Injuries Rd 12

Written by Chaos Theory on May 30 2023


High Performance Manager Darren Burgess report.

Brodie Smith “Brodie didn’t quite make it last week, he got a bit of a whack in the back (against the Western Bulldogs) and was a little bit sore on captains run so we decided against playing him, but he should be available this weekend as well.

Mitch Hinge “Mitch has his final stage of concussion protocol tomorrow (Wednesday), we’re anticipating him getting through that and being available on Saturday,”

Shane McAdam (quad) test. “Shane has completed a good four or five weeks of training, he’s got a few hurdles to get over this week but if he gets through those then he’ll be available to play on Saturday”
Hugh Bond (knee) test “And Hugh Bond has pleasingly got through all of his rehab, he has one or two more things to check off this week and if he does that then he’ll be available this weekend.”
Andrew McPherson (quad) 9 weeks
Zac Taylor (foot) 9 weeks has also returned to the gym following surgery on a Lisfranc injury earlier this month.


Noah Answerth  Concussion  Test
 Shadeau Brain  Shoulder  2-3 weeks
 Rhys Mathieson  Hamstring  5 weeks
 Carter Michael  Quad  1-2 weeks
 Jack Payne  Concussion  Test


Jack Carroll  Hamstring  1-2 weeks
 Adam Cerra  Suspension  Round 13
 Lachie Cowan  Finger  Test
 Patrick Cripps  Ankle  Test
 David Cuningham  Calf  Test
 Corey Durdin  Knee  6-7 weeks
 Sam Durdin  Hamstring  2-3 weeks
 George Hewett  Concussion  1-2 weeks
 Ollie Hollands  Collarbone  8 weeks
 Jack Martin  Calf  Test
 Nic Newman  Hamstring  4-6 weeks
 Sam Philp  Foot  Season
 Marc Pittonet  Hand  2 weeks
 Zac Williams  Knee  Season


Charlie Dean  Foot  Season
 Billy Frampton  Groin  Test
 Jeremy Howe  Forearm  TBC
 Patrick Lipinski  Shoulder  1-3 weeks
 Dan McStay  Finger  1-3 weeks
 Joe Richards  Hamstring  Test
 Steele Sidebottom  Knee  TBC


Jayden Davey  Knee  Season
 Harrison Jones  Back  Season
 Jake Kelly  Concussion  TBC
 Darcy Parish  Calf  3 weeks
 Zach Reid  Hamstring  3 weeks
 Will Setterfield  Foot  4 weeks
 Dylan Shiel  Foot  Test
 James Stewart  Foot  5-6 weeks
 Elijah Tsatas  Knee  1 week
 Peter Wright  Shoulder  2-4 weeks


The players will officially return on Thursday following a four-day break.

Sean Darcy (hamstring strain) Scans following the game, have shown a moderate grade hamstring strain.

Darcy has already commenced his reconditioning at the Club.

A timeframe for Darcy’s return will be finalised as he progresses through his reconditioning.

Heath Chapman  Hamstring  4-6 weeks
 Sean Darcy  Hamstring  TBC
 Matt Taberner  Back  TBC


Jack Bowes  Calf  Available
 Jhye Clark  Foot  Medium term
 Toby Conway  Foot  TBC
 Patrick Dangerfield  Hamstring  Test
 Mitch Duncan  Hamstring  Short term
 Max Holmes  Knee  Medium term
 Cam Guthrie  Toe  Indefinite
 Flynn Kroeger  Knee  Medium term
 Sam Menegola  Knee  Medium term
 Esava Ratugolea  Hamstring  Short term
 Gary Rohan  Hamstring  Available
 Rhys Stanley  Eye socket  Indefinite


Connor Budarick  Knee  2-3 weeks
 Sean Lemmens  Hamstring  2 weeks
 Touk Miller  Knee  TBC
 Lachie Weller  Knee  2 weeks


