Captaincy Candidates – Round 3

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 31 2022

Vice-Captaincy Candidates

MACRAE v Swans

  • L3 v Swans: 116, 92, 132 (113 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 142, 113, 154 (136 av.)

Doesn’t have a superb history against the Swans, who are increasingly a pretty restrictive team to score against, but it’s Macrae and the Dogs really need to click into gear. 130 flat if you want to take it easy.

SATAN v Dons

  • L3 v Dons: 105, 112, 95 (104 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 112, 93, 144 (116 av.)

We were spot on with Neale savaging the Dons in last week’s Captaincy Candidates and losing Zerrett makes the Dons an even more attractive team to VC an inside MID into. Satan to take the Dons straight to hell for 140.


  • L3 v Dons: 94, 130, 76 (100 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 163, 126, 92 (127 av.)

For those who’ve got Petracca, the same applies to the contested beast playmaker who’s started to develop a stronger accumulating dimension his game. 125 at a minimum for Racca, with a chance to blast off to 150+.

Captaincy Candidates

MILLER v Giants

  • L3 v Giants: 143, 80, 86 (103 av.)
  • L3 @ GS: 81, 80, 45 (69 av.)

Pay no mind to Miller’s venue numbers as he hasn’t played at Giants Stadium since 2018 and I had to go right back to 2017 and 2016 for the remaining two outings. Playing a highly sustainable inside MID, high work rate game surrounded by a vastly improved engine room. A lock for 130+.

NEALE v Roos

  • L3 v Roos: 156, 134, 140 (143 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 140, 133, 88 (120 av.)

Declared Neale was back last week and best Round 2 captaincy option and he proceeded to punctuate that point with a double ton against the Dons. Just magnificent. Recent word from Noble is that he’ll receive some kind of attention on the back of his unmitigated performance in Round 2. Won’t be a hard tag although rotating looks at stoppages might confine him to a 120 but more likely his form, tremendous match up stats and the chasm between the Lions and Roos sees him jet to 140.

CRIPPS v Hawks

  • L3 v Hawks: 95, 149, 93 (112 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 132, 88, 89 (103 av.)

Set to be the most traded in player this week on the back of two old school, monstrous performance in conjunction with an ascendant Carlton side. 35 touches, 23 contested and 2 goals against the Dogs speaks volumes to the good nick and form he’s in. Returns to SC relevancy and captaincy material and set for a 135 this Sunday. Hopefully Abs doesn’t curse him.

Steer Clear

STEELE v Tigers

  • L3 v Tigers: 104, 132, 114 (117 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 87, 155, 158 (133 av.)

Very much a tentative steer clear on Steele this week until we see him definitively snap back to his old ways. That could be this week against a team that leaks large MID scores like the Tigers, but wouldn’t go a straight C’ing him until then. Low-ton if nothing changes from the last two weeks.

Smoky Pick


  • L3 v Crows: 76, 119, 55 (84 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 136, 96, 76 (103 av.)

Heeney and the midpricers have been all the rage up forward, however Butters has made a capital start to 2021. A humble 114 in Round 1 and then 136 last week off the back of 29 touches and 11 tackles. Port should savage the Crows in an attempt to notch their first win and Butters already has that ceiling. Solid for a 120 but we’ll be angling for something in the 160~ territory that he’s teased us with before.

Also worth a mention is Brayshaw. Couldn’t justify a write up at 6% ownership but if you’re one of the wise few who have him, he’s going to destroy us on Sunday and cruise to 150. Watch.


The ideal VC/C proposition on paper this week would be Neale into Steele. However, as discussed, a straight C on Steele might be ill-fated and straight C’ing Neale into expected attention could also be dicey. At this stage, I’m liking Butters into Miller – although Neale might come back into the mix. If you’ve got Satan or Petracca, they’re your men this week.


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40 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 3”

  1. Just like to apologise to anyone in advance that started or plans on captaining Cripps this week. I’m 100% going to break him…

    Sweet write-up GD! A lot of options this week.

    Macrae -> Touk, for me atm.


    1. Me to Moon.

      Time for those Oliver $ to start paying off. 140 or I may get greedy.

      Neale may explode again v North.


  2. I see it exactly as you GD as Neale into Steele the best option. Steele is due and hasn’t actually been that bad. Need Hough or Dixon to miss to pull this off otherwise I’ll probably go Macrae into Neale


  3. Got Macrae specifically because of his run of early games. So…..

    V Macrae
    C Any of Trak Neale Cripps if needed, depending on match ups.

    Will always bank 130+


  4. Hello GD,

    The Bont v Swans , thoughts as a smokey VC tonight?

    The Bont – Last 3 games v Swans: 114, 166 & 158

    Note – Averages 116 against The Swans.


  5. Neale into Brayshaw for me.

    Lightning can strike twice…right?
    I just want a 130+ from Lachie and ill take him. Happy to have Brayshaw against West Coast as backup.


  6. Too many good names to pick as vc I am stumped. Am leaning either macrae or Oliver into neale but will wait and see what the sct website says.


  7. Have relied on Captain Touk twice so far but maybe a change up this week.
    VC – Oliver
    C – Brayshaw


    1. Dammit. If i had Neale i’d go Neale against my mob. I’m thinking Trac, new recruit Crippa or maybe even Butters in the Showdown.


  8. Good write up GD as usual. This round few coaches spoke about “running with” which is making me very nervous. Tagging may be back in fashion.
    I am going Parish into Miller.


  9. Thinking of going Rowell into Neale this week, Touk will get tagged by De Boer, maybe it gives him a chance to go big?


    1. De Boer doesn’t play as a tagger anymore, Fozza. Doesn’t have the tank, craft or the CBA load.


        1. Oh, pfff. Forgot to even mention that.

          Yep, Bomber’s exactly right. Miller the hardest midfielder to play on – direct quote from Dunkley. Insane work rate, sprints for four quarters and was a former tagger so he knows all the tricks lol.


      1. You’re right, that’s definitely possible, although De Boer did play a couple of tagging games last year. Don’t remember too much, but he was moved onto Walsh after a 60 point first quarter, and kept to like 75 at 3/4 time before moving off him. I know he’s ageing a bit, but he hasn’t played for a couple of rounds so might have something to prove.

        I’m concerned about whether he actually tags though. Touk has been so underrated for years, and rarely gets credit from the media. Leon might choose not to do it anyway.

        Great write-up GD btw!


      2. DeBoer doesn’t tag anymore LOL!!
        It least be factual GD…

        This hasn’t aged well mate!!


        1. Ash done the tagging in conjunction with De Boer.

          Mea culpa.

          No need to be a c*nt about it, mate.


  10. Thoughts !?!
    Who is Noble likely to use to keep an eye on Neal ?
    I was thinking McDonald …..has been used in that role before, albeit not by Noble.



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