Last Minute Queries Rd19

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 26 2019

Questions? Questionables? Questionability? Quizzes? Quizzing? Quizzed? Quandaries? Queries? Queried? Quagmires? Q & A? FAQs? Quick answers!!

Can Grundy hit a double ton tonight? When will Hurn get back on the field?  Will Whitfield be tagged over the last five weeks?  Can Hawkins bounce back after a flat patch?

Enter all your last minute queries here and our Coaches will help out as best they can.  Good luck on the weekend, Coaches!


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36 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries Rd19”

  1. Everyone is probably sick of this question, but..
    With 2 trades left and no backline cover paying for both league and overall;
    T/u – Trade Hurn or trade to avoid donut
    T/d – Hold and cop donut


    1. You need to decide if league or overall is your priority.
      If overall is the priority then I would trade.
      If league is priority and your ladder position is secure, then I would hold.


  2. TU: Houli – avg of 115 at the MCG & HIS NEXT 5 GAMES ARE AT THE MCG

    TD: Crisp – not alot to say about crisp sorry


  3. Need cash gen for a luxury trade next week

    T/U: Hind > Hill
    T/D: Wait a week and go Hind/Clarke > Langlands


  4. Sorry Community, already asked this in another thread, but must be asked again:

    TU: Trade Hurn to Lloyd and have Logue as F7.
    TD: Trade Logue to Ryan (keeping Hurn) and looping either of Sis/B.Smith/Ryan as F7 when Hurn returns.


  5. Must win game to make the 8 in cash league, whats the better combo:

    Whitfield and Hawkins TU
    H Clarke and Merret TD


  6. Playing for league & overall.

    Full premo with 5 trades remaining.

    Weak links are crisp, crouch & Mundy.

    Thinking of trading crisp to a cheap Whitfield this week. Requires 2 trades.

    TU: go for it

    TD : save the trades

    Comment for alternatives


  7. 5 trades left.. 200k itb

    Def: Williams,Lloyd, Laird, Hurn, Sicily, Logue
    Answerth, Gardiner

    TU: Trade Hately>Hill/ Logue > Whitfield
    Hold Hurn

    TD: Trade Hurn> Whitfield/ Logue > LRyan
    Finish off defence Leaves 3 trades and one mid upgrade to full premo team


    1. At F5/6, sure. Found a bit of form, getting more midfield minutes and the added responsibility of the captaincy last week meant he couldn’t be a cheeky f*cker.

      Named a follower this week v Port, expect him to put up a serviceable score.


  8. Clarke as my M9 mid cover, need to choose one of my M10 and M11 to trade out this week:

    T/U Bewley

    T/D Hately


    1. Hey, Chris.

      With Clarke as a rock solid M9, it doesn’t really matter. That said, I’d probably trade out Hately because a) it nets you more cash and b) he has been dropped on more occasions than Bewley.

      Also, Hately’s named at HF this week. Don’t think he’ll do well in that role and will probably be dropped the following week on the back of it. On the flip side, Macca and I noted that Bewley did alright last week and survived with this INs this week.


  9. Got 3 trades left and Darcy Moore sitting on my bench have just enough money to upgrade to Luke Ryan but will leave me with no cash left but will mean i can move logue to d7 and have coverage on defensive line.

    TU: Hold moore and keep the flexibility as he will be a def fwd
    TD: Trade and upgrade keep no cash but have 2 trades left for finals.


    1. Sorry can’t edit but am worried about not having enough cash for ryan next week if moore isnt back


  10. Need a rookie mid for cash to get Whitfield which one has better JS and is the better pick:
    TU: Langlands (Has Mid/Fwd dpp)
    TD: Snelling (Plays suns which could be good for JS)


  11. Need to trade out one of either Answerth or Logue, wanting to keep the one who will be the better bench cover for remaining rounds-

    TU- Trade out Logue, which means this round with Hurn out, my D6 will be Answerth, with Burgess bench cover
    TD – Trade out Answerth, which means D6 will be Logue with Burgess bench cover


  12. TU: Option 1:
    Hurn -> houli/crisp
    ROB -> Grundy
    Will miss Whitfield all together probably but no Burgess D6, 4 trades remain $0 bank

    TD: Option 2:
    Setterfield -> hill
    ROB -> grundy
    Burgess will be D6 BUT allows me to get Whitfield next week if Hurn misses again.
    4 trades 180k bank!!


    1. Carry on from above
      Option 3:
      Setterfield -> hill
      Hurn -> Whitfield
      Miss ROB too grundy but will be next weeks trade
      4 trades 368k bank!!


  13. Still have 30 trades left. Nearing the end of the season, so should I think about upgrading one of my rookies or give them another week to really ripen up?

    TU: Time to start trading
    TD: Hold off a bit longer


  14. Here’a one for my draft league:

    Do I take Grundy VC score (TU) or
    Roll the dice with Merrett in the last game as my next best premo (Hurn injures) – TD



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