal as others.

    Heroes of the week. Bont, English, Daicos, Toranto, Chandler, any premo who hit their average or their abouts

    Had Miller, Gulden, chase Jones, Wilmont, McKenna, Sheezel on field and bypassed my plan to bring in cogs via boost.


  16. 2102 / Clarry.

    Can’t really expect much with a sub 100 C, and Green, Day warming the pine…


  17. I don’t even want to talk about it, mostly because if I hadn’t done any trades, my score would have been about 100 points higher and I’d still have a boost, plus cash for upgrades this week. Instead, I reached to start upgrading because I’m so far behind the pack and I just made it worse. Most of my trades have not panned out this year, which is atypical for me. My trade-ins seem to forget how to play football once I bring them in (except Daicos), and the players I trade out always remember how to score the next week (Ratugolea, BKing).

    1,902 / Daicos / 76,600 rank (rookie-level)

    My three trade-ins were:
    Wilkie – 23
    Roberts – 19 (was able to loop, so I got Hollands’ 60)
    Williams – 39 (was able to loop in Greene for 77, which wasn’t too bad).
    My three trade-outs were:
    Ginbey – 62
    Mckenna – 57
    B. King – 104

    I’ll have to take a long look and see if I can salvage anything – this is probably the closest I’ve come to just quitting on


  18. 2332/Tingles VC/10111 (up 25k)

    I thought I was in for another round of average scores/luck when I swapped Bont as my vc just before the bounce only to watch him dominate and 8 of the 10 teams I was up against leave it on him.

    Having said that it seems I managed to do alright while alot of other good coaches copped alot of bad luck.

    Hopefully can back it up next week and continue to rise up the rankings again


  19. 2097 / English VC / 1,631 (down from 1,056)
    I have Bont ‍♂️
    Best start to the year with the least amount of prep, figures


  20. 2242/English/477

    Great week for me to avoid most of the carnage, It’s good to be back in the top 500 for this year. I’ve still managed to stuff up my VC but hey no complaints.

    Van Rooyen (Benched)

    Dawson (Someone broke him this week hmm)

    Double down and up again this week 🙂



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