Leek Aleer  Ankle  1-2 week
 Isaac Cumming  Calf  3 weeks
 Phil Davis  Calf  4-5 weeks
 Cooper Hamilton  Foot  TBC
 Nick Haynes  Concussion  1 week
 Harry Himmelberg  Concussion  Test
 Darcy Jones  Knee  Season
 Josh Kelly  Hamstring  3 weeks
 Adam Kennedy  Knee  Season
 Braydon Preuss  Back  TBC
 Conor Stone  Back  1-2 weeks
 Sam Taylor  Hamstring  4 weeks
 Jacob Wehr  Shoulder  2-4 weeks


Hawthorn High Performance Manager Peter Burge

Josh Ward“Josh fully trained today with the main group, and will do main training again on Thursday.””If that all goes well and to plan, he’ll be available for selection on the weekend.”

Chad Wingard “He’s recovered really well,” “He’s freshened up a little bit, and will fully train on Thursday. All being good on that session, he’ll be available for selection.”

Changkuoth Jiath “We are in that situation now where it hasn’t progressed as quickly, he’s certainly made some progression and is running outside,” “I think at this stage, it’s 50-50 for next week. I would say Round 14, which is actually a bye, would be more realistic.”

Josh Ward Foot Test Round 12
Chad Wingard Calf Test Round 12
Jack O’Sullivan Managed Test Round 12
Changkuoth Jiath Calf Unavailable Round 15
Emerson Jeka Hamstring Unavailable Round 13
Max Lynch Concussion Unavailable TBC


Clayton Oliver.“He’s progressing really well,” “He’s working through those stages. He won’t play (on Friday) but we’re really confident that he’ll play the week after. He’s too important of player for us to take a really big risk and Friday Night it would be a risk.” Simon Goodwin

Luke Dunstan Knee 1-2 weeks
Clayton Oliver Hamstring 1 week
Harrison Petty Foot 2-3 weeks
Kye Turner Groin 3-4 weeks
Will Verrall Pelvis 3-4 weeks


North Melbourne head of performance Kevin White

Liam Shiels “Liam has been trending well in response to graduated low-medium intensity training,” “He will tick off controlled contact early this week to then fall into unrestricted full contact training and game availability this weekend.”

Davies-Uniacke “Luke made significant strides in his return to play aspirations on Saturday with a strong on-field session at Arden St,” “This week we will look to increase Luke’s sprint work and acceleration on ground as well as push his strength in the gym. “Hopefully this will see him well positioned to fold in with the main program next week to prove his fitness.”

Aiden Bonar Knee TBC
Charlie Comben Ankle 6 weeks
Luke Davies-Uniacke Hamstring 2 weeks
Hamish Free Shoulder TBC
Brayden George Knee Season
Josh Goater Knee 3 weeks
Jack Mahony Shoulder Season
Curtis Taylor Foot Test
Tristan Xerri Ankle 3 weeks


Mitch Georgiades (ACL)has been moved to inactive list for the remainder of 2023.

Travis Boak  Ribs  Test
 Charlie Dixon  Quad  Test
 Xavier Duursma  Knee  5-7 weeks
 Orazio Fantasia  Quad  1 week
 Mitch Georgiades  Knee  Season
 Todd Marshall  Concussion  Test


Seth Campbell  Adductor  4-6 weeks
 Mate Colina  Back  Indefinite
 Josh Gibcus  Hamstring  4-6 weeks
 Jacob Hopper  Calf  4-6 weeks
 Tom Lynch  Foot  7-12 weeks
 Bigoa Nyuon  Knee  Test
 Maurice Rioli jnr  Hamstring  Test
 Kaleb Smith  Ankle  Season
 Ivan Soldo  Foot  4-6 weeks
 Robbie Tarrant  Hip  Indefinite
 Nick Vlastuin  Corked leg  Test


Matt Allison  Foot  Post-bye
 Jack Bytel  Concussion  1-2 weeks
 Hunter Clark  Knee  4-6 weeks
 Nick Coffield  Calf  6-8 weeks
 Jack Hayes  Hamstring  6-8 weeks
 Olli Hotton  Back  Post-bye
 Zak Jones  Achilles  4-6 weeks
 Dan McKenzie  Calf  2-3 weeks
 Angus McLennan  Back  Post-bye
 Mitch Owens  Concussion  1-2 weeks


Joel Amartey  Hamstring  2-4 weeks
 Peter Ladhams  Ankle  TBC
 Paddy McCartin  Concussion  Season
 Tom McCartin  Concussion  TBC
 Logan McDonald  Ankle  7 weeks
 Callum Mills  Calf  2-4 weeks
 Luke Parker  Suspension  Round 14
 Dane Rampe  Neck  1-2 weeks
 Sam Reid  Hamstring  Season
 Matt Roberts  Knee  4-6 weeks
 Marc Sheather  Foot  TBC


Jamaine Jones having ankle surgery today. “Jamaine Jones goes in for surgery on Monday, so we’ll see how he comes out of that”

Tom Cole  Ankle  5-6 weeks
 Jamie Cripps  Ankle  8-9 weeks
 Jai Culley  Knee  Season
 Jack Darling  Arm  2-3 weeks
 Luke Edwards  Concussion  Concussion protocols
 Jamaine Jones  Ankle  TBC
 Jeremy McGovern  Hamstring  3-4 weeks
 Nic Naitanui  Achilles  5-6 weeks
 Samo Petrevski-Seton  Quad  1-2 weeks
 Liam Ryan  Hamstring  6-8 weeks
 Dom Sheed  Ankle  Test
 Luke Shuey  Ankle/hamstring  1-2 weeks
 Isiah Winder  Knee  6-8 weeks


Roarke Smith (plantar fascia) – Test
Adam Treloar (hamstring) – Test
Sam Darcy (lung) – Test
Dom Bedendo (groin) – 3-4 weeks
Riley Garcia (groin) – 5-7 weeks
Jason Johannisen (hamstring) – 7-9 weeks

Adam Treloar (hamstring)

“Adam’s recovery from his hamstring injury has gone exactly to plan,” Head of Sports Medicine, Chris Bell said.

“We have graduated his speed and training demands over the last few sessions, with him completing a game like training session on Saturday.

“He still has one or two boxes to tick before we can confirm his availability, but at this stage he is on track to return to play this weekend.”

Sam Darcy has progressed well over the last couple of weeks,” Bell said.

“During his last review, the specialist was happy that Sam’s lung had fully healed.”

“Since then, Sam has been progressing his training and completed a game like rehab session on Saturday.

“If he gets through main training this week like I expect, he will return to availability.”

Roarke Smith has been suffering from this persistent plantar fascia issue since the start of the season,” Bell said.

“We know that these injuries are notoriously hard to fix within a season, and he has shown great mental resilience and determination to get back to playing.

“Roarke’s foot has coped well with the progression back into training the last few weeks.

“If he pulls up well from our main session on Wednesday, Roarke will return to playing this weekend.”


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5 thoughts on “Injuries Rd 12”

  1. Mills is disappointing. Last week he was 1-3 weeks. Now 2-4 weeks. Was really hoping he was back round 13 and be cherry ripe as a selection in round 15.


  2. WCE: Jamaine Jones out for about two months following ankle surgery on Monday.

    “Jamaine had surgery on his ankle yesterday to stabilise the syndesmosis and he’ll have a quiet first couple of weeks and then get into his active recovery,”


  3. “The bye has come at the right time for Darcy as he was subbed from the game in the second quarter with a hamstring injury. The early report is it could be 3-4 weeks but just check before you trade”.

    From the SC app


  4. MCL ligament sprain confirmed for Steele Sidebottom. Expected to miss at least a month. Return date to become clearer in 7-10 days.



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