Mid-Pricers Review – Round 12

Written by Hot Sauce on June 11 2019

Get Them In!

Players your team needs

One down; two to go! With the bye come and gone for the Dons, Dockers, Hawks, Power, Saints and Doggies, it is players from these teams that should be the only players you would consider bringing in this week.

James Sicily and Jason Johannisen are your best options down back this week if you are in need to update a defender or two. Sicily is a genuine top 6 defender while JJ is averaging above 100 in the last 5 weeks and presents us coaches with a great POD at only 0.5% ownership who could end up as a top 10 defender.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any real upgrade options in the middle this week with Dyson Heppell and Jaeger O’Meara as POD options, but neither having strong enough arguments to go with. Luckily though there are plenty of forward options who can swing forward during the byes.

Caleb Daniel and Rowan Marshall are currently both in the top 6 forwards while Michael Walters is in the top 10 with breakevens of 59, 61 and 58 respectively. All three have been rather consistent and despite the expected odd poor game present extremely good value.

More POD options for teams looking to add a player outside of the box in the hope of securing a post-bye top 10 forward could look at Rory Lobb (5.7% ownership), Darcy Parish (0.9%) and Robbie Gray (4.4%). Lobb is a genuine F6/ruck swing option and Parish has been given a greater midfield role in the past few weeks and has averaged 133 in the last fortnight. That won’t last and his spot in the guts will be tested once Shiel is back, but there is strong reason to believe he will hold his place in the midfield rotation. Gray is a SC veteran that would have both won and lost many a game for his coaches over the years. Has missed only a handful of games in the last few seasons but will be a driving force in Port’s finals tilt.

  1. James Sicily (Def; $491,600; and 16.6% ownership)
  2. Caleb Daniel (Fwd; $484,700; and 10.1%)
  3. Michael Walters (Mid/Fwd; $494,400; and 6.9%)

Pass Mark

If you have them, keep them.

This section will be focussed on players from the Crows, Blues, Suns, Giants, Kangas and Tigers, who play one more game before their bye. Players such as Jarrod HarbrowBrodie SmithNic NewmanBrad SheppardJacob HopperBrad CrouchDion PrestiaJared PolecTom Lynch and Jack Ziebell should obviously be kept for at least the next week before tough decisions would need to made on whether you move them on by upgrading to premiums.

Chopping Block

Joining ‘Bite the Bullet’ and ‘Chopping Block’ together – a lot of tough calls.


We’re focussing on players from the Lions, Pies, Cats, Dees, Swans and Eagles as they are now facing their bye week. In most cases, any mid-pricers selected at the start of the season were picked to be upgraded at their bye, so if you have any from round 13 bye teams, now is their time. Daniel RichJordan De GoeyLuke DahlhausChristian SalemDane RampeDom SheedHugh McCluggage and Mitch Robinson are worthy to be held through their bye.

Darcy Moore on the other hand is primed for an upgrade despite the feeling he has plenty of good football left this season. His price point should allow for an easy upgrade opportunity to any premium selection.

Good luck coaches and let me know your thoughts.


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14 thoughts on “Mid-Pricers Review – Round 12”

  1. Remove Lobb from this list as he has a stress fracture in his foot and is out for an extended period of time.


  2. For supercoaches that love a rollercoaster Tommy Rockliff is also an option at $477,400 but he’s not for the feint of heart.


  3. Liam Stocker our for 3-4 weeks according to Carlton Website .
    Another to trade out even though break even is 0
    T/u yes
    T/d no


    1. See you’re dong very well PBuzz, so Id trade him if I were in your position.
      Might be longer and will likely be back through the VFL. Like many other you might also want another warm body on the field. Bewley? Clarke if named?!
      Well done on your current position mate


      1. Thanks All Saints
        Ranking very modest 14534 however happy I kept Williams and MCrouch and still doing relatively well in leagues .3rd year blues.
        Looking at 3 trades this week
        Out Clark, Bolton if not named, Stocker
        In Bewley , Clarke or Hately and pod selection



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