Rookie Review – Round 12

Written by Alza on June 4 2024

The 1st week of the byes was a bit of an up and down week for the rookies. They weren’t alone as the premiums joined in.

With the limited trade options last week over, this week looks to have some potential. Dawson, McMullin, Bytel and McNeil all on the bubble and decent options depending on your needs. They should all have decent job security for the next 3 to 4 weeks to get us past the byes.

I think Dawson and Bytel are slightly better options. Pendlebury out really helps Bytel and North have changed their backline every week but Dawson was solid last game. McMullin hadn’t played since being the sub in opening round. He should stay in the side with Coniglio out but remains on the fringe as does McNeil. Kicked 2 goals and with Harmes out he’ll stay in the side but he also played his 2nd game over 10 weeks after his 1st.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk*


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Leek ALEERGWS$190,500BYE (73)-55
Will DAWSON* (FWD)NTH$117,300BYE (57)-46
Harry EDWARDS*WCE$196,70071 (77)-40
Toby PINKNTH$154,400BYE (38)-6
Lloyd JOHNSTONGCS$192,800BYE (53)-5
Charlie DEANCOL$199,800 (+$37.6k)75 (58)-4
Joshua DRAPERFRE$196,300 (+$6k)69 (42)3
Jackson ARCHERNTH$145,300BYE (29)8
Will PARKER*COL$102,4009 (20)20
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$284,500 (+$9.7k)70 (61)25
Alex SEXTON (FWD)GCS$384,800 (+$50.8k)100 (81)36
Noah ANSWERTH (FWD)BRL$280,800BYE (63)43
Oisin MULLINGEE$203,500 (+$3.3k)37 (42)44
Tom BROWNRIC$293,300 (-$3.3k)70 (61)45
Kaleb SMITHRIC$123,9005 (5)45
Jase BURGOYNE (MID)PTA$409,600 (+$22k)77 (74)52
Bodhi UWLANDGCS$342,600 (+$14.4k)82 (63)54
Will GRAHAM (MID)GCS$291,800 (+$14k)45 (68)64
Daniel TURNERMEL$179,000 (-$30.1k)9 (39)68
Sam CLOHESY (MID)GCS$325,200 (-$12.9k)47 (76)70
Taj WOEWODIN (FWD)MEL$173,100 (-$18k)19 (29)76
Matt ROBERTS (MID)SYD$342,100BYE (74)124

The Good: Sexton has been so good since his return to the side. His score was impacted by 5 clangers but he had 30 touches at 83%, 8 marks and 699 metres gained. Uwland had a great game with 13 marks and 19 touches at 90%.

The Bad: Turner had a poor score with 4 clangers and 6 touches.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Kane MCAULIFFERIC$239,600 (+$41.5k)68 (56)-5
Lachlan SULLIVANCOL$253,700 (+$33.2k)61 (70)-3
Jack BYTEL*COL$125,70041 (34)6
Jhye CLARKGEE$198,500DNP (40)15
Edward ALLANCOL$123,900DNP (26)24
Zane TREWWCE$138,60022 (22)33
Jake ROGERSGCS$203,600DNP (45)39
Campbell CHESSERWCE$283,100 (+$2.8k)23 (47)54
Jacob WEHRGWS$272,600BYE (55)60
Jack CARROLLCAR$148,400 (-$25.2k)6 (40)74
Jeremy SHARPFRE$404,300 (+$6k)72 (76)79

The Good: Sharp has been an excellent rookie and has done his job perfectly getting to his bye. He had 22 touches, 5 marks, 7 score involvements and almost 600m gained.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Ned MOYLEGCS$266,500 (+$72.8k)77 (90)-27
Toby CONWAYGEE$322,100 (+$40.3k)85 (80)25
Jordon SWEETPTA$309,400DNP (88)31

Conway played well against Nankervis with 14 touches, 11 contested, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 4 clearances and 21 hitouts. Moyle played his 3rd game with Witts having a hamstring issue which should give Moyle a chance to play again this week. He had 17 touches, 11 contested, 3 clearances and 26 hitouts.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Joe RICHARDSCOL$212,900DNP (89)-37
Logan MORRISBRL$188,000BYE (52)-31
Lachlan MCNEIL*WBD$159,10080 (61)-29
Toby MCMULLIN*GWS$123,900BYE (49)-25
Bruce REVILLE (MID)BRL$205,700BYE (63)-18
Joel FREIJAH (MID)WBD$225,700 (+$46.9k)66 (67)-12
Kai LOHMANNBRL$391,900BYE (66)-6
Chris BURGESSADE$222,700 (+$12.7k)65 (52)-5
Ryley SANDERS (MID)WBD$289,500 (+$11.7k)98 (67)-4
Harvey HARRISONCOL$239,500 (+$26k)42 (53)-3
Jackson MEAD (MID)PTA$345,600 (+$36.3k)100 (61)7
Harvey GALLAGHER (MID)WBD$229,400 (+$8.4k)71 (48)10
Harvey THOMAS (MID)GWS$245,400BYE (53)14
Orazio FANTASIACAR$197,400 (+$16.8k) 57 (37)14
Nate CADDYESS$166,800DNP (51)15
Seth CAMPBELLRIC$251,100 (+$22.3k)60 (52)16
Calsher DEARHAW$193,900 (+$19.9k)38 (46)24
Tom EMMETTFRE$203,900DNP (40)26
Steely GREEN*RIC$123,900DNP (20)32
Shannon NEALEGEE$225,800 (+$0.4k)49 (55)33
Noah CUMBERLANDRIC$199,100 (+$11.1k)43 (37)33
Brandon RYANBRL$152,000BYE (23)38
Riley GARCIAWBD$303,700 (+$7.9k)54 (69)38
Oliver DEMPSEY (MID)GEE$331,600 (+$21.4k)122 (70)41
Finlay MACRAE (MID)COL$235,400 (+$31.6k)43 (43)42
Mykelti LEFAURIC$270,200 (+$6.9k)58 (54)43
Lance COLLARDSTK$102,400DNP (6)44
Tyrell DEWARWCE$110,200DNP (14)48
Tyler SONSIERIC$227,000 (-$8.7k)48 (46)48
Charlie LAZZARO (MID)NTH$169,200BYE (39)64
Jed WALTERGCS$182,500 (-$12.7k)36 (36)69
Aaron CADMANGWS$213,100BYE (52)73
Zane DUURSMA (MID)NTH$195,400BYE (40)78
Thomas BERRYGCS$279,200 (-$13.8k)16 (56)92
Sam DARCYWBD$373,900 (-$5.6k)81 (76)93
Darcy WILSON (MID)STK$404,000 (-$14.4k)54 (71)98
Caleb WINDSOR (MID)MEL$278,300 (-$41.5k)34 (57)102
Harley REID (MID)WCE$459,200 (+$10.5k)71 (86)121

The Good: Dempsey had a massive game with 27 touches, 13 contested, 5 marks and 3 goals. Even with 6 clangers he still went large. Mead continued his great form with 23 touches, 4 tackles and 3 clearances. Sanders played well with 15 touches, 3 marks, 11 tackles and 4 clearances.

The Bad: Berry had a quiet day with 7 touches and a goal with 5 clangers.

Trade Targets
Players you should be looking to bring in this week:
Dawson – scoring, job security
Bytel – role, job security

Who gets your vote as the Rookie Of The Week for Round 12?

  • Oliver Dempsey (GEE) - 122 (55%, 101 Votes)
  • Alex Sexton (GCS) - 100 (37%, 68 Votes)
  • Jackson Mead (PTA) - 100 (4%, 7 Votes)
  • Ryley Sanders (WBD) - 98 (3%, 5 Votes)
  • Toby Conway (GEE) - 85 (1%, 2 Votes)
  • Other (In Comments) (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 185

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Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:

Leaderboard After Round 11
H. Reid – 9
S. Clohesy – 7
S. Darcy – 6


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5 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 12”

    1. I probably wouldn’t at his price, his scoring and sub risk is too much to pay 200k. Bytel should stay in the side and the cash saved makes a big difference at the moment.
      Carroll after his bye could be an option if he can avoid being the sub for a bit. And not a rookie but Campbell from the Swans is very cheap with 3 sub scores in a row


  1. Thanks for the write up Alza 🙂

    North’s team sheets will be interesting this week.

    I wonder if Kallan Dawson will replace Will Dawson – as I think Kallan will return to North’s side this week?

    Or does Toby Pink make way for Kallan Dawson?

    And does North give their number 1 mid season draft Geordie Payne a run this week?

    The Eagles mentioned they were very impressed with their number 3 mid season draft player Jack Hutchinson on the weekend – so he might be some chance of a debut.

    Not sure how well he will score though ?


    1. Will be very interesting, they have chopped and changed almost weekly back there but I think Will Dawson stays in. K. Dawson didn’t set the world on fire in his VFL return but given the fact he started the season would suggest he’s a good chance to come in.
      I would think in place of Pink if it happens. Pink has been pinch hitting in the ruck but they can find someone else to do that.
      Payne definitely a chance but I think he plays at least 1 game in the VFL.

      Yeah Hutchinson kicked 5 goals but would only come in for Maric I would say as Waterman will return in place of Jack Williams. Could happen but may not score that well depending on how deep forward he plays.


  2. With these rookie scores you sometimes have to take into account how the team went overall, if the team losers by 70-100 points a good chance SC scores for that team were low, not everything is what it seems sometimes. Same deal if the team wins by 100 rookie scores could be overinflated



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