25 thoughts on “Last Minute Questions – Round 15”

  1. Doing some truly horrible trades to get my last upgrade done. What is more valuable ROS out of:

    TU: actually picking a guy who’s been selected to play, and the ~40 or so points that Caiden Cleary will score this week as my 20th player

    TD: $15k in the bank and a DPP donut at M9


  2. Have to choose a keeper for the rest of the season:

    Tu: Clarry
    Td: Josh Kelly

    (worried about Kelly’s injury history, but output seems like it’ll be better than Clarry for the rest of this year)


  3. Already doing TBrown/Sanders/Steele to Ridley/Curnow/KBrown
    10 Trades left after this week, 21 on field

    TU: Xerri to Gawn $165k for last midfield upgrade next week to Sinclair/Treloar/Day or anyone up to $650k
    TD: Fyfe to Gulden/Holmes/Zorko to have 21 premos (plus Sexton)


  4. In bit of a pickle here..
    Does Sinclair average more than ridley on the run home? I think so if Ross locks him in at HB

    TU: Zorko this week & Sinclair next week
    TU: Ridley this week & zorko/rankine next week


  5. Trades last week (Sam Darcy, Sullivan & Rogers > Dowling, Kreuger, Gulden)
    DEF: Ryan, Daicos, Sheezel, Houston, Fisher, Sexton (NWM, Z.Reid)
    MID: Bont, LDU, Serong, Butters, Gulden, Walsh, Steele Green (Freijah, Dowling, Mannagh)
    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    FWDS: Flanders, Zorko, Moore, T.Powell, Harrison, Kreuger (W.Dawson, Nyoun)
    $71,400 ITB, 11 trades left, 2 boosts.

    Have gone Harrison, Powell, Nyoun to Heeney, Kynan Brown & L. Evans ($106,300 ITB).
    Should I use one of my last two boosts and go Sexton to Jackson ($3,300 ITB)?
    TU – Do it
    TD – Keep it and save the $$ for next week


  6. Who is the best option?
    TU: Jordan Clark, definitely getting a tag from Sydney next week
    TD: Zach Merrett, definitely has some tags coming up


  7. Is it worth trading butters to Merrett as butters definitely has a tag against Berry today and windhager next week?


    1. Yep, Tommy. Morning. Unpopular but I reckon it is.

      Berry and Windhager and then potentially Jordon and Cincotta later on.

      I’ve gone nuts and done:

      Tingles -> Gawn
      Butters -> Yeo
      Satan -> Ridley

      Played the fixtures and there was no MID I liked that wasn’t going to cop a slew of tags.

      Berry, Windhager, Jordon, Bedford and Shiels all operating as hard taggers then you’ve got sides like Collingwood, Melbourne, Essendon and West Coast who have also been doing it situationally.

      With teams so similar I reckon fading tag targets will be huge the next couple of months.

      Best of luck.


      1. Yes. I think loading up on defenders with dual mid rather than pure mid tag targets might be a good strategy.
        I have a full set of defenders, but will probably get Sinclair as the final mid, target than currently higher averaging mids.


  8. Should I trade JHF (M8) for Merrett?

    I still need to upgrade Reville in fwd line as my last player, but won’t be able to do that until next round anyway.



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