Injuries Round 1

Written by Chaos Theory on March 15 2023


Matt Crouch  Leg  2-3 weeks
 Billy Dowling  Foot  4 weeks
 Josh Worrell  Hamstring  3-4 weeks


Cal Ah Chee  Quad  1-2 weeks
 Darcy Gardiner  Ankle  1-2 weeks
 Dayne Zorko  Hamstring  1-2 weeks


Jordan Boyd  Foot  TBC
 Matt Cottrell  Foot  TBC
 David Cuningham  Shoulder  TBC
 Caleb Marchbank  Calf  TBC
 Sam Philp  Foot  Season
 Sam Walsh  Back  TBC
 Zac Williams  Knee  Season


Charlie Dean  Foot  Season
 Harvey Harrison  Hamstring  2 weeks
 Nathan Kreuger  Shoulder  6-8 weeks
 Patrick Lipinski  Shoulder  Post mid-season bye
 Fin Macrae  Back  2 weeks
 Brayden Maynard  Infection  Available


Jye Caldwell  Ankle  Test
 Nik Cox  Back  4-6 weeks
 Jayden Davey*  Knee  Season
 Dyson Heppell  Foot  Test
 Ben Hobbs  Calf  Test
 Zach Reid  Back  6-7 weeks
 James Stewart  Foot  4-6 weeks
 Jake Stringer  Hamstring  1-2 weeks
 Elijah Tsatas  Knee  3-4 months


Travis Colyer  Knee  TBC
 Michael Walters  Achilles tendon  Test


Toby Conway  Foot  TBC
 Mitch Duncan  Calf  Test
 Tom Hawkins  Foot  Test
 Jack Henry  Foot  TBC
 Jake Kolodjashnij  Concussion  TBC
 Sam Menegola  Knee  Medium term

Gold Coast

Connor Budarick  Knee  TBC
 Brandon Ellis  Calf  TBC
 Bailey Humphrey  Foot  1 week
 Sean Lemmens  Calf  2 weeks
 Wil Powell  Hamstring  2-3 weeks
 Lachie Weller  Knee  1 week


Toby Bedford  Hamstring  7-8 weeks
 Brent Daniels  Hamstring  Test
 Darcy Jones  Quad  2 weeks
 Nick Madden  Foot  7-9 weeks


 Emerson Jeka  Hamstring  5-6 weeks
 Mitch Lewis  ACL  5-6 weeks
 Josh Morris  Shoulder  5-6 weeks
 Harry Morrison  Hamstring  Test
 Cooper Stephens  Concussion  Available


 Bayley Fritsch  Foot  1-2 weeks
 Christian Salem  Thyroid  1-2 weeks
 Jack Viney  Knee  1-2 weeks

North Melbourne

Jackson Archer  Groin  1-2 weeks
 Callum Coleman-Jones  Foot  TBC
 Brayden George  Knee  Season
 Jack Mahony  Shoulder  2-3 weeks
 Ben McKay  Foot  TBC
 Darcy Tucker  Knee  1-2 weeks
 George Wardlaw  Conditioning  1-2 weeks
 Cam Zurhaar  Calf  Test

Port Adelaide

Trent Dumont  Calf  Test
 Jeremy Finlayson  Ankle  Test
 Jackson Mead  Hamstring  Test


Jacob Bauer  Ankle  1-3 weeks
 Tom Brown  Wrist  1-3 weeks
 Seth Campbell  Groin  1-3 weeks
 Mate Colina  Back  7-12 weeks
 Josh Gibcus  Hamstring  4-6 weeks
 Kaleb Smith  Foot  7-12 weeks
 Ivan Soldo  Foot  1-3 weeks
 Robbie Tarrant  Hip  1-3 weeks

St Kilda

Matt Allison  Foot  Indefinite
 Jack Billings  Fractured leg  6-9 weeks
 Nick Coffield  Calf  4-6 weeks
 Jack Hayes  Foot  10-12 weeks
 Max Heath  Ankle  Test
 Olli Hotton  Back  Indefinite
 Zak Jones  Achilles  Indefinite
 Isaac Keeler  Knee  6-9 weeks
 Max King  Shoulder  6-9 weeks
 Dan McKenzie  Calf  Indefinite
 Angus McLennan  Back  Indefinite
 Tim Membrey  Knee  TBC
 Seb Ross  Calf  1-2 weeks
 Marcus Windhager  Hand  Test


Ryan Clarke  Hamstring  2-3 weeks
 Robbie Fox  Calf  1-2 weeks
 Tom Hickey  Hamstring  2-3 weeks
 Jacob Konstanty  Shin  TBC
 Sam Wicks  Shoulder  TBC

Tom Hickey

Tom Hickey continues to progress his rehabilitation from a calf strain. He has had follow up imaging, which shows good healing and he we will continue to work towards a return to play date once he progresses further through his rehab.

Robbie Fox

Robbie is increasing his running speed and volume as part of his return from his calf strain. He is on track to commence some integrated team skills next week and are hopeful he will be in a position to progress towards match play in the next two to three weeks.

Sam Wicks

Sam had a review with his surgeon this week following shoulder surgery in February. He has come out of his sling and commenced a running program.

Jacob Konstanty

Jacob is currently running and building volume and agility in his rehabilitation from shin soreness. He will look to return to skills in the next fortnight.

Ryan Clarke

Ryan has commenced skills based training as part of his hamstring rehabilitation. He will look to continue to progress his running speed and volume throughout the next week of his rehabilitation.


 Nic Naitanui  Achilles soreness  TBC
 Josh Rotham  Arm  3-4 weeks
 Jack Williams  Spleen  TBC

Western Bulldogs

Dom Bedendo  Groin  TBC
 Ryan Gardner  Elbow  3-4 weeks
 Arthur Jones  Groin  1-2 weeks
 Tim O’Brien  Hamstring  4-5 weeks
 Roarke Smith  Foot  4-6 weeks
 Laitham Vandermeer  Fractured leg  4-6 weeks
 Cody Weightman  Groin  TBC



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4 thoughts on “Injuries Round 1”

    1. “Ross Lyon says he expects Campbell to play senior football to form a ruck combination with Marshall.”


    1. Huge curveball! What’s the most common plan based on this I wonder assuming Yeo was in a lot of teams at D3:

      TU: Stick with 2 keepers (Liam Jones type at D3)
      TD: Upgrade D3 position to a $500k+ option



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