15 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Round 17”

  1. Still haven’t decided on this weeks upgrade
    TU : Serong
    TD : Butters

    Serong is cheaper, averaging more, has more over over 120 scores, but Butters has the highest score of 184. I’ve heard it mentioned that Serong is playing with an injury? Does anyone know anything about this – Freo Tragic perhaps?


  2. Currently projected to win by 9 Pts but have Cincotta on field.
    Cincotta Brayshaw Sheezel 77 vs Zerett Serong Johnson

    Wondering if I should trade Cincotta to Cunningham and free up cash and the SP. 6 trades and $55k ITB. Have a full team with Dunkley on the bench

    TU trade Cinc to Cunningham
    TD no don’t waste the trade


    1. There has been no talk of it, so mustn’t be close.

      Same with Mills, no discussion because he hasn’t played enough games


      1. Thanks Derek. Think Gawn was 34% fwd before last night, but seemed to be in ruck a lot against saints. Will have to take a guess with trade-in today.


    1. Voted Maric as Sturt EMG & Karl Worner announced as debuting as sub. (source fremantle website)

      Could put Sturt onfield & hope for starting 22 late in, you’d still get Maric’s score.



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