Macca’s Bye Planner (Updated)

Written by Motts on March 31 2022

Howdy all! This site is all about providing you with as much information on all things Supercoach, to hopefully improve your chances at chasing Overall (OA) glory … or winning your all-important head to head matches.

With that in mind, the Bye Planners are back to help you plan your trades for this extremely key first price change.  Good trades now can help you set up the remainder of your season … and for the astute coaches, plan ahead for the trade period across the dreaded Bye Rounds!

These files should hopefully provide you all key data on players prices, BE’s, averages, total scores and several years of history on the players. Basically, they can help you out if you don’t buy SC Gold (SC Plus) … with the added bonus of allowing you ease of research and planning trades across the byes as well as the full season draw etc.

Bye Planner Instructions

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – AVERAGE = Gun – Rnd2

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – DOLLAR$ = Gun – Rnd2

For those that haven’t used the files before, the grab the attached word document and follow the instructions. You do need access to the Microsoft suite of products to make them work.

If the Bye Planners come up asking you to enable the files, then just click on that … it’s the latest version of Microsoft sorry … I have deliberately not used Macros, or Pivot tables etc to make it easier that way.

For these files, what is now included is:

  • Current data on players as of round 2 – averages, games played, BE’s, – prices remain the same as the start
  • The players having played 2 games will appear in red text on the Planner tab
  • The Players with negative BE’s will appear in red text on the Planner tab and the Player Data tabs – you want these!
  • I have added in all the new players added to the official SC site, since the start of the year – up to date as of midday Tuesday 29 March – all those Weagles boys! (sorry GD … shocking they had to play like that last week!)

You can use these planners each week over the next few weeks to see the effect of any changes you make on your bye structures – just note that the players prices, data etc won’t change until I can next get it from the official SC site and update it – I will try for about round 6 which should be close to cow fattening time – make sure you follow the Good Father’s musings each week to stay on top of that prime period! I’ll update the planners a few times from there towards the Byes = time permitting.

OK all … hopefully these are useful and make your experience even better. Leave some comments in the thread as to your plans or thoughts if you like and the good community will respond! I’ll try to be on line to also respond after the thread goes up – late arvo / early evening!

Cheers and good luck all!



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One thought on “Macca’s Bye Planner (Updated)”

  1. Gee – no queries, comments, thoughts at all … I’m guessing everyone is up to date with using these planners … or not using them at all??

    Cheers all – good luck with your selections



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