Last Minute Queries – Round 19

Written by Dane on July 21 2023

No Thursday night footy didn’t sit right with me, and all it’s done is given me more time to mull over each and every possibility.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, so use the comment section down below to have your Friday nerves eased.


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26 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Round 19”

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    1. If your full Premo Tebs I would go Cripps to Touk Miller. 4 trades is heaps and there ultimately there to cover injuries. I would pull the trigger.

      If you still have an upgrade to do , maybe hold and get that done first.


  1. Hi everyone, current team before any trades. 3 left $16k ITB. NEED HELP!!

    Def: Naicos Sic Stewart Dawson Sinclair Day ( Constable Dewar)

    Mid: Bont Zerett Neale Tracc Laird Libba Bray Mills (Davey Cincotta Harvey)

    Rucks: Witts RoMo ( Madden)

    Fwd: Dunks Gulden Rozee Taranto Cogs Sheezel (Maric Harrison)

    Thinking of doing Cincotta > Hewett. Would become my M9 and cover Laird this week but would not have any defensive cover.

    TU: Yes do Cincotta > George Hewett
    TD: Dont do it


    1. I actually like it Mumma.

      Most of your defenders are actually Mid Def so can be swung into the mids and also be covered by Hewett. Even if Stewart / Sicily get injured you can swing Sheezel back and cover with a Maric/ Harvey.


      1. Mids aren’t the issue though FT? Say Day gets injured for 1 week I’ll have to swing Sheezel back and rely on Maric on field which I don’t love


  2. Considering George Hewett as M9 priced at $259.8k to replace Sheldrick now out for the season. Will he continue to get full games after last week being part of the team that defeated Port?
    TU: Do it. Strong chance to get full games
    TD: Look elsewhere. Likely to be sub again.


  3. Hello,

    Who has the better job security for the rest of the year?

    TU T. Woewodin

    TD S. Banks

    Thank you!


  4. Is it worth using my last two trades to bring Gawn/English for Briggs. Have Atkins, m. Johnson, Maric and Sturt for cover
    TU: Yes
    TD: Hold him for the rest of the year


  5. 6 trades full team. Premo back up via DPP mid/fwd. No defense premo D7

    Cincotta currently D7. What do we think of Banks as a downgrade to free up equity & be a backup?

    TU Worth the Trade
    TD save it


  6. Need a greater audience.

    TU: cop a donut
    TD: use last trade to go Wardlaw > Hewett

    My cover for the bench is as follows:

    D7: Chesser
    M9: Wardlaw
    F7: Maric


  7. 3 trades left. Trade Green to Miller? Playing for league and should have finals locked up. Trade is to take advantage of Miller’s low price, have cover already.
    TU Green to Miller, team will be better for finals
    TD holding the third trade is more valuable
    Comment Green to LDU


  8. 5 trades left guys.
    TU: Touk and Hewett with the latter bench coverage.
    TD: petracca and non playing rookie.
    Both will leave me with 3 trades.



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