Injuries Round 4

Written by Chaos Theory on April 4 2023


Sam Berry (calf) test “He’s got a minor calf issue and we expect he will train later this week and hopefully be available for the weekend,”
Darcy Fogarty (knee) 1 week. “Everything would have to go right for him to be available this week, but if not this week, then we expect him to train next week and be available for Round Five.
Josh Worrell (hamstring) 2 weeks. “Josh is training really hard, he’s doing a lot of kilometres to build up some resilience in his body,”“We expect he will be fully training next week and the week after and be playing in AFL Round Six.”
Patrick Parnell concussion protocol “He’s still got a couple of boxes to tick, the timing means he will miss this weekend’s game and come out of the protocols on Sunday and be available next week all going well,”

Hugh Bond (knee) TBA


 Darcy Gardiner  Ankle  Test
 Daniel Rich  Quad  Test


Blake Acres  Suspension  Round 5
 Jordan Boyd  Foot  TBC
 Matt Cottrell  Foot  TBC
 Sam Durdin  Hamstring  Test
 Matt Kennedy  Calf  Test
 Caleb Marchbank  Calf  TBC
 Jack Martin  Calf  Test
 Matt Owies  Hamstring  TBC
 Sam Philp  Foot  Season
 Sam Walsh  Back  TBC
 Zac Williams  Knee  Season


Darcy Cameron (knee) Scans on Saturday  confirmed the 27-year-old injured the medial collateral ligament (MCL) which will see him sidelined for six to eight weeks.

Nathan Kreuger has made significant progress with his shoulder injury over the last fortnight. He’s now back into full contact training and should be available for selection in Rounds Five or Six.

Will Kelly has entered the concussion protocol after a collision during our VFL game on Saturday night. His return date is yet to be determined but he will be closely monitored over at least the next 12 days until he is symptom free.

Arlo Draper has made some progress in his return from a concussion he experienced late in the preseason. The Club is working closely with Arlo to ensure that his long-term health is at the forefront of his rehabilitation process. We’ll be able to provide an update on his expected return next week.

Aiden Begg underwent medical interventions on his back injury that has assisted his progress. He has started conditioning work and is starting to feel much better. Begg will work to build up his running loads and is expected to return in Rounds Six or Seven.

Mason Cox missed last weekend’s game due to an internal injury that resulted from a collision in our Round Two game against Port Adelaide.

“His injury was initially believed to be a bruised rib, however, after further investigation scans revealed a hematoma in that region,” GM of Football Graham Wright said.

Mason’s internal injuries have cleared up and he will rest for two weeks before he has another scan. We will then be able to provide a further update on Mason.

Jeremy Howe is recovering from a second stint in hospital after the wound from his injured arm became infected. He will be discharged from hospital this week with the hope he can continue his recovery from home. Howe will have further scans in a few weeks which will determine a timeframe on his return to the Club.

Patrick Lipinski hit a significant milestone today in his rehabilitation progress after injuring his shoulder late in the preseason. He’s now back running and will continue to be in non-contact conditioning training for the next month or so before he can start to get back into full training.

Charlie Dean came out of his moon boot last week. He’s now progressing quite well, walking around pain-free and without crutches. He’s entered a period of his rehab where he’s working on the strength through his foot.


Nick Bryan  Hamstring  1-2 weeks
 Nik Cox  Back  3-5 weeks
 Jayden Davey*  Knee  Season
 Matt Guelfi  Hamstring  TBC
 Ben Hobbs  Ankle  Test
 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti  Quad  1 week
 Zach Reid  Back  2-3 weeks
 James Stewart  Foot  TBC
 Elijah Tsatas  Knee  10-12 weeks
 Peter Wright  Shoulder  TBC
 Brandon Zerk-Thatcher  Ankle  Test


Travis Colyer (knee) – 3-4 weeks
Heath Chapman (calf) – 3-5 weeks
Nat Fyfe (foot) – TBA. “He’ll miss this week, we’re trying a few different things which is very frustrating for Nat but I’m sure we’ll see him back out there shortly.”


Toby Conway  Foot  TBC
 Sam De Koning  Concussion  1-2 weeks
 Jack Henry  Foot  TBC
 Sam Menegola  Knee  TBC
 Rhys Stanley  Ribs  Test


Sam Flanders will miss the next six weeks after scans confirmed an injury to the medial collateral ligament (MCL) in his knee.

Flanders sustained the injury midway through the second quarter and was subbed out of the game shortly after halftime.

“Sam had a player fall across his knee from the outside on the weekend and he has injured his MCL,” GC SUNS Head Physiotherapist Lindsay Bull told the Qscan Injury Update.

“He’s in a brace at the moment and we expect Sam to be around the six week mark before he returns to play.”

Jed Anderson “Jed hurt his hamstring in the VFL, he’s had that imaged and on testing today we think that will be around a month that Jed will miss,” Bull said.

Jed Anderson Hamstring 4 weeks
Sam Flanders Knee 6 weeks
Brandon Ellis Calf TBA
Connor Budarick Knee TBA


Darcy Jones has torn his ACL on Saturday in VFL game. Tests on Saturday indicated an ACL tear with subsequent scans confirming the sad news.

Xavier O’Halloran has returned to training following a quad injury and is due to play his first game of the season this weekend.

Leek Aleer Quad 3 weeks
Harry Perryman Hamstring 3-4 weeks
Toby Bedford Hamstring 4-5 weeks
Nick Madden Foot 5-7 weeks
Braydon Preuss Back 1-2 months
Jacob Wehr Shoulder 2-3 months
Darcy Jones Knee Season


Josh Morris

High Performance Manager Peter Burge said Morris resumed full contract training last week and is set to return via Box Hill

“Josh is now in his second week of full contact skills this week,”

“That means he’ll be available on Monday playing in the VFL – he’ll play most of the game, close to a full game.

