Mottsy’s 2010 Starting Team – The Rucks

Written by Motts on February 11 2022

As I mentioned yesterday, there are some bargains to be had here but as with most bargains in this comp there is a risk you sign up to if you draft them. More often than not its injury and the two blokes I’ve placed on the field this year both missed significant numbers of games in ’09. As with my backs, the strategy is to take the value gain before trading up to fellas like Clark, Cox (if his foot stays good), Tippett, McIntosh and Kreuzer.


D Hille ($311,300, 73.25) – starred in the comp a couple of years ago but played only 4 games in 2009 before blowing out his knee in the Anzac Day match. Great value at this price.

J Charman ($159,300, 30.00) – probably the biggest risk I’m taking this year after 2 injury riddled years but for $159k….


R Warnock ($132,200) – transferred from Freo last year but didn’t get a game due to injury. With Carlton looking to whack Krooz up front this guy will be shouldering the majority of the ruck load. He’s healthy. Get on him.

A Cordy ($100,200) – didn’t get a game last year but has football smarts and has put on a fair bit of size since being drafted. Rocket has touted him as a potential 200 game player in the past.

The ruck division is where I’m taking my biggest hit in order to acquire The Little Master in the middle. Am I taking too much of a risk?

Tomorrow, the all important forward line.

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