Mid Season Draft

Written by Chaos Theory on June 1 2022

The Mid season draft takes place at 6.30 AEST tonight and provides opportunities for cheap rookies to provide much needed alternatives for our teams. Particularly a much needed $102k R/F rookie with a late draw. Not asking for much Supercoach Gods!

I will be updating the selected players during the evening.

West Coast is highly anticipated to choose midfielder Jai Culley with the number 1 pick. The 19 year old 193cm midfielder from the Dandenong Stingrays starred in the Young Guns against Vic Metro with 4 goals and 22 disposals.



1. West Coast (via Oscar Allen injury)
2. North Melbourne (via Miller Bergman injury)
3. Essendon (via Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti retirement)
4. Adelaide (via Rory Sloane injury)
5. GWS Giants (via Josh Fahey injury)
6. Hawthorn (via open list spot)
7. Gold Coast (via Ben King injury)
8. Port Adelaide (via Jake Pasini injury)
9. Collingwood (via Nathan Kreuger injury)
10. Richmond (via Josh Caddy retirement)
11. Sydney (via open list spot)
12. Geelong (via open list spot)
13. Carlton (via open list spot)
14. St Kilda (via Nick Coffield injury)
15. Fremantle (via open list spot)


16. West Coast (via Luke Edwards injury)
17. North Melbourne (via Tom Lynch retirement)
18. Essendon (via Nik Cox injury)
19. Adelaide (via Paul Seedsman injury)
20. Hawthorn (via Tyler Brockman injury)
21. Collingwood (via Jordan Roughead retirement)
22. Carlton (via Oscar McDonald injury)
23. Fremantle (via Jye Amiss injury)


  1. West Coast – Jai Culley
  2. North Melbourne – Kallan Dawson
  3. Essendon  – Massimo D’Ambrosio
  4. Adelaide – Brett Turner
  5. GWS Giants – Wade Derksen
  6. Hawthorn – Max Ramsden (ruck)
  7. Gold Coast – Oskar Faulkhead
  8. Port Adelaide – Brynn Teakle (ruck)
  9. Collingwood – Josh Carmichael
  10. Richmond – Jacob Bauer
  11. Sydney – Hugo Hall-Kahan
  12. Geelong – Zane Williams
  13. Carlton – Sam Durdin
  14. St Kilda – PASS
  15. Fremantle – Sebit Kuek
  16. West Coast – PASS
  17. North Melbourne – PASS
  18. Essendon – Jye Menzie
  19. Adelaide – PASS
  20. Hawthorn – James Blanck
  21. Collingwood – PASS
  22. Carlton – Will Hayes
  23. Fremantle – PASS.

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25 thoughts on “Mid Season Draft”

    1. That would be great news. He served his sentence and learned his lesson. I would love to have him back


  1. Just need a 102k Ruck/Forward drafted…. That’s probably my biggest interest in tonights draft.

    Hawks may have another sneaky good player hidden away in their VFL too.

    The draft is probably good timing for us as rookies are starting to run dry.

    Maybe we could petition the AFL to do mid season draft 2 weeks earlier so any of these players who get a game are perfectly timed for bye downgrades!


  2. I believe Hawks are looking into Brynn Teakle. 22 year old ruck, unsure if he gets granted DPP though.


    1. Reading a couple articles today, allegedly Freo may be looking at a ruck forward too a bit further down the picks.


  3. Jai Culley set for WAFL next weekend, hasn’t played in 3 weeks, but no injury issue.

    All going well, should be available for AFL selection round 14.


  4. West Coast – Jai Culley $102k M/F
    North Melbourne – Kallan Dawson $102K DEF
    Essendon – Massimo D’Ambrosio $102K DEF
    Adelaide – Brett Turner $102K MID
    GWS Giants – Wade Derksen $102K D/F
    Hawthorn – Max Ramsden $102K RUCK
    Gold Coast – Oskar Faulkhead $102K MID
    Port Adelaide – Brynn Teakle $102K RUCK/FWD
    Collingwood – Josh Carmichael $102K M/F
    Richmond – Jacob Bauer $102K FWD
    Sydney – Hugo Hall-Kahan $102K FWD.
    Geelong – Zane Williams $102K FWD
    Carlton – Sam Durdin $123K DEF
    Fremantle – Sebit Kuek $102K FWD.
    Essendon – Jye Menzie $102K MID
    Hawthorn – James Blanck $102K DEF
    Carlton – Will Hayes $123K F/M


        1. For me it is a gift.

          I started with English at R2 but traded him when he was injured and I want him back.

          With a $117k R/F, I was $5k short to be able to do it in 2 trades using Sam Hayes.

          I would have had to trade Preuss not Hayes which I really didn’t want to do, or use 3 trades., which I also didn’t want to do.

          Now I can go:

          Hayes -> Teakle (Leaving Gawn Preuss Teakle in the ruck line)
          Nic Martin -> English

          Gives me the R/F loop and a non playing VC loop who has a fair few late games.



      1. Wonder whether if it’s still better to go Strnadica? Best chance of playing at some stage.


        1. Strnadica… He’s Ruck only though GD.

          Ramsden likely to get a game if you’re ok with Ruck only.


          1. Yeah, he’s ruck only but I think I’d prefer someone who eventually plays to just dead DPP? Idk.

            Already have a loop.


            1. But the DPP allows English or DC as cover. Meaning if a ruck misses you can play a forward bench instead of someone like Strndica.

              If you don’t have a DPP RF I guess you want a R3 that may play.


            2. Agree…thats why I held Dixon……he can switch with English if need be. I have a couple of weeks to downgrade Hayes if I want to.


        2. 3000 people have traded Strnadica in this week.

          I wonder how many might change their trade to Teakle?

          The flexibility of R/F would be very important to certain teams


  5. l think it depends how many trades you have used GB and whether you want the loop hole link if you have English or Cameron. You will have to use another trade to cash in on Strnadica



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