“He is due to train tomorrow and participate in our full session this Friday. All that going well, he will then be available to play on Monday.

Chad Wingard “He is due to train tomorrow and participate in our full session this Friday. All that going well, he will then be available to play on Monday.

Josh Morris Shoulder Available Round 4
Chad Wingard Calf Test Round 4
Emerson Jeka Hamstring Unavailable Round 6
Mitch Lewis Knee Unavailable Rounds 6-7
Jai Serong Pericarditis Unavailable TBC


Gawn knee 3-4 weeks “Gawny had a great re-introduction to running over the weekend and continued to progress today with getting into high-speed,”“He’s started to work on some of his ruck-specific skills as well, so it’s a really great move forward for him.”

Turner ribs Test

Schache Concussion Test

Smith thumb 3 weeks. “Unfortunately, he injured his thumb in a marking contest and needed surgical intervention to stabilise the joint,”

Woewodin Finger 4 weeks

Salem knee 4-6 weeks. “He’s got clearance to start to ramp up some of his work today, so he’ll start some conditioning, strength work.”

Verrall Pelvis 8-10 weeks

Ben Brown “Unfortunately, for Ben he had an incident during the game where his back tightened up and he just wasn’t able to get going after that,”

“He’s still a little bit stiff at the moment but he’s recovered well.

“We’ll continue to progress him throughout the week and hopefully he’ll be able to prove his fitness during the week for the game Sunday.”


Luke Davies-Uniacke Calf tightness. “He fully trained this morning and hit his speed markers, so providing he pulls up all right over the next 24 hours he’ll be clear to play this week.”

Callum Coleman-Jones slight plantar fascia tear. “Great news for (Coleman-Jones), he’s going to return this week,”

Callum Coleman-Jones Foot Test
Luke Davies-Uniacke Calf Test
Brayden George Knee Season
Ben McKay Foot 1 week
Tristan Xerri Ankle TBC


Lachie Jones (hamstring) – assess.

Will remain under observation after finishing the weekend with right hamstring tightness.

Pulled up well but will continue to be assessed in the lead up to Saturday’s game at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Trent McKenzie (ankle) – assess. Resumed running last week and will need to prove his fitness during training over coming days to be considered for selection.


Dustin Martin and Jacob Hopper are set to return. “Dustin and Jacob trained strongly over the weekend and are available to play.”


Dustin Martin, hamstring awareness

Jacob Hopper, knee


Jayden Short – calf (short-term)

Ivan Soldo – foot (short-term)

Tom Brown – wrist (medium-term)

Josh Gibcus – hamstring (medium-term)

Mate Colina – back (long-term)

Kaleb Smith – foot (long-term)


Mason Wood Shoulder Test
Tim Membrey Knee 2-3 weeks
Jack Steele Collarbone 3-4 weeks
Jack Billings Leg 3-4 weeks
Nick Coffield Calf 4-6 weeks
Isaac Keeler Knee 4-6 weeks
Jimmy Webster Cheekbone 5-6 weeks
Max King Shoulder 6-9 weeks
Jack Hayes Foot 10-12 weeks
Olli Hotton Back 10-12 weeks
Dan McKenzie Calf Indefinite
Zak Jones Achilles Indefinite
Matthew Allison Foot Indefinite
Angus McLennan Back Indefinite


Ryan Clarke  Hamstring  1-2 weeks
 Robbie Fox  Calf  1-2 weeks
 Tom Hickey  Hamstring  3 weeks
 Jacob Konstanty  Shin  TBC
 Sam Reid  Glute  2 weeks
 Sam Wicks  Shoulder  TBC


Campbell Chesser  Knee  TBC
 Jamie Cripps  Ankle  TBC
 Callum Jamieson  Ankle  1-2 weeks
 Nic Naitanui  Achilles  TBC
 Liam Ryan  Back  TBC
 Luke Shuey  Hamstring  2-3 weeks
 Jeremy McGovern  Hamstring  TBC
 Jack Williams  Spleen  5-6 weeks
 Alex Witherden  Concussion  Concussion protocols
 Elliot Yeo  Calf  Test


Taylor Duryea (illness): available
Cody Weightman (groin) 1-2 weeks
Laith Vandermeer (leg): 2-4 weeks
Harvey Gallagher (hamstring): 4-6 weeks
Roarke Smith (foot): TBC
Dom Bedendo (groin): indefinite

Cody Weightman

“He is now in the final stages of his rehab plan – and will be exposed to our full training loads this week.

“If he is able to tolerate these full training loads, he will be exposed to a game-like training session this weekend, ahead of hopefully returning to availability the following week.”

Taylor Duryea became unwell towards the back end of the week, so unfortunately had to miss the game last week,”

“He has now fully recovered and trained well today – so he will return to availability for this weekend.”

Roarke Smith “Roarke started to progress his running loads and unfortunately he is again battling some plantar fasica symptoms in his foot,” “We will need to be patient and wait for the area to fully heal before we get him back on his feet and work towards getting him back into some running.”

Head of Sports Medicine, Chris Bell


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    Jeremy McGovern and Liam Ryan are BOTH set for surgery on hamstring tendons.

    The pair out for extended period


    1. WCE-
      Jamie Cripps to miss four months. Scans show a break just above ankle ( lower part of fibula) .
      Surgery tomorrow.



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