Macca’s UPDATED Bye Planner

Written by Motts on March 15 2022

Those players include:

  • Hayes
  • Dixon
  • Joyce
  • Cox
  • Lienert
  • Lynch
  • Strnadica

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – AVERAGE = Gun

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – DOLLAR$ = Gun

Here at the SCT Community we aim to provide you with as much information and data as possible to aid your SC tilt, for overall or league glory.  Bye planning is important in doing well in this challenging game. Good team management will allow you to make up ground, or fall away, if you manage your numbers badly! Consider those players you start with, and those you want to bring in, carefully. Consider when you bring your guns in. It’s a delicate balance of points now and less points on some bye rounds … so choose & plan carefully! You must also factor in injuries, trades left to end of year and DPP coverage … oh & that pesky little thing COVID … easy huh?

That said, please find enclosed the SCT Bye Planner for the start of the season, with player information current from the Official SC site as of 4/3/2022.

Two versions of the planner are supplied. Choose your “Gun Qualifier” based on Price (eg to be counted as a Gun defender, your value is over $450K) or on Average (defender = 90+) and so on … it’s up to you which one you choose!!

‘Qualifiers’ currently set to:

Def = $450,000 or 90+

Mid = $525,000 or 110+

Ruc = $525,000 or 110+

Fwd = $450,000 or 90+

AND … YOU GET TO SET YOUR OWN ‘QUALIFIER’ AMOUNT!! (see, we aim to please!)

In Column O and cells 13, 26, 31 and 51 – you can set your own amounts and simply choose which dollar or average, from the drop-down list, you would like your premos to ‘qualify’ at … easy as that!

Make sure you nominate any players in your squad that you do not believe will play in any rounds, including the byes, to get a more accurate total of available numbers (think Ben King!). – SEE COLUMN I ON THE “PLANNER TAB”

The price / budget calculator shown in Cells J46 to J49 of the PLANNER TAB will let you know if you can afford your starting line-up.

HINTuse the planner to make all your team changes BEFORE playing on the actual SC site!! Saves inadvertent locking in your changes when not ready in round 1 and the last-minute players not listed!! Trades are gold remember! Save versions of this file and plan a few for different scenarios!!

The bye planner will continue to work each week showing how many players you have available over each of the bye rounds, though averages and player values etc will only be updated when I get a chance to upload current data.


  • The key tab
  • Choose whether each of your players are likely to play or are just an emergency loophole (think Ben KIng!) in COLUMN I – this will update the real numbers you have available each week
  • Shows 2022 starting data and final 2021 data for players.
  • Simply choose the players you want in each position in each of the cells in Column B (choose from the drop-down list in each cell, listed in alpha order, on surname)
  • Make sure you check your possible players (Columns Q to U & rows 12, 25,30 & 40) and “Guns” (rows 13, 26, 31 & 41) for each of the bye rounds
  • Check total possible numbers in rows 42 and 43 and watch for the cells colour change depending on numbers!
  • Check also the warning box in rows 50-54, Columns R-U – this lets you know to be careful with your bye numbers in total – you can’t say you have 18 in a round if 10 are in the Mids – only 8 can play!


  • This is a key tab with the data of all players. Filters are included on each column to allow you to search on each column – you can search by position or club to start with – BUT, there’s more for you this year – read on!!
  • Averages for the last six (6) years are included along with the total key stats (total, games and average) for players in 2018 to 2021!! – is your player improving?
  • ​​​​​​​​​Rookies are shaded in yellow.
  • Club Change – players that have changed clubs in the off season also have their club shaded blue. (also see the separate tab for full list). Will this improve or hinder their scoring?



  • The full draw is included on this tab and just for your added bonus, I have also included a grid to help you determine the best club to run a non-playing player to take advantage of the C / VC loop to the byes!
  • Anyone for a Hawk – by far the team playing most games last in first 10 rounds!?? There’s a little bit more to it, but I’m not going to do all your work for you!



  • For your ease, note that tabs are included listing all players in each position (D, M, R and F) and all rookies listed on their own tab – filters included on each tab.
  • A separate tab is also included for those players changing clubs with their new and old clubs
  • Even better! – a new tab also included indicating the position changes of players – when combined with club changes, does this make your player a better or worse option??
  • But wait! There’s usually more – also a tab normally available indicating players that are making a return – from injury or other lay-off – I haven’t had time to do these this year – but many have been talked about!
  • Hopefully, when you combine all of these colour coded players, it may help you find that gem or breakout player you are looking for – well, at least based on stats eh?
  • Spare a thought also, as we play this great game, for those players no longer listed – retired or not currently making a side, after being listed in 2020. They are usually included on their own tab as well … but again I haven’t had the time – it is interesting to note the number of players that were rookies last year that haven’t made it … it’s a tough life to make it in footy!
  • There are 25 club changes, 192 rookies listed, and positional changes totalled 209!

So, get to it! Leave a comment on the thread as well for any thoughts or ideas and discussions – we love those!

  • Choose your players in Column B of the PLANNER TAB
  • Check cell J49 to determine if you have sufficient cash for your choices – POP UP MESSAGES WILL APPEAR AND THE CELL WILL CHANGE COLOUR IF GOOD OR BAD
  • Check all the tabs for any data that you think will help your SC year!

Happy Bye Planning all and good luck for the year!!




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4 thoughts on “Macca’s UPDATED Bye Planner”

  1. Thanks CT & thanks Mottsy for the kind words at the start – I find it very useful to play with different team scenarios and options … just save the file as a different name for each scenario … then when the proverbial hits the fan over this first week, you won’t be scrambling as much to make last minute changes … and running the risk of them not being locked in on the official site … or not having the right player on field or R named etc …

    As we move further into the year it then really aides the choices across the Byes … aside from right now … getting a good balance of premos across the Bye Rounds is particularly important if chasing the OA glory I think!

    For those newer to using the planner or this site … you can keep making changes each week to see impacts of players on your Bye structures … just their prices wont change until I can access the data to update the PLanner. It will definitely be updated after round 2 so that you have current prices etc before that first change … and then over several rounds as we approach the byes.

    Final thought I posted last night on the Rate my team thread – don’t get too complacent with having extra trades this year – for me they have been provided expressly for the COVID impacts and players missing across rounds. We are already seeing players missing this week in the AFL and CT keeping us up to date with his awesome news in the coaches box … beware!
    I play NRL SC too … and after this first round and injuries, a host of players now being stood down with COVID – it will have consequences to their team mates and the opposition they played … many coaches already being forced to make trades due to missing players!
    DPP is extremely valuable for this year, more so than most I think – so make your choices wisely and have coverage built in … we may just need one less “premo” and more in that mid type range that have the DPP …

    Good luck all!


  2. Am I doing something wrong? I can’t choose the players because it is still loading. Seems to have been doing this for over 5 minutes.


    1. Hi Zac

      No mate, it should simply be an excel file and be available straight up. (may depend on version of excel you have)

      Y0u may need to click “enable” once you download it and accept it as a trustworthy file?

      I have just downloaded it from the link on the site, and it is working no worries?

      Are you on the PLANNER tab when trying to select your players?

      Let me know how you go here again …



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