19 thoughts on “How’d You Go – Round 17”

  1. 2346/ Serong C/ 5 out of 9 leagues won
    Was ranked 1221 but slowly going backwards due to me not being able to pick a captain who firstly will out outscore the VC and secondly score over 100.
    Lost one league against top side by 1 point after scaling thinking I had won by 5.
    Took C off Dunkley last minute.
    My bench itself scored 454 points including Jackson and Mannagh. Jackson was benched so I could get Simpkins score onfield. 28 players playing and Fisher was only other non player.
    Well done McKercher. I expect him to be most traded in player this round.

    This was a bit of a brutal round for me as choices I made tended to be bad


  2. 2422 / Ryan / 11/12 league wins.

    Carried Rozee all year so finally paying me back some. Jackson a welcome ton up forward, and mostly solid contributions across the board. Shout out to Logan Evan’s 86 covering for an injured Sicily, handily outscored Houston’s pretty poor 76.


      1. Aha. Thanks, CT.

        Yeah, always gotta post the good with the bad – not turn up twice a year when you go large lol.

        I saw you shred in a few leagues with nearly 2600. Nice work. Neale C absolutely incredible.

        Great job.


  3. 2571/Xerri/6566
    Weekly rank of 631 is one of my highest weekly ranks ever. Copping Sexton’s score with Simpkin on the line the only negative really


  4. 2250/Gawn/down to 14k

    My underwhelming season continues. Curnow, Touk and Reville all on field with scores below 40 wasn’t good and the captain of Gawn getting subbed off sucks but can’t help that one. Think Touk will be leaving the side this week


  5. 2416/Gawn/847 (was 912)

    Somehow went up 65 spots in the rankings this week with Joe Richards covering Fisher and Touk Miller on field with respective 30s.
    Hoping no further carnage occurs with Rankine and Heeney being considered for potential suspensions.

    Hoping I can stay in the top 1000 come season end


  6. 2370 / Flanders to Ryan / 2.8 k dropped 102 places.

    Had state trials all day Sat and couldn’t manage my loops so cost me 80-90 points (Mannagh v Reville etc), such is life.
    Saved a bit by Neale and Heeney today but spewing I could not trade McK back in for the third time yesterday.

    Reasonably content with the trade of Dawson to Merrett a few weeks ago.


  7. 2377 vc merrett down 517 to 586 mannagh on bench Gulden Walsh an sexton oh an housten dale serong sub 90 was going to bring in rankine this week may have to await mro


  8. *Primal scream of frustration*
    The cause
    Sub-tons from Ryan, Holmes, Houston, Yeo, Martin, Daicos, Walsh, Serong, Green, JHF, Zorko, Rankine, Curnow


  9. Don’t know that to do this week. I have 5 trades left and 241k itb and scored 2228/Heeney
    This is my team
    Def: Sheezel, Ryan, Martin, Houstan, Clark, Shoenmaker (Worner, Humphries)
    Mid: Gulden, butters, Serong, Merrett, Walsh, Green, Miller, Rowell (Dowling, Dursmaa, Brown)
    Run: Grundy, English (Naismith)
    Forward: Heeney, Zorko, Waterman, Curnow, Caldwell, Rankine (Krueger, Jones)



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