38 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Round 16”

  1. Been asked in trade talk a few times but with different results so I’ll try for another consensus
    TU: Petracca
    TD: Libba


  2. Struggling to decide on who to upgrade to in DEF this week:

    TU: Daicos
    TD: Ryan (+ bank the extra $86k for final DEF premo upgrade next week)


  3. 5 trades when I pull the trigger

    TU – L.Ryan
    TD – D.Cameron F6 (gives me better DPP swings too)


  4. T/U – Serong & Treloar
    T/D – Libba & Walsh

    Fading the likes of Merrett to make a run at top 100 (ranked around 750)

    Post trades will have 5 left, with Fyfe and S.Mitchell as main covers


    1. Thank you All !
      Your reply is, as usual, a big help & greatly appreciated.

      Cheers & good luck with your teams.


  5. In trade talk earlier this week, someone asked the question whether Chad Warner should be traded. As a Warner owner, I voted no. But I was reading the Callum Mills interview on AFL website, and it was suggested that Warner was a minimum 2 weeker. I think that might push it more to a yes if you have trades, or you feel your cover is break glass only.


  6. Have the (Mid)E on Robertson 76
    Have Fyfe on field (fwd) and the E on T.Thomas.
    Feel like I should be taking Robertson score but for who.
    T/U Thomas
    T/D Fyfe
    Comment on let it ride.


  7. TU: Humphrey and Atkins to Cogs and Melican. Leaves me with 4 trades left and full premiership
    TD: Humphrey to Keays
    Leaves me with 5 trades left but no bench cover


  8. Is it worth trading van rooyen (348k) to sheldrick (250k) BE -39.

    No rookies to choose have 10 trades left and need more cash gen!


  9. Need to trade in a defender to swap sheezel forward
    TU – Chesser (playing)
    TD – Mullin


  10. League opponent has copied my Bont as C, and I’m projected to lose, just… (both burnt our VC on dunks)

    TU: Keep it Bont
    TD: Switch C to Dawson


  11. Is Mills a must have now? will be ~$400K next week
    I can swap my Petracca trade to Andy Brayshaw and probably have enough to turn Johnson into Mills next week.

    TU: Petracca and Johnson as cover

    TD:Brayshaw and Mills/Steel loop (4 trades for the rest of the year)


  12. Similar to a few other posters on here; Mills game (mainly role) has me interested in him for the run home.

    T/U – Marshall & Johnson to Libba & Walsh
    T/D – Briggs to Libba this week, Johnson to Mills next week


  13. Following the Sydney game and with 7 trades left.

    Tu: postpone my last full premo trade for Walsh and take Sheldricks score of 102 (and probably use the trade on Mills next week)
    TD: trade in Walsh now and then trade in Mills next week – this allows me to loop guys like Steele, Keays and Tarrant


  14. T/U – Marshall & Johnson to Serong & Ryan. S. Mitchell to Mills next week. Leaves me with 4 trades and Day/Himmelberg D6/7 cover, as well as Day/Mills M8/M9

    T/D – Marshall to Libba. Johnson to Mills next week.


    1. i am presuming people trading Marshall to move Briggs from r3 to r2.

      I for one are not trading Marshall, can see Marshall dominating the ruck this week against Wet Toast. Personally i’m trading Briggs to Madden then using the money to upgrade Ford to Libba. I know Briggs has some cash left to make but rather have Marshall/Libba for the remaining games.

      Marshall has 6 games at Marvel and Libba scoring for fun with a soft run left.

      Just my opinion..


  15. Very close in a season defining H2H
    Only 5 Points ahead

    Coming down to Briggs + D6 VS. S. Walsh

    Am I safe?
    Who do I field at D6?

    T/U – S. Mitchell

    T/D – H. Himmelberg


  16. First time poster. Thanks for all you do for the SC community.

    Do I hold Oliver today and take Fyfe’s emergency 45 or do I trade in Trac? One of the long suffering Oliver holders. if Oliver is back next week (or two) he will probably make up the diff over the last 7-8 weeks over anyone I don’t have but I do have 5 trades left to cover injuries. Team is full premo save for some questionable premos (Steele, Gawn, Day). Very little quality bench cover overall so my injury trades will be important too.

    Playing for rank and sit at about 5.5k at the moment.

    T/U hold Oliver and take Fyfes score this week
    T/D trade for Petracca